Where to hide money in an apartment: safe hiding places, expert advice, photos

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Where to hide money in an apartment: safe hiding places, expert advice, photos
Where to hide money in an apartment: safe hiding places, expert advice, photos

It's good to have a stash for a rainy day. It is even better when there is a lot of it, and not only for a black day, but also for a white day. The bad thing is that sometimes bad people have views of our hard-earned people. And here, any of us who have some kind of cash reserves in our pockets are concerned about only one question - where to hide the money in the apartment so that they do not become prey for burglars?

They know it

According to the old well-known tradition, we used to hide money under the mattress or in the sideboard under a pile of towels. Women's logic knows no boundaries at all. When deciding where to hide money in an apartment, the ladies first of all run to the kitchen, sincerely believing that thieves are unlikely to look there. And they hide money in jars of rice, buckwheat or peas.

Another place where people hide their we alth in the hope of saving it is the cistern. But alas, this place is well known to thieves. Books are also hopeless. It will not be difficult for thieves to shake them up.

If you think you are a thiefwill not sort out your underwear, then you are greatly mistaken. He will do it so meticulously that even a sock with a hole cannot hide from him, not like your rubles.

For some time now, people have been carefully packing their banknotes into the freezer. But believe me, thieves will certainly look there, even if it threatens them with frostbite.

money under the mattress

Where not to hide bills

So, we figured out that thieves know very well how to find hidden money in an apartment. Therefore, before thinking about where to hide, let's figure out where not to hide our cash reserves:

  1. First of all, do not try to hide them in the bathroom, behind the sink or mirror.
  2. On the mezzanine, too, they do not need to be hidden from thieves.
  3. Clothes, mattresses, pillows, linen will be thoroughly shaken and felt. Therefore, hiding money in a fur coat pocket, you run the risk of being left without money and without a fur coat.
  4. Carpets on the walls and on the floor are inspected first.
  5. Pictures, cabinets, bedside tables are also subject to detailed inspection.

Thieves will not hesitate to check even the trash can, not to mention the ventilation holes, the toilet bowl or the basket with dirty clothes and linen. Therefore, do not hide money in easily accessible places. As a rule, thieves do not have much time, so they immediately look for where it is easy to climb, lift or move away.

The thief rummages in the apartment

Citizens, keep your money in the savings bank…

The famous phrase from the iconic SovietThe film "The Diamond Arm" is more relevant than ever in today's realities. Perhaps the most reliable way to save your capital is with a bank, card, pin code…

Of course, many people, especially those with soviet thinking, do not trust banks, they are afraid of them, preferring to keep money near them. But still, they can save and even increase your well-being.

Today, banks are vying to try to come up with something new in their work with clients, creating various projects for which depositors can receive interest or discounts. Therefore, if the amount is quite good, then perhaps this is a great option for storing money.

Bank cards and money

Safe Storage Locations

Time is your helper and enemy of thieves. Well, they don’t have so much of it in stock to tap and inspect every centimeter of the apartment. Therefore, when you think about where is the best place to hide money in an apartment, look for the most inaccessible places.

Large furniture, such as a closet or a piano, will be difficult and reluctant to move for thieves. Therefore, if you are hiding a large amount that is already ready and will not be supplemented, then shove it where you can get only with some effort. For example, behind a heavy cabinet, well, or under it.

Another good way to save a large sum is to cheat. Divide the money into several parts. Hide the main one in a suitable hiding place, and the small ones in easily accessible places. For example, near books, in a box or in clothes. Deciding that this is all you have and that he is very smart, the thief will leave.However, he will not yet destroy the entire apartment.

Plants are not only a source of oxygen

Cactus with money inside

Well, where to hide the money in the apartment so that no one can find it? Here is a good option. Many people keep flowers in pots at home. Houseplants enrich the air with oxygen, calm the nerves, protect against radiation, like cacti. We will not begin to assert the entire reliability of this fact, but the fact that the cactus will be able to protect a certain amount of money is unambiguous.

Put on gloves, you know how a cactus can prick your hands. If you are the owner of a pot-bellied representative of the plant world, you are in luck. Carefully remove it from the ground, do not be afraid, it is difficult to harm it. In the plumpest one, cut a small hole from the bottom and insert bills wrapped in a tube there. Then put him back in his place of residence.

Note that this cache is good because it hurts anyone who touches it. Therefore, it is suitable for storing such money that you do not want to pull out every minute to admit that they are your charm. So, you already know exactly where to hide the money safely in the apartment.

Electrical assistants

"Let there be light," said the Lord. Many centuries have passed since then, and people invented electricity. And to it sockets, chandeliers, switches. And this is not only a source of light in our housing, but also excellent hiding places from an alcoholic husband, a quarrelsome wife or burglars. When deciding where to hide money in an apartment from thieves, do not pass by these small but reliable "safes".

Turn off the light, carefully remove the socket, you will see a small hollow hole there. To avoid fire, wrap the money in a silicone glove and shove it in. Screw the socket back. By the way, now on sale you can find a false socket. It looks like a real one, only inside there is a small box where you can hide money or jewelry. However, be careful, choose the one that matches the color with the rest so that no differences can be seen. Otherwise, it will not be difficult for thieves to guess that the matter is unclean.

Stash in the form of a switch and socket

A similar procedure can be done with switches. Well, if you have a stretch ceiling, then God himself ordered. Unscrew the chandelier and lay your we alth there. It is unlikely that thieves will have time to turn off the electricity, unscrew the chandelier, look for money there and risk their lives.

Chairs in the morning, money in the evening…

Where to hide money in the apartment from thieves? What about furniture for you? Chairs, sofas, pouffes, armchairs - if thieves check all this, then literally in haste. They probed and stomped further in search of treasures. You should just be a little more creative.

"The farther into the forest, the more firewood" - remember the proverb? So, in this case, the situation is similar. Stick your hand further into the foam rubber and carefully, preferably with a blade, make a slot in it. Insert banknotes there in expanded form. You can nail the upholstery of a sofa or chair back with a stapler so that no one guesses. This way it will be very difficult for thieves to gropemoney.

You can also remember all the spy movies and attach an envelope with bills under a chair or chest of drawers with tape. Thieves may scatter things around the room, but they are unlikely to guess to turn the box over.

Bathroom and toilet are always needed

Bathroom and toilet are our salvation in apartments. This is not a private house for you, where you need to run 100 meters in need or swim in the river. These 2 small rooms are also suitable for hiding money in the apartment.

Let's start with the toilet. We do not recommend hiding money in a tank, we already wrote about this above. But you can hide in a tank with a secret. "And the chest just opened" - remember Krylov's fable? So do we. They opened the tank - they did not find the money, but the money is still there. Only not in the tank itself, but in the float. To do this, carefully remove the float, cut it in the middle, hide it inside the bill and glue it back with superglue or a lighter.

You can also "frolic" in the bathroom, hiding your treasures. Many have such a special cornice, on which a curtain is hung so that the spray does not scatter. Well, it's hollow inside. Hide the money there and set the cornice tighter. It is unlikely that thieves will want to take a shower.

Another great way, and maybe even the best, is a false pipe. Look carefully at those pipes that are already laid in the bathroom or toilet, buy a similar one. Put the bills in it and attach it to the others like it was.

Unexpected places in the apartment

Stash in the ceiling

Hiding money is not a problem. Problemfind a place that no one else would think to check. We have already given you the main advice, we have described everything. Now let's look at the most unexpected options that thieves will not be able to foresee:

  1. Shoes, especially old ones. Thieves will not try it on or take it away. Remove the insoles, put in the bills, cover with the insoles.
  2. Children's toys. Even the most cynical thief is unlikely to steal a toy. So you can hide money there. Well, or in a typewriter, asking his son not to play with her.
  3. Cut in the table, in the kitchen, for example, a narrow hole. Hide the money and roll back the edging.
  4. In the aquarium, if available, you can install a castle for fish or a shell. Hide your we alth there. Let's hope that the thief will pass by tenderly.
  5. If a woman lives in the house, let her read this article. She knows exactly what we're talking about. And we are talking about knitting threads. Let him wind the skein along with the money and put it away to the needles, knitting needles and hooks. And away from the cat.

Expert Tips

Where to hide the money in the apartment so that thieves do not find it, we cannot tell you for sure, since they are no less inventive than we are. But here is what experts advise to protect your home from the penetration of strangers:

  1. Buy a safe. Not banking, but not children's either. With a strong lock, heavier. And be sure to secure it so that it is very problematic to carry it in your hands. Let it be a cabinet, a wall behind the same picture or a clock, in extreme cases, a battery with a chain.
  2. Install a secure door. It's not what it should besave. Of course, professionals will open any locks, but don't let them do it in 2 seconds, let them suffer.
  3. Tracking sensors, and even better cameras. Not that it is very cheap, but effective. Not every thief wants to show his face.

The Da Vinci Code

Robber Code

In Europe, thieves are cunning, although they are like that everywhere. But then they thought of a sort of code, with the help of which they leave special signs on the doors or walls of the house, sidewalks and curbs.

For example, chamomile petals indicate that it is worth climbing into this house and there is a lot of goodness. A circle crossed out by a line, on the contrary, means that there is no point in opening the house, because there is no profit. Other signs may indicate that the house has already been burglarized or that there is a security system, etc.

Our thieves won't lose their faces either. They love to play detectives. They take care of the house, the owners. Get to know their habits and times of absence. So be careful. Sometimes a light bulb left on at night can save you from breaking into a home.

Well, you have found out where to hide the money in the apartment. Now we can only hope that the thieves will not read this article.

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