The best paint for the facade of a wooden house

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The best paint for the facade of a wooden house
The best paint for the facade of a wooden house

A wooden house is beautiful and original, no matter what itwas built from - profiled timber or logs. But it is not enough just to build a beautiful residential facility, it is important to correctly approach its decoration so that the surfaces remain resistant to any external influences. What is the best paint for the facade of a wooden house and why? Let's try to figure it out.

Features of wood as a material

Wood has been used since ancient times for the construction of various objects - residential and commercial. Despite the appearance of a huge number of more modern materials, lovers of naturalness, naturalness, as well as a unique woody aroma prefer wood construction. But in order to preserve the texture and texture, as well as the color of wood, it is important to know how to process it. Most often there are wooden facades of houses painted with paint.

paint for the facade of a wooden house

Previously, oil compounds were used for this, which penetrated deep into the wood and prevented it from "breathing". As a result, mold and blue appeared on the surface, insects started up. Today are usedspecial means that ensure the reliability of wood protection. Modern paint for the facade of a wooden house should be selected taking into account the following parameters:

  • resistance to moisture, frost, sunlight,
  • degrees of biological protection,
  • antiseptic properties,
  • abrasion resistance.

Properly selected paint will help create a protective layer on the surface of the wood.

Paints by composition: what is suitable for what?

Which paint is better for the facade of a wooden house? To answer this question, you need to know what modern means exist and what effect they have:

  • water-based latex paints are resistant to moisture, sunlight, have an elastic surface. Due to the acrylic resins in the composition, unique performance properties are provided. The presence of synthetic latex improves the visual effect and gives the surface a silky appearance. Such compositions are good for finishing any wooden houses, as well as frames or fences;
  • water-based acrylic paints for the facade of a wooden house, finished with timber, clapboard or imitation timber, are ideal due to the formation of a thin film on the surface of the wood. The film is elastic, resistant to destruction during drying or shrinkage of the tree, odorless;
  • alkyd compounds include resins, thanks to which the surface is covered with a film with a glossy structure that is resistant to temperature and humidity. Alkyd-based products are most often usedwhen painting frames, doors and any surfaces that will not be subjected to mechanical stress.
the best paint for the facade of a wooden house

There are also oil paints, but due to their low resistance to external influences, they are used extremely rarely. What paint to choose for the facade of a wooden house? We offer an overview of the products of the most popular brands.


Slovenian brand offers a wide range of products that help protect wooden surfaces. All of them are designed in such a way as to preserve the natural properties of wood to the maximum and prevent mold, fungus, and biological factors from affecting it.

paint for the facade of a wooden house reviews

Paint for the facade of a wooden house Belinka allows you to protect the surface by painting it in the most popular colors. Most products contain alkyd resins and pigments, which protect wood from sunlight and moisture. With Belinka Toplasur UV Plus, you can create a polymer coating on the surface of the tree, which will reflect the natural structure of its structure.

Features of Belinka paints

Among the features of the compositions of the Slovenian brand are the following:

  • easy application and long lasting shine;
  • quick drying so painting jobs can be completed in a day;
  • The most accurate transmission of the texture and structure of wood due to the water-based coloring agent,
  • Create a breathable coating to stabilize wood.

When applying, the first layer is the most required, as it is the wood that absorbs it. The surface of the processed object reliably protects the top layer.


Tikkurila paint for the facade of a wooden house is one of the most common solutions. The products of this brand are ideal for any wood-based surfaces. The range includes several types of paint:

Pika-Teho. With this composition, you can protect and paint the exterior wooden surfaces. Based on acrylates and oil impregnation. Due to its strength and elasticity, the paint is able to protect the facade for seven years for sure. Tinting is performed in 120 options. It takes several hours to dry

tikkurila paint for the facade of a wooden house
  • Teho Oljumaali. This is a classic solution for facades and doors. Differs in good adhesion with a surface. It takes about a day to dry the paint, due to which the adhesion of the composition to the surface is maximum.
  • Ultra Classic. This composition can be used at low temperatures, perfectly protects surfaces from external factors. Even with seasonal deformation of wood, the paint will retain its external presentability. Dries quickly (in just an hour) and can be applied to wood that has previously been impregnated.

Probably the best paint for the facade of a wooden house is produced under this brand. But it should be borne in mind that the expense, as they saybuyers, not the most economical.


The assortment of this company includes paints that can be used for finishing terraces, open facades. All compositions are resistant to abrasion and any physical influences, retain a presentable appearance for a long time. The brand line includes several types of formulations:

  • Alpina Die Langlebige für Holzfassaden. This composition is a coating that is applied in a thin layer and has good adhesion to the surface. The film prevents the effects of mold, fungi. The materials are based on synthetic resins and mineral fillers. During operation, the paint does not peel off, and the coating remains elastic. The original color remains firm for up to 7 years. Drying takes 12 hours, then a second coat can be applied. Surface primer required.
  • Alpina Lasur für Holzfassaden. This paint, resistant to any external influences, is able to withstand both moisture and sunlight, while maintaining its original color. Ideal for finishing wooden facades, as it can be tinted to match any of its shades. Apply to pre-primed surface, re-treatment can be carried out after a year.
  • Alpina Lasur für Holz. This composition is good in the processing of terraces, facades. Its purpose is to emphasize the nobility of the shade and the naturalness of the wood structure. Coating is elastic.
paint for the facade of a wooden house which one to choose

Alpina paints are characterized by goodpenetrating power, no matter how the wood surface is prepared. Even with heavy rain, water flowing from the facade will not be absorbed into the wood.


Under this brand, various products are created that are widely used for finishing various wooden surfaces. Proper processing of facades prevents the appearance of fungus and mold on them. After the composition dries, a thin film remains on the surface of the wood, which is resistant to any external influences.

wooden facades of houses painted with paint

In the line of the brand you can find both decorative and protective compositions. All of them are environmentally friendly, help to preserve the wood structure due to the formation of a strong, but thin film. Depending on their purpose, the compositions are based on acrylic copolymers and alkyd resins, as well as a number of active additives and pigments.

Features of NEOMID paints

NEOMID paint for the facade of a wooden house has the following features:

  • dirt-repellent and water-repellent properties allow the use of compositions in exterior decoration;
  • possibility of application both on new surfaces and on old facades, frames, windows that were previously painted;
  • thanks to biocidal additives, coatings remain resistant to mold, fungus, insects.

If you read the reviews about the paints of this brand, we can conclude that they attract attention with their high quality and affordable prices. True, the compositions should not be used in a climate with strongfrost, as plaque or slight peeling may appear on wooden facades.


This brand produces a reliable paint for the facade of a wooden house, reviews of which are mostly positive. The compositions are in demand by large companies, as deliveries are carried out in large volumes.

what paint for the facade of a wooden house is better

The following types of paints attract attention in the brand line:

  • "SENEZH AQUADECOR". This product is an antiseptic with tinting properties. After use, a strong film is formed on the tree, which destroys fungus and mold. Due to deep penetration and enhanced formula with linseed oil in the composition, a strong film is formed on the surface. With the help of this paint, it is easy to protect the wooden facade from any external influences, as well as decorate it under valuable species.
  • "SENEZH TOR". With the help of this tool, the ends of the logs are processed and protected. Thanks to this action, cracking of the tree is prevented, and air exchange in the log itself is improved.
  • "SENEZH OGNEBIO". This composition is used to protect wood from fire and biological factors, such as mold or pests.

According to reviews, in the line you can find unique impregnations that are not found in products of other brands. But tinting compositions, according to users, are washed out after a year, due to which the color of the facade may change.


Choosing the best paint is not easy as there are many factors to consider. Butit is equally important to competently approach the preparation of the treated surfaces, which consists in removing dirt, dust and further priming.

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