Air filtration system: types, characteristics, reviews

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Air filtration system: types, characteristics, reviews
Air filtration system: types, characteristics, reviews

Description of the air filtration system refers primarily to the fact that it is an integral part of a comfortable life, thanks to which the room is provided with clean air. Our he alth, well-being and mood depend on its quality and condition. Many living quarters are in need of cleaning.

workshop air filtration system

Varieties of filters for ventilation

Air filtration purification systems are classified according to the degree of purification. There are coarse filters that eliminate particles as small as 10 microns. They are used in very polluted rooms and those in which high demands are not placed on the air purification system. Filtration is performed by a fabric material or a metal mesh.

Another kind of cleaning is fine, holding particles from 1 to 10 microns. It is used in places where it is necessary to thoroughly clean the air, these are:

  • hospitals;
  • schools;
  • public organizations.

The basis is most often coalplate. These filters are often installed with coarse type devices.

The air filtration system, which eliminates contaminants down to 1 micron, is a particularly fine cleaning. It is installed where high demands are placed on air purity:

  • knowledge-intensive enterprises;
  • laboratories;
  • operating.

The material from which the filter panel is made depends:

  • device design;
  • working principle;
  • efficiency of air purification.
air filtration cleaning systems

Mechanical filters

Mechanical type filters are considered the simplest in design. Their main part is a metal mesh that traps large contaminants: animal hair, dust clots. A mechanical air cleaner is used in combination with other cleaners. Low cost and universal installation are the main advantages. The downsides are low efficiency and the inability to eliminate minor volatile particles, moisture and unpleasant odors.

carbon filters

Charcoal filters

Such filters are considered the most effective for eliminating impurities from water and oxygen. Most often, this air filtration system is installed in the apartment, namely the bathroom and in the kitchen where particles of steam, grease and other compounds rise into the air. These filters are based on porous carbon plates made of coal. The more pores in them, the better the air will be cleaned. holesCapable of capturing the smallest airborne particles. An important criterion for the effectiveness of this device is the shape of the plate. Filtering carbon elements complete with coarse pre-cleaning will last much longer. If you install a carbon filter in the hood, the efficiency of the device will increase. It is necessary to change them in time, because if they are overfilled, they themselves will begin to pollute the air.

HEPA filters

HEPA filters

Modern filters with HEPA technology allow you to deeply purify the air in the room. The basis is a construction of fibrous corrugated material with pores no larger than a few microns, so even the smallest flying particles are screened out. Such devices are designed for installation in high-tech industries, in laboratories and operating rooms. A large number of models function thanks to the draft of the built-in fan, which forces air onto the filter, where the latter is cleaned of:

  • dust;
  • plant pollen;
  • bacteria.

The device is cleaned from accumulated dust with a conventional vacuum cleaner, the filter should be completely changed 1-2 times a year. In addition to these types of filters, there are hydro filters and electrostatic filters.

EZ-3000DXR Ceiling Recessed Cleaning System

Ceiling air filtration system, in addition to cleansing dust, biological and chemical contaminants, persistent odors, also saves space. The recessed part makes it almost invisible. URBANAIR EZ-3000DX benefits include:

  • functionality;
  • deodorization;
  • disinfection;
  • producing negative ions;
  • fresh air production;
  • ease of installation;
  • beautiful design.

This air filtration system eliminates mold, fungus, animal hair, pollen, odors, tobacco smoke. This model does not have replacement filters. The filter system will serve as long as the device itself will work. The filters are easy to care for, you just need to wash 1-2 times a month. It is only necessary to change the ozone lamp. This will have to be done once a year.

jet air filtration system

JET AFS-400 Filtration System

The Air Filtration System Jet AFS-400 has a continuous and programmable mode, which is used for cleaning during non-working hours. In this case, the power and the timer are set using the remote control. After the program is completed, the system will turn off. The installation is going to be at a height of at least two meters from the floor on a support that can withstand 40 kg of static load. It also has loops for hanging it from the ceiling.

This air filtration system is designed for a workshop, garage and other premises where pollution occurs with suspension or dust from particles of paint and varnish materials. The highest performance corresponds to a room with an area of ​​approximately 120 cubic meters. meters. In the event that an even larger area needs to be cleared, experts advise placing the AFS-400 near sources of pollution. Such measures will help to improve the efficiency of removaldust.

Jet AFS-400 air filtration system has a number of features, these are:

  • three performance modes and off timer settings;
  • two-stage filtration;
  • remote control with timer.

AFS-500 Filtration System

The AFS-500 filtration system is installed inside production facilities to purify the air from various suspensions, and when combined with an optional carbon filter, it can remove some chemical contaminants. The parameters of the built-in filters are suitable for removing fine welding aerosols and suspensions of coatings, as well as rather large ones, for example, grinding dust or sawdust.

Such a device is used in places that cannot be ventilated due to frost, where there is no adequate ventilation or there are environmental restrictions. This air filtration system has two stages of purification. Inside there is a thin micron filter, outside there is a carbon or electrostatic coarse filter of 5 microns, which captures both chemical pollutant molecules and large particles. There are 3 modes of work intensity, and depending on which one is needed, you can choose one of them. To do this, switch the buttons on the control panel. The outdoor filter should be vacuumed once every three days and replaced when dirty.

JET AFS-1000 Filtration System

The Jet ASF-1000 device has found its application in air purification in various industrial premises, which are contaminated with particles of paints and varnishes,forming a suspension, or dust. It provides two-stage filtration and two basic operating modes of the device: continuous and programmable.

The standard set includes an external electrostatic filter, which stands out for its high efficiency. It is distinguished by its ability to retain most of the contaminants. Only the smallest particles of the fraction remain in the main filter - less than 5 microns. The external electrostatic filter can be replaced with an optional charcoal filter, which is able to remove both mechanical and some chemical pollutants, while also purifying the air of odors.

Modern filters

AFS-400 Filtration System

The AFS-400 Air Filtration System is a new product from JET. This option is budget. Great for a small workshop. As a result of its work, the indoor air is filtered from dust, including fine dust. If you additionally install a carbon filter, then the fumes coming from paint and varnish materials will be perfectly absorbed. This system is small in size, therefore it is highly mobile, as a result, it can be used near the source of odor and dust. It is designed for effective functioning in a room of 50 sq. meters, height - 2, 5 m. The standard package includes an electrostatic outer and thin inner filter with cleaning up to 1 micron. The remote control or touch buttons can set one of three operating modes. The set includes hooks for hanging and a delayed switch-off timer.system after 1, 2 or 4 hours.

Boneco P400

The BONECO P400 device itself controls the level of air pollution for the current period and determines the speed of the fan for the most effective cleaning. Thanks to the innovative combined filter system, the air is effectively cleaned of allergens, dust, and harmful impurities. This is very important for people suffering from chronic respiratory diseases and allergies. You can manually set one of three built-in modes:

  • Reinforced (POWER). The fan runs at maximum speed, the air is cleaned very quickly.
  • Night (SLEEP). The fan operates automatically at the lowest speed. During operation, energy consumption and noise levels are reduced.
  • Automatic. The work is carried out automatically in order to achieve the optimal degree of cleaning.

The BONECO P400 air purifier is equipped with a triple air filtration system, thanks to which the air is purified from the following contaminants:

  • various pollution particles;
  • pollen;
  • dust;
  • bad odors.

Available multi-layer filter helps minimize allergies to mite waste products and house dust. This system has an ALLERGY filter. It helps to reduce susceptibility to allergens, as 99% of them linger on its surface. ALLERGY is able to remove harmful volatile compounds, dust mites, hair, odors, bacteria, pollen, dust.

BABY filter is made according topatented air filtration technology against viruses, germs and microorganisms for the he althy development of children. There is also a SMOG filter that removes over 99% of airborne particles larger than 2.5 microns, and also delays:

  • bad odors;
  • formaldehyde;
  • fine dust;
  • harmful volatile compounds;
  • exhaust gases;
  • could;
  • ashes;
  • tobacco smoke.

This exclusive system of filtration components is the main basis of this air purification system, which is drawn inside the device by a fan. Then it passes through the filters installed in the device, each of them has a specific meaning. As a result, the air is purified from all harmful impurities present in it.

Homemade filtration systems

It is not necessary to purchase a ready-made device. You can make your own air filtration system. The main component will be a cooler from a computer or an unnecessary fan. There are two options for assembling devices using a fan: for rooms with high humidity and dry.

To rid the apartment of nicotine and kitchen odors, negative substances that emit household items, an air purifier with a carbon filter can be used. Activated carbon is an impeccable sorbent for molecules of gas fractions. These easy-to-use and affordable DIY appliances are a real boon for keeping the atmosphere clean.

filtration systemair with your own hands


There are a lot of devices designed to purify the air from odors, allergens and dust without the use of water. They differ:

  • design;
  • performance;
  • size;
  • types and number of filters.

The use of indoor air purifiers has a positive impact on people's quality of life and mood. According to user reviews, the disadvantages of some filtering systems include noise level and power consumption.

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