Slippery floor: causes, methods for solving the problem, anti-slip coatings

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Slippery floor: causes, methods for solving the problem, anti-slip coatings
Slippery floor: causes, methods for solving the problem, anti-slip coatings

The right choice of flooring is important not only for the appearance of the room, but also for human safety. Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and mosaics are durable and practical materials that are used to decorate the floor. They are widely used not only in residential premises, but also in government and entertainment institutions. The listed materials have one significant drawback: they slide. Many people use slippery floor tiles to decorate rooms. What to do if a horizontal surface poses a potential danger to human life? It is very important to take measures in time to prevent irreversible consequences.


the floor is slippery what to do

The main reason for a slippery floor is the choice of the appropriate material. Currently, in the stores of building materials you can find a huge number of types of flooring. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. One of these significant shortcomingsis an increased degree of slip. They have this property:

  • glossy tiles;
  • glass mosaic;
  • porcelain stoneware;
  • certain types of laminate and linoleum.

The listed floors become even more slippery if liquid is spilled on them.


the floor is slippery

Currently, there are several available ways to help eliminate the problem of slippery floors. What to do and what method to resort to, each person has the right to choose independently.

To reduce the level of floor slippage, you can use specially designed anti-slip tapes or use rubber mats. To fix the problem and make the floor less slippery, products sold in the departments of household chemicals will help. Each of these methods has its own distinctive features and disadvantages.

Rubber mats

slippery floor what to do

Anti-slip mats are most often used for bathtubs. You can buy them at almost any hardware store. The main advantage of rubber mats is their availability and relatively low cost. As a rule, the price of products of such a plan does not exceed 300-400 rubles.

Rugs have a number of significant drawbacks. One of the main cons is the limited range of colors and designs. As a rule, products are presented in black, red and blue colors. In addition, under the matsrubbish accumulates very quickly. That is why the area under the product should be washed at least two to three times a week. Rubber mats are unlikely to fit into the decor of a room or living room. Products are more suitable for a bath or a corridor. For a living room, it is better to choose another option to reduce the level of slip.

Anti-slip tapes

Is the floor slippery or not?

Anti-slip tapes are very popular. The main advantages of the product are low cost and ease of use. Sticking and peeling off the tape is quite easy. No special effort is required. The cost of one tape is on average 70-90 rubles.

slippery tiles on the floor what to do

Anti-slip tapes also have disadvantages. The service life of the products is quite short. Tapes become unusable in just a week and a half after the start of use. In addition, in order to obtain the desired result from the use of products, it is necessary that the surface meets certain requirements. It is very important that the floor is dry. There should be no cracks or chips on the surface. The temperature of the floor covering must always be positive. Anti-slip tapes are not suitable for porous surfaces.

Special tools

epoxy floor slippery

The most effective and versatile are the products presented on store shelves. They have many undeniable advantages. First of all, they include durability of use. To the advantages of thisThe method should also include ease of application and maintenance. The whole procedure takes no more than fifteen minutes. The exact time it takes to apply the composition depends on the footage. No special maintenance is required for anti-slip floors.

Re-apply to slippery floors after at least one year. The main disadvantage of this method is the high cost of special tools. The average price of the cheapest solutions is 1500-2000 rubles. It depends not only on the volume of the product, but also on what material it is intended for.

Which way to choose

Each person decides for himself which way to reduce slippage of the floor to choose. The most versatile and convenient method is the use of special tools. They are cost effective. In addition, this method is also good because the composition does not change the appearance of the flooring, while rubber mats and anti-slip tapes can significantly spoil the interior of residential premises.

You can think about the problem even before the installation of the coating. Do not choose glossy tiles. During the acquisition, it is worth giving preference to a material on the surface of which there is a relief. Best of all, such as non-slippery porcelain stoneware. For the floor in the room or in the kitchen, this type of product is ideal. The risk of injury and bruising from falls is virtually zero.

Many people wonder if the self-leveling floor is slippery or not. Hugepopular coating of cement and polymers. Despite the glossy surface, the epoxy floor is not slippery. In addition, this type of flooring is quite practical and durable.

Instead of a conclusion

Slippery floors make life much more difficult as they increase the risk of injury and bruising from accidental falls. That is why many people who have chosen a high slip flooring material are thinking about how to prevent unpleasant consequences.

Currently, there are many ways to solve this problem. Particularly popular are anti-slip tapes, rubber mats, and special mortars, which can be purchased at almost any building supply store.

The most suitable method of dealing with slippery floors in institutions and at home is to purchase special tools. They are quite durable, easy to apply and do not require special care. The only significant disadvantage is the high cost, which, however, fully pays off over time.

Rubber mats are more suitable for bathrooms and corridors, but they do not fit into the interior of residential premises in the same way as anti-slip tapes. The service life of the latter does not exceed a couple of weeks.

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