"Ksital 4T": instructions and reviews

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"Ksital 4T": instructions and reviews
"Ksital 4T": instructions and reviews

Ksital 4T is a control system for heating appliances based on the GSM band. The kit is focused on notifying the user about equipment failures via mobile communication channels, transferring information to a smartphone or tablet. Consider the features of the operation and installation of the specified device.

Elements of the Xital 4T system


"Ksital 4T" controls the operation of heating appliances using two modes. The first program allows you to maintain the set temperature remotely after receiving a text message. The second mode provides notification of a decrease in the temperature indicator below the minimum or its increase in excess of the allowable maximum. The system sends daily or upon request the readings of the sensors connected to the controller.

Remote digital indicators can be mounted at a distance of up to 100 meters from the main system, operate in the operating range from -55 to +125 degrees. The accuracy is 0.5°C. The set in question makes it possible to read information about the temperature in various parts of the controlledobject, including the thermal state of the heat carrier. One of the indicators is responsible for stabilizing the indicator it measures.

Working principle and installation

The Xital GSM 4T system stabilizes the thermal regime by activating and turning off heating devices using built-in relays. Boiler alarms transport impulses via SMS. In addition, the design makes it possible to start the boiler remotely, it is transformed to control freezers, air conditioning systems, server departments. A special signal notifies about violation of the operating range on the serviced object.

In addition, all functions typical of GSM alarms are supported:

  • alert about the triggering of fire, security and other security sensors;
  • siren activation;
  • listening to rooms and the like.
Image"Xital GSM 4T"

Installation and configuration of "Ksital 4T" is not particularly difficult. Working loops are connected using convenient terminals, there is no need to solder the connectors. If errors were made during installation, at startup, SMS will indicate each problem in the connection loops. If the serviced object does not have the possibility of laying cables to the sensors, it is allowed to use radio indicators connected to a receiver from the same manufacturer.


"Xital 4T" is used in various fields, has the ability to create many configurations and settings. At the same time, the system has a fairly clear and simple design.with the absence of difficulties during the initial start-up and installation. To do this, simply insert a new SIM card into the controller, activate the 220-volt power adapter, make a call from the mobile phone to the installed SIM card.

The controller will automatically configure the initial default settings. Also:

  • template SMS mailing lists are compiled;
  • forming a list of voice dialers;
  • the owner's number is fixed using caller ID.

After a few seconds after the start, a standard phone call activates a program containing information about the status of incoming connectors, relays, controlled temperature, voltage, arming or disarming. All information is displayed in the response SMS from the controller.

Installation and operation of "Ksital 4T"

Technical parameters

The following are the main characteristics (according to the instructions "Xital 4T"):

  • purpose - installation inside the facility to control the operation of heating and auxiliary equipment;
  • functioning at sub-zero temperatures involves the operation of a SIM card with the appropriate parameters;
  • max power consumption - up to 10W AC;
  • number of built-in relays - 3 pcs.;
  • number of controlled entrance zones – four;
  • capacity of phone numbers in the mailing list - 10;
  • a similar amount can be used for voice alarm messages;
  • dimensionscontroller - 40/110/150 mm;
  • weight of the device with packaging - 0.85 kg.
Payment for "Xital 4T"


Each security compartment is configured for permanent, adjustable activation or deactivation mode. To do this, special memory keys Touch Memory or SMS are used. If a certain zone is triggered by an alarm, messages with the text specified by the user or a template prepared in the system are sent to the marked list of phones. After that, the mailing is copied by voice dialing to additional phone numbers from the list.

If necessary, the relay is synchronously activated, activating the sound alarm, light elements and other equipment. To the first zone, the delay of which is set in the range of 1-99 seconds, sensors are connected that are responsible for the security of the entrance. The time delay allows the user to disarm the set using a "memory key".

Alarm "Xital 4T"


The special Xital 4T system has the following advantages and features:

  • programming does not require a PC connection;
  • setup can be done remotely;
  • a panic button option is provided;
  • alert of sensor triggering;
  • automatic daily report or by user request;
  • there is a function to read the account balance from the phone, preventing blocking the SIM card;
  • option against "jamming", announcing the loss of communication withobject;
  • possibility of increasing the inputs and connectors by connecting special blocks.

Disarming and arming

According to the instructions, "Ksital GSM 4T" is armed and disarmed by sending control text messages to the main phone indicating the time of the operation. This approach is very convenient, it allows you to find out, for example, the period of departure and arrival of children. The controller design includes a pair of remote temperature sensors and one built-in indicator. External devices are connected in series to the Touch Memory key reader. For this, a common cable is used, the length of which reaches 100 meters. The total number of remote indicators can be increased up to five pieces.

The system kit includes a power supply unit that guarantees the operation of the controller from a 220 volt network along with charging a backup lead battery (12 V). If the mains voltage fails, the system switches to battery backup mode. In this case, information is sent in a text message about the loss of 220 volts. Similar SMS are sent when the power is restored or the battery is discharged. Also, remote commands can turn on or off any of the three built-in relays.

In addition, remote adjustment of various equipment is allowed. All operations for switching devices on and off are confirmed by text messages. All reports on he alth, interruptions, indicators, inputs, maintenance of the operating mode and other parameters are received upon request via SMS, by call at any timeor automatically every day in a certain period.

Installation of the "Ksital 4T" system

Reviews about Xital 4T

In their responses, consumers indicate that the smart system does its job perfectly, saves energy and has wide functionality. Remote control of all parameters allows you to quickly learn about all changes and violations. At the same time, the owners note a couple of points. Firstly, a SIM card must be selected by an operator whose coverage covers the controlled area confidently. Secondly, you should choose the right security sensor. If you install an infrared model, it will falsely work in the presence of IR heaters.

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