Motion sensor with siren: features, use, benefits

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Motion sensor with siren: features, use, benefits
Motion sensor with siren: features, use, benefits

Motion sensor with siren - an alternative to a stationary security system with a notification to the first responder console. The operation of the device consists in giving a sound signal when an intruder enters the protected area and scares him away.

Types and principle of operation

There are two types of alarms: peripheral and perimetric. The difference between them is the principle of installation in a protected area. The first are mounted on the facades of the building and fences. The alarm is activated when an intruder enters the coverage area, the diameter of which reaches 10-15 meters, depending on the model. Perimetric motion sensors with a siren are installed along the perimeter of the protected area, blocking the desired space.

Motion sensor action

The principle of operation of the device is simple, as is its design. When moving in the coverage area, the sensor transmits a signal to a microcomputer that processes it and sends a signal to a siren, a connected lamp or a video recorder. Depending on the type of sensor, the detection of the movement of an object is carried out in infrared, ultrasonic ormicrowave range. The most popular are wireless motion sensors with a siren, the mounting location of which can be constantly changed, unlike stationary ones, operating from a 220 volt network.

Use of signaling devices

Devices are mounted in "smart home" systems as a control element of the lighting and alarm system. It is not necessary to combine them into a single mechanism, the motion sensor with a siren is an autonomous device. It is applicable in the office, industrial premises, on the territory of the company or in a country house, in parking lots. Wherever restricted access to a protected area is required, motion sensors are installed.

Pros and cons of using

A significant advantage of using sound signaling devices is their autonomy, operation is possible regardless of additional power sources. It is enough to install the device in the right place for further use. The security system based on motion sensors with a siren does not need additional configuration and adjustment, as it is supplied as a ready-made kit. Light and sound add-ons on the sensors not only warn the owner of the protected area, but also scare off the intruder. Additional devices can be connected to any signaling device for sound and video recording, sending notification messages, and the sensitivity of devices is easily adjusted using parameters pre-set by the manufacturer.

A common disadvantage of such security devices is the need to constantly monitor the state of an autonomous power source,change batteries or charge batteries in time.

Wireless outdoor motion sensor

Common patterns

The market of security systems is replete with sensors of different manufacturers and modifications. These are motion detectors with a siren and remote control panels, wireless sensors with a small viewing angle for indoor use as a signaling device, and so on.

Motion detector with siren and remote controls Olympia

An example is the Sensor Alarm, which has a detection range of 15 meters, a viewing angle of 110 degrees and a volume of 105 decibels. Sensor Alarm is a wireless system with two remote controls and a siren, easy to install and configure, with an infrared motion sensor.

An interesting model is the Secure Dog barking simulator, which has a range of 8 meters and a coverage angle of 360 degrees. This model is installed in an apartment when doors and windows become protected areas. If the sensor's coverage area is violated, a loud dog barking is activated, scaring off the intruder.

Motion sensors for cottages with a siren "Control-Lux", PL20-Kit, which work in any weather, are widely used. These devices combine sound and light signals to scare off intruders.

Wireless motion detector with siren for home

Signaler selection

When choosing a security system based on mobile motion sensors, they are guided by their locationinstallation (outdoors or indoors), the volume of the signal and its type, the possibility of remote control and shutdown. The viewing angle of the signaling device depends on the specific model and is 30-360 degrees. To protect certain areas of the territory adjacent to the house or parking lot, systems with a small angle are used, which have an increased range based on one or more motion sensors. In rooms, devices with a wide viewing angle and the ability to send different signals, up to voice messages recorded on a memory card, should be used.

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