Reception and control fire and security device "Quartz": description, characteristics, principle of operation and reviews

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Reception and control fire and security device "Quartz": description, characteristics, principle of operation and reviews
Reception and control fire and security device "Quartz": description, characteristics, principle of operation and reviews

Domestic receiving and control fire and security device "Quartz" is produced at the plant "Siberian Arsenal". The device is a simple and reliable device that, in aggregation with various sensors, sends signals to the centralized control panel in case of violation of the protected control zone or the appearance of a fire. The product interacts with addressless indicators of several varieties.

Device "Quartz" in the package

Operating area

The security and fire control panel "Quartz" guarantees coverage of one security zone. The device performs the functions of an exclusively receiving signaling unit. The product can work offline, broadcasting alarm messages to sound and light repeaters.

The system also interacts with the monitoring station (central monitoring point), signaling a fire or violation of the boundary of the security compartment by transforming the contacts at the output. Latestelements are open-collector or "dry" configuration. The device is used in heated facilities for any purpose, has a mode of continuous operation. The unit is not intended for operation in the areas of mining and petrochemical industry, flour mills.

Design nuances

The Quartz control and security fire device, the diagram of which is shown below, is equipped with a plastic case and is mounted on the wall. On the back cover of the device there are holes for fastening, as well as perforated elements. The last details are removed if necessary, using for the output of the network connection, indicator conductors and light and sound signaling devices.

A matching nominal resistance of 7500 ohms is introduced into the control line of the device in question. On a piece of fiberglass there are all electronic components and screw blocks for connecting pulses at the input and output of sensors, signaling devices, and a TM key reader. On the same sheet there is a self-restoring type fuse to protect against excessive loads in the household network, as well as a tamper, which notifies of a violation of the integrity of the body of the device.

Scheme of external connection of the device "Quartz"


Security device "Quartz" operates in several modes. The transfer of the device from one program to another state (in case of a fire alarm) is carried out using a special key TM (Touch Memory). If a problem is detected in the system, the relay contact of the monitoring station-2opens if a fire is detected - the monitoring station-1 is activated.

In the first case, the sound siren produces monotonous continuous sounds. In the second option - playback goes with small pauses. When the monitoring station-1 (centralized security 1) is triggered, the personnel are given two minutes to make sure that the system is working again and leave the building. No more than ten seconds are allocated for entry and exit from control.

In the CMS-2 range, the alarm signal is broadcast in two directions. Departmental security provides for the location of the TM key from the outside of the controlled object. The rest of the modes assume the operation of the system, as in the first two options.

Connecting the device "Quartz"


If the control fire and security device "Quartz" is in a state of control, both sections of the monitoring station are in a closed position. When the device is removed, the second monitoring station is disconnected, and in the event of an alarm, the contacts of monitoring station-1 are opened. In ten seconds, a message is transmitted on the first line if the battery is at its maximum.

Re-activation of the control mode when the siren is deactivated and the loop transitions to the normal state can be carried out up to five times. In the case of operating the device in question as a fire alarm with smoke sensors, the current consumption indicator should be taken into account, which should not exceed 1.5 mA.

If it is impossible to connect to the 220 V network, the alarm will activate the siren for one minute. When fully dischargedbattery, the device automatically deactivates the control mode. The selection of TM keys with their inclusion in the list of allowed controllers is carried out by setting the "jumpers" to break. After touching the port with the key, its information is entered, which is confirmed by turning off all sensors.

Photo of the device "Quartz"

Main parameters

The fire device "Quartz" has four operating ranges: removal of control, its setting, alarm, coordination of the list of keys. The device controls one loop, and the output messages can have one of the following configurations:

  • "normal";
  • "failure";
  • "alarm";
  • "fire";
  • "reserve";
  • "food";
  • "Sunday";
  • "low battery".

The line is monitored by measuring the resistance. If the output is in the range of 3-4.5 kOhm, this is considered normal. An alarm signal is given when the range of 2-5 kΩ is exceeded. The device does not respond to interruptions in the loop if the fluctuations did not exceed 50 ms.

Some more important features below:

  1. The performance of the device is relevant with a section resistance of less than 220 Ohm and a similar indicator for insulation over 50 kOhm.
  2. When using security indicators, for correct operation, a linear resistance of less than 470 Ohm is required, and insulation - more than 20 kOhm.
  3. Operating temperature range - from -30 to +50 degrees, with humidity not more than 93%.
  4. Rated life is 10years with MTBF up to 40 thousand hours.
  5. Dimensions – 15/18, 5/7, 0 cm.
  6. Weight - 2.0 kg.
  7. Manufacturer's warranty - 36 months.
  8. Controller board of the device "Quartz"

Connection of the Quartz fire and security control device

The specified device at the serviced object should be mounted in a secluded place, which is protected from weather disasters and intruders. In addition, the rule of exclusion of the possibility of accidental damage must be observed. Typically, a TM (key reader) is installed at the entrance to a building or room. Wiring of all connecting lines and supply lines is carried out according to the connection scheme using the recommended wires.

When installing the battery, observe the polarity. When deactivating the device for a long period, disconnect the wire from the AB plus. To set the mode for the type of use of the device, remove the panel, use the "jumpers" to determine the desired configuration.

At the final stage, the quality of installation is checked, testing of the Quartz fire and security control device from the 220 volt network is started. All actions are described step by step in the instruction manual, which is included in the package. After initial tests, the ability to work offline from the battery is checked. At the finish line, the functioning of the device is checked in conjunction with the centralized monitoring console.


In the instructions forThe security and fire control panel "Quartz" is indicated that the connection of external consumers will require the removal of the rear cover. Setting the desired mode of operation is provided by closing the "jumpers" of a special connector located on the working board.

Before putting the unit into operation, it is necessary to check the integrity and rated compliance of the fuses (FU1-0, 5 A). The same procedure is carried out after each repair of the device. Do not use breakers that are not listed in the accompanying documentation.

Security and fire device "Quartz"

Warranty period

During the warranty period, the manufacturer undertakes to perform a number of works at its own discretion. This includes fixing or replacing a broken machine for free. Models with mechanical deformation or other signs of abuse will not be serviced. The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase or installation of the device.

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