Codes of the intercom "Forward". Universal intercom code for keyless opening

Codes of the intercom "Forward". Universal intercom code for keyless opening
Codes of the intercom "Forward". Universal intercom code for keyless opening

In the life of almost every person there are situations when you need to open a closed door protected by a magnetic intercom lock. However, the key may not be with you. Such cases happen when you have to go to visit someone who does not have an apartment tube installed. Or the person just goes out to take out the trash and forgets the house keys on the shelf. In such situations, universal codes for the Forward intercom may come in handy, for example, allowing you to open the door either without a key at all, or with a key that does not fit the described intercom. In order to figure out how to do this, you should study the device of the intercom itself.

General information

The classic intercom "Forward" is a universal device that allows you to control the magnetic lock on the front door, as well as talk with the guest using audio and video.

The appearance of the intercom can be immediately recognized, since it is one of the few with such a large set of functions. On the frontThe panel houses a clock, a digital display for displaying entered combinations, an anti-vandal keypad with LED backlighting, a color video camera eye with infrared illumination, and a sound speaker with a microphone. As a result, the device is quite massive and easily distinguished from other similar intercoms, so it will be relatively easy to choose a universal code for the Forward intercom. In the left corner is the name, which helps with the final identification.

intercom forward codes

Used Keys

To control the lock, classic tablet keys are used. They are the most convenient and easy to use. If necessary, you can quickly make a duplicate key from the intercom, having simple equipment on hand.

Such keys require direct contact with a special platform. It allows you to recognize the code written in the key and unlock the door for a certain period of time. It is the use of these keys that makes it possible to use the first method, provided that an intercom with keys of the same type is installed in your house, and this key is with you.

intercom forward mv opening code

First method: writing your own key

If during installation the main service codes of the Forward intercom were not replaced, you can try adding your own existing key to the database. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps. It should be remembered that if after entering the first code a sharp signal sounded, thenthere is no point in carrying out further manipulations: the code was changed by the service company and the method will not work. But it's always worth a try, and for this you need to do the following:

  1. Dial the combination "77395201" on the intercom keypad. It will provide access to the engineering menu and access to its editing.
  2. Enter the symbol "". This operation is required to move through the menu items. Although the display will not show exactly what state the intercom is currently in, there is nothing to worry about. The whole method is described according to the technical instructions with the Forward intercom codes, which indicate which function this or that symbol is responsible for.
  3. Enter consecutively the characters "0" and "" after a short period of time.
  4. Attach the existing key to identify it.
  5. Double click on "".
  6. After a short time, enter two characters "".

That's it, the intercom is back in standard standby mode. If everything was done correctly, now it can be constantly opened by the created duplicate key from the intercom. This will be especially useful if you often have to go to this entrance, for example, to visit.

how to open intercom forward without a key

Second method - opening with service code

If you only need to enter the entrance once, or if there is no suitable key at hand, then you can try to open the locking device using universal codes to open the intercom. For different modifications of intercoms, the sequences are different, so you should try each of them.them:

  • "2427101"
  • "1232427101"
  • "K+1234".

If none of the sequences fit, then most likely, either you have the wrong intercom in front of you, or the standard codes for opening the intercom were changed by the service department by flashing the device.

Third method - opening with a universal key

It's no secret that there are so-called universal keys. They are used by employees of public services, such as controllers or postmen. If desired, such a key can be bought online and used to open most intercom doors.

There is a certain percentage of locks that do not respond to such universal "pills", but it is negligible. Such a key will be useful if you have to get into closed entrances quite often, for example, when working as an installer at an Internet provider, and you are simply tired of entering the Forward intercom codes all the time.

universal intercom code forward

Modified new generation intercoms

Technology does not stand still and enterprises producing protective systems are constantly updating their devices. The new generation of intercoms was called "Forward-MV" and differs from the previous one in a more reinforced case, covered with anti-vandal hammer paint. This device also has a camera and the ability to communicate via audio. The keyboard has ceased to be touch, and is made in the form of individual metal buttons. To open it, you can use the same three methods described above, sohow the firmware of new devices are identical to the previous ones and accept standard opening service codes. The intercom "Forward-MV", as a result, differs only in a modified appearance and higher strength.

duplicate doorphone key

Hack protection

First of all, the intercom is installed in order to protect common house property from theft or damage. That is why you should be concerned about protecting it from a simple break-in, in which everyone can get into the entrance.

So, among the precautionary measures, we can highlight the replacement of standard service codes. This should be done by the service that maintains the locking device. If you wish, you can contact her with an official request, and after performing the required operations, check whether the first and second methods work. It will be impossible to open the Forward intercom without a key, as indicated in the first and second methods, after changing the codes.

It is almost impossible to protect yourself from the third option using a universal key, therefore, in addition to the intercom, it is recommended to install a video surveillance system in the entrance itself, which allows you to monitor the actions of suspicious guests.

classic intercom keys-tablets


Don't rely entirely on porch protection systems in the form of intercoms. They, of course, provide some security, creating certain difficulties in the way for attackers. However, with some skills and knowledge, opening an intercom can be quitesimply. Therefore, do not leave valuables on the playgrounds, be it bicycles or prams. Cases of theft of such items are quite common, due to the fact that many people rely too much on intercom systems to protect common property.

If you happen to get into a difficult situation when you need to open the Forward intercom without a key both in your house and at a party, then such universal methods can help you get to the required apartment faster. If necessary, it is worth trying all the available codes, because it may not be the first one.

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