What is a latch? Types and purpose

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What is a latch? Types and purpose
What is a latch? Types and purpose

Modern housing needs locks. There will be no door safe and usable if it does not have a solid closing base. It must be equipped with a strong lock. At the same time, each room can be closed, if the owner has expressed such a desire, so that no one can penetrate into personal possessions. It's hard to imagine what modern society would do without bolts and hooks, especially in the bathroom and toilet.

Antique latch

Before he appears

For these purposes, a door latch was made. However, let's start in order. For a long time, people have tried to create a cozy nest, comfortable for living. They chose and built structures that could serve as a shelter from the cold and attacks of predatory animals. Thick windows and doors played an important role in protecting the premises from winds and wild animals. In those days, people did not know what a latch and locks were. To keep the doors closed, they had to use various improvised means: bolts, props, shovels, brooms. Padlocks were soon invented. They firmly held the shutters anddoors.

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What is a latch?

Humanity kept pace with the times, and bulky locks were replaced by smaller shutters. These are hooks, hinged chains and latches. What are latches, modern man knows. He can see them both at home and in public buildings.

This item is a door latch designed to hold the leaf in the closed position. They are used mainly on window frames, toilet cubicles. It is very popular with double doors, in which one part remains motionless. The function of the opening sash is just such that the latch is installed in the middle and imperceptibly connects both parts with a small valve.

Espagnolette for doors

Types and purposes of bolts

Latches are of three types: mortise, built-in and overhead. They are made from materials such as steel, aluminum, copper. Install the heck yourself or with the help of a wizard.

The invoice latch is in plain sight. Therefore, the developers are trying to give it an interesting shape, pleasing to the eye and combined with the door trim. It is usually chosen for frame installations.

What is a mortise latch, masters in assembling interior and entrance doors know. This is the most common type of latch that cuts into the structure of the door itself and becomes invisible to the eye. But they have one drawback - if the part fails, it will be difficult to replace it.

Recessed latches are placed ondoor leaf height. They perform the simultaneous closing of both latches, lower and upper. The inconvenience during installation causes the introduction of the bolt into the profile of the structure.

When choosing, you need to pay attention to several points:

  • terms of appointment and operation;
  • decide on the choice of what material it will be made of and what size it will be;
  • for what purposes and structures is needed.

A high-quality latch is a reliable fixation of windows and room doors, as well as conditional protection against intrusion into personal territory.

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