How to increase the humidity in the room: ways to humidify the air, tips and tricks

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How to increase the humidity in the room: ways to humidify the air, tips and tricks
How to increase the humidity in the room: ways to humidify the air, tips and tricks

Do you get tired quickly? Are you sick often? Allergy haunted? Perhaps the thing is that the air in your house is very dry. Experts say that low humidity levels often become a serious problem, leading to negative consequences. However, in order to humidify the room, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive devices. True, a basin of water in the middle of the room is unlikely to solve the problem of low humidity. Today we will talk about how to increase the humidity in the room without a humidifier!

Why humidify the air in the apartment?

Before we talk about how to increase the humidity in the house, we propose to consider all the negative consequences of dry air for humans. Firstly, it is worth mentioning that, constantly being in a room with dry air, a person begins to feel increased fatigue, his attention and memory decrease. The body weakens, this is especially true for children, the elderly and patients with problems in the respiratory tract. They very often have breathing problems, the condition of the mucosa worsensnasopharynx. Due to overdrying, a chronic runny nose appears, and the risk of bleeding increases. Doctors say dry air can even contribute to asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases!

how to increase humidity in a room in winter

Another problem that comes from dry air concerns the eyes. The first to react to unacceptable changes in the microclimate in the room are those who constantly wear contact lenses. The eyes begin to dry out quickly, become irritated and redden. In general, at a normal level of humidity, the eyes are always moistened with tears, but when the air is too dry, the tear dries quickly and leaves the surface unprotected. The first symptoms of dry air are the appearance of irritation due to the fact that fine dust accumulates on the surface of the eye, increased fatigue. The longer a person stays in such a room, the higher the likelihood that his vision will deteriorate at all. Of course, you can get rid of discomfort with the help of eye drops or chamomile infusion compresses, but it is much better to simply humidify the air in the house.

Dryness in the room leads to the fact that the condition of the skin worsens. She, especially on the hands, becomes very dry, begins to crack and peel off. If a person stays in a room with dry air for a long time, he becomes more susceptible to skin diseases and accelerates the aging process.

Nails and hair also become more brittle and faded. By the way, dry air negatively affects not only people: lack ofhumidity leads to the fact that indoor plants stop growing or simply dry out, and wooden furniture, doors and windows, as well as musical instruments become unusable too quickly due to overdrying. In order to be comfortable in the house, the humidity level should be 40-60 percent.

How to determine air humidity

There are several ways to cope with this task. For example, you can use a hygrometer. This device will allow you to find out the exact moisture content. The most important thing is to keep it away from heating appliances in order to get reliable information. However, if you do not have a special device at hand, you can always use folk methods. Of course, you cannot determine the percentage of humidity in the air, but you will definitely know that your house needs moisture.

how to increase the humidity in the room

The first and easiest way is to use a water bottle. All you need is to take a bottle, fill it with water, put it in the refrigerator for several hours. After that, you should take the container out of the refrigerator and leave it in the room for literally 5 minutes. You will notice that the outer walls of the bottle quickly become covered with condensation. If after 5 minutes the drops on the surface are practically dry, then the air in the room is dry enough. If the humidity is too high, a small puddle will form under the bottle. If the drops just slowly slide down the bottle, then the humidity in your house is quite normal.

One moreA good way to measure humidity levels is to use a fir cone. You should simply place it in your home, of course, away from heaters or stoves. If the bud opens completely, then the humidity level in the house is low, and if the scales only slightly open or remain tightly pressed against each other, then there is no humidity problem in your house.

What to do if you realize that the humidity level in your home is low enough? How to increase the humidity in the rooms? We have some practical advice!

Use the bathroom

This method can be called one of the easiest. Leave the bathroom door open every time you finish your shower. All evaporation from this room will spread throughout the apartment and humidify the air. In addition, you can not immediately drain the water from the bath, you can leave it for a while until it cools down to increase the amount of steam.

Dry clothes in the room

If you are thinking about how to increase the humidity in the room quickly and without much effort, try placing the dryer with things next to the heater after washing. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: firstly, the clothes will dry faster, and secondly, the air in the room will be filled with moisture. Most importantly, do not leave traces of cleaning products on things, otherwise you will just breathe in chemical fumes.

how to increase the humidity in a room without a humidifier

Another very similar way to increasethe humidity in the room, as you might have guessed, is hanging wet towels on radiators. If you want to extend the life of this humidifier, simply use a spray bottle to dampen towels as they dry.

Boil water more often

Thinking about how to increase the humidity in the room without a humidifier? Try using a stovetop for this, as well as a kettle or pot. There are two options: the first is to bring water to a boil and leave it on a windowsill or table so that the steam humidifies the room. Another way is to put boiling water on a slow fire so that the evaporation lasts longer. In addition, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the water (experts advise using tea tree or eucalyptus oil). The fact is that their aroma calms the nervous system, and couples can deal with germs and reduce the risk of colds. You can also throw cinnamon sticks, various herbs and spices, lemon wedges into the water to make the air in your home incredibly pleasant.

Place water containers around the house

There is no time to boil and you keep thinking about how to increase the humidity in the room? In summer, such a method as the use of water containers is especially relevant. Suitable vases, bottles, basins. They just need to be placed in the rooms. By the way, if you add flowers and stones to vases, you will get an interesting composition: your guests will not even guess that this is not a decorative element, but a homemade air humidifier. A little clarification: do not forget to periodically change the water andrinse containers thoroughly!

how to increase humidity in a room with a newborn

Get some houseplants

Some indoor flowers can not only purify the air, disinfect it, but also moisturize! Plants such as ficus, dracaena, hibiscus, cyperus and nephrolepis give especially a lot of moisture in the premises.

Get a fountain or aquarium

These decorative elements can not only decorate the house, but also humidify the air in it. Of course, buying them for this purpose is somewhat irrational, but if you want to get fish or decorate your house with a small fountain, you should definitely not forget about this nice bonus!

Ventilate rooms regularly

how to quickly increase the humidity in the room

Do-it-yourself air humidification is not a complicated process at all. Even in winter, you can maintain a comfortable level of humidity in your home. To do this, you just need to air the rooms two or three times a day.

Moisten wet cleaning

Thinking about how to increase the humidity in the room in winter? Many housewives believe that much less dust and dirt accumulates in the room during the cold season, so you can clean or dry clean less often. However, this is not quite the right approach. The fact is that wet cleaning allows not only to get rid of pollution, but also helps to humidify the air in the room. Just imagine: a thin layer of water is distributed over large areas in each room, respectively, the level of humidityincreases significantly. In addition, wet cleaning allows you to get rid of various harmful microbes, especially if you use a disinfectant along with water. Water will also get rid of mold spores and dust mites.

how to increase humidity in a room in summer

Use a spray bottle

Thinking about how to increase the humidity in the room with a newborn? The easiest and safest way is to use a spray gun. You can simply spray water in the air: small drops will collect all the dust and settle with it on the floor. In addition, you can moisten curtains and tulle. Water evaporates more slowly from fabrics, which means that the desired level of humidity will continue to be maintained in your room. True, before using a spray gun, it is important to check whether there are stains from drops and splashes on the curtains. Otherwise, they will simply lose their appearance.

Homemade battery powered humidifier

Run around with pots and bowls quickly get bored? Try to make an installation that will humidify the air - and at the same time it will be very inexpensive. You will need a plastic bottle, gauze or a piece of natural cloth, water, string and a sharp knife.

How to increase the humidity in the room if you are the owner of "crazy hands"? Making the device is very simple:

  1. The first thing to do is to cut a small hole-window in the bottle.
  2. Then the bottle should be fixed on the radiator or heating pipe - in a horizontal position.
  3. The fabric must be folded in several layers, you mustget a rectangle, the width of which is 10 centimeters, and the length is about a meter.
  4. In the slot in the bottle, you need to lower the middle part of the fabric, wind the rest around the hot pipes.
  5. Use another bottle to pour water into an impromptu humidifier. The device is ready.
homemade humidifier battery

All maintenance will be only the timely addition of water. How to increase the humidity in the room using such a device? In order to regulate the intensity of humidification, you just need to raise and lower the unit. By the way, in no case should the fabric hang below the water level, otherwise a puddle will simply form under the battery.

Important to remember

Thinking about how to increase the humidity in a room, we must not forget that high humidity is no better than dry air. If its level is more than 70 percent, mold will appear in the house, and household members may develop allergies. In addition, it will seem to you that you live in a damp basement. So don't over-moisturize!

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