Increase humidity: norm, measurement methods, level normalization methods

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Increase humidity: norm, measurement methods, level normalization methods
Increase humidity: norm, measurement methods, level normalization methods

To ensure a comfortable life, not only a cozy atmosphere in an apartment or house is required. A favorable microclimate is also necessary. And for this you need to maintain the optimum temperature and know how to increase the humidity. This is described in the article.


For many buildings with a long stay of a person, there are norms of a favorable microclimate. High humidity and temperature are mentioned in GOST 30494-2011. According to it, permissible and optimal air parameters are established. The optimal temperature in apartments and public spaces was also determined. These restrictions must be taken into account during the design and construction of buildings.

elevated temperature and humidity

Admissible are indoor temperature and humidity indicators that can cause temporary discomfort, but do not cause acute and chronic ailments. Due to the optimal range of air, normal heat exchange and a stable water balance of a person are created.


Humidity is determined by temperature, so for cold andwarm time set their own standards. In winter, the outside temperature should not exceed +8 degrees. Cooling leads to a decrease in the concentration of moisture in the air inside the home. The norm at this time is considered to be a relative humidity of 30-45%, and the permissible figure should not be higher than 60%. But a very high humidity is also undesirable.

In the warm period, when the air temperature is above +8 degrees, the humidity rises. The allowable rate in summer is 65%. And the optimal range is 60-30%. Although standards have been set, doctors do not recommend allowing humidity to drop below 45%. This is due to the negative impact of a dry microclimate on the mucous membranes of the nose, larynx, and eyes of a person. With a decrease in humidity, there is an imbalance in the water balance, the skin dries out, the lungs cannot cleanse themselves, which leads to coughing fits and chronic ailments.

Level measurement

It is not so easy to keep the relative humidity in the apartment, especially in winter. Many have large quantities of household appliances, heaters, TV displays and computers running, which leads to dry air.

Checking the level is done with a hygrometer or improvised means. With the help of household electronic hygrometers, relative humidity is accurately determined. The device also sets the temperature and records information for viewing at a convenient time. Thanks to the constant monitoring of parameters, it will be possible to create comfortable conditions for life.

in conditions of high humidity

Set humidityobtained using a psychometric table. First you need to measure the temperature with a mercury thermometer. Then the mercury flask is wrapped in wet material and the measurement is repeated after 10 minutes with a “wet” thermometer. The temperature difference and the level of the "dry" thermometer are considered as the initial data for establishing humidity.

Approximate level of humidity can be found in a glass vessel with water. It is placed in the refrigerator for several hours in advance so that the temperature is lowered to 5 degrees. Then the container is placed on a flat place far from the heating devices. If the condensation on the glass does not disappear in 5-10 minutes, then this means that the air in the room is dry. If the drops have not evaporated, but also increased in size, then the humidity is average. When the condensate drains, the humidity is high.

Signs of a low level

In conditions of high humidity, a favorable microclimate is created. A low level can be identified by:

  • withered wooden furniture;
  • gaps between parquet planks;
  • quickly drying ground in flowerpots with plants;
  • high static electricity;
  • the smell of dust from curtains and curtains;
  • difficulties in ironing clothes and bed linen;
  • dry skin and brittle hair.

Very dry air can lead to serious illnesses. At first, a person feels thirsty and a little discomfort. Then the appearance of rapid fatigue, burning in the eyes, drowsiness, poor appetite is likely. Gradually, there is a violation of the body's water balance and protectivefunctions of the mucous membranes, the immune system drops sharply.

increase humidity

Allergy to dust can lead to chronic diseases of the bronchi and lungs. Doctors recommend regular water procedures, thirst quenching with pure non-carbonated water, moisturizing the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes, which will eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of low humidity.

Wet sheets

How to increase humidity quickly? This can be done by hanging wet and wrung out textiles hung around the house. It can be sheets, towels and other bulky items.

high humidity in the apartment

This method has been used for a long time and still does not lose its relevance. During the heating season, it is advisable to hang fabrics on radiators, and in summer - in aisles and places where the canvas will not interfere.

Atomizer. Water container

This method also allows you to increase the humidity. All you need to do is to spray clean water in all rooms in the air and on the curtains through a fine nozzle that creates a cloud of fine spray.

Dryness often appears in winter due to the fact that hot radiators displace moisture. Increased humidity in the apartment can be provided thanks to bowls of water, which must be placed on the batteries. You can place porous containers between the sections in the radiator. The water evaporates, saturating the air.

high humidity in the room


To increase humidity permanently, other methods are used. Usually theychoose when the dryness of the microclimate is constant. An aquarium is used for this.

You don't have to start fish. Decorative frogs, snails, turtles, jellyfish look great in the illuminated water. You can not start living creatures, but simply decorate the container with smooth stones and aquarium plants.

Indoor plants

Increased humidity in the room is provided with indoor flowers. It is advisable to choose plants with large soft leaves, for example, monstera. Usually they are from tropical rainforests, so they are used to absorbing a lot of moisture and releasing it. It is only necessary to ensure high-quality care for the flowers (regular watering, wiping the leaves from dust and spraying).

high air humidity

Indoor Fountain

Increase the humidity is able room fountain, which acts as a humidifier. The water in it overflows, which ensures faster evaporation than in an aquarium, the more it looks beautiful and creates a cozy atmosphere. It is important to use only clean water and change it often. And the fountain must be washed so that microorganisms do not start there.


Ventilation helps a lot in wet weather. You just need not to overdo it: if the rain beats towards the window, then you should not open it immediately. You should wait a bit, and after the rain subsides, open the window.

Suitable heating appliances. Household Humidifiers

There are heating devices that dry the air less. To do this, use heaters that do not burnoxygen and working in a sparing mode. Great fit:

  1. Infrared. They do not heat the air, but objects, so the negative impact on the microclimate is minimal.
  2. Convector, having a closed heating element. The heating element does not burn oxygen, and natural convection does not raise dust.
  3. Oiled. They are not able to heat up to critical temperatures.
  4. Ceramic. Devices interact little with water vapor.

Fireplaces and fan heaters should not be installed with exposed heating elements. It will be difficult to maintain sufficient humidity.

Modern appliance stores have household humidifiers powered by electricity. The devices maintain a he althy microclimate. Devices are divided into steam, traditional and ultrasonic.

how to increase humidity

Types of humidifiers

If someone in the family suffers from allergies, it is better to purchase a special humidifier. Before buying, you should familiarize yourself with the features of each type. When choosing, you need to take into account the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room that you want to humidify.

Traditional humidifiers operate on the principle of natural evaporation. The design includes a water tank, a fan and a filter. The advantages of the device include a minimum of electricity consumption. At optimum humidity, the device finishes evaporation.

Steam devices work by releasing hot steam into the air. Devices quickly moisturize, you can use tap water with them. Is absentneed to replace filters. Shutdown is performed automatically when the liquid boils away.

Ultrasonic devices operate with the help of high-frequency vibrations of a special membrane that breaks water into cold vapor. Such humidifiers are compact, able to regulate humidity, and have a low cost.

Consumers are offered embedded systems that include several devices that purify and humidify the air according to the specified parameters. Humidifiers are found in some modern air conditioners. Although the use of humidifiers is beneficial for a person’s well-being, it is necessary to observe the measure. If the indicator is above 70%, then a favorable environment for bacteria and mold is provided in a warm room.

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