Installation of slopes and window sills: types, installation methods

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Installation of slopes and window sills: types, installation methods
Installation of slopes and window sills: types, installation methods

Plastic windows are in great demand now. They have taken a leading place among other products in terms of accessibility, convenience. Many are interested in installing slopes and window sills with their own hands, without resorting to the help of specialists. This can be easily done if you know a number of rules and follow the sequence of work.

Installation of window sills and window slopes is the last step in working with metal-plastic structures. The sequence of this work is very easy, and you do not need to be a professional in order to perform it beautifully and correctly. If the thermal insulation is carried out correctly, then there will be no need to install slopes and window sills. But for neatness and beauty, this is a prerequisite.

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What are slopes?

These are window openings that can be located both outside and inside over the entire area of ​​the product. Their purpose is to hide the mounting elements (joints, fasteners, frames) and add beauty to the product. slope wearsdecorative character. With installation, its product takes on a complete look. This process is not difficult. Together with the window, they contribute to the preservation of heat and sound insulation. In addition, it serves as a decorative element.

Installation of a window sill and PVC slopes: conditions

What is important to know? According to experts, an important condition is to install a window sill without protrusions forward. Otherwise, it will block the battery, interfere with warm air. An important role in the installation work is occupied by the composition of the material of the window sills and the correct installation of the window. After the product (window) is put in place, the next stage begins. Namely, the installation of slopes and window sills on plastic windows. Consider step by step:

  1. It is necessary to make sure that the window sill protrudes a little from the opening and rests on the wall.
  2. For further installation of the strip, the width of the protrusion should not exceed it.
  3. You have to be extremely careful and precise. Do not put strong pressure on the windowsill.
  4. installation of slopes on pvc windows

To install slopes and window sills on PVC windows, you do not need special tools and professionalism. A saw or jigsaw (electric) will suffice.

Installation features

It must be taken into account that there is a risk of condensation (at the junction of cold and warm air). And due to the humidity to which the product is exposed, the service life can be greatly reduced. To avoid this, it is necessary to separate the wall from the window sill with thermal insulation. Then the product will not deteriorate andwill last longer.

installation of slopes and window sills on pvc windows

The process of fixing (fixing) must be done with construction foam. With the help of it, in addition to fastening products, empty spaces will be filled, there will be good thermal protection. It is important to remember that the quality of installation affects the durability of the product.

Installation on plastic windows

The installation principle of this type does not differ from the method discussed above. With the right approach and care, you can easily install plastic window sills and slopes. Most often they are installed in panel houses. If there is a product with large dimensions, it should be shortened by cutting at the back. The order of installation of slopes inside the room:

  1. The product must be placed in the transition profile.
  2. Secure with wedges (plastic or wood).
  3. For the exact location of the window sill, it is necessary to take a number of measurements (determine the length between the walls at the window, the width of the opening of the outer edge, the distance from the wall to the window).
  4. The finished product should be slightly smaller than the opening. This is for ease of installation. But there should not be big differences, otherwise the slopes will not match. I'll have to take a new part and do it all over again.
  5. It is necessary that the parts protruding beyond the window sill be perfectly the same.

How to install a window sill:

  1. The first step is to prepare the workplace. Remove dirt and debris in the space under the window. Leave surface damp.
  2. When installing with a vapor barrier, the product must be larger than the holefor him.
  3. The detail (vapor barrier tape) on the narrow side should be glued to the frame, and the wider side after applying the foam.
  4. Then you need to fill the voids with foam. It should be applied gradually, in layers, so that no voids remain.
  5. After the foam reaches a size of 5 cm (half of the product), it must be filled completely after 15 minutes.
  6. Note that this remedy will expand and leave some room for it (about three quarters).
  7. You should install wooden bars at the edge of the window so that there is support. The size should be such that the product can be easily laid in the opening and at the same time there should not be a void.
  8. Place the bars in a horizontal position or with a slight slope towards the room so that the product is even.
  9. Then you need to foam the hole between the bars.
  10. Also, you can not apply too much foam, because the window sill will begin to deform (take the shape of an arc) over time. You can fill it with special material or use only a small layer of foam.
  11. The next step is to install the window sill itself on the bars and fill the remaining space with mounting foam.
  12. Then place a heavy object on top at 12 o'clock.
pvc window sill installation

Required tools and materials

First of all, you need a panel (plastic). In rooms where narrow slopes are provided, an ordinary plastic panel, without any coatings, will do. And in brick houses it is desirableuse special sandwich panels.

slopes and window sills on pvc windows

What you need for this job:

  • plastic strips (U and F shaped);
  • 15 mm rail (wooden);
  • construction stapler (with staples);
  • perforator;
  • level for product evenness;
  • insulation;
  • construction knives and scissors (for cutting metal);
  • elements for fasteners;
  • silicone (white).
  • installation of slopes and window sills on windows

Slope installation order

First, from the outside it is necessary to fix the slats (with a drill and self-tapping screws). To do this, use the level for maximum accuracy. During the installation of the support, there is no need for the most even arrangement of the rails. They will be closed. With self-tapping screws, a line is made along the edge of the window, where the panel will then need to be mounted. The next step is to install the strip (shape F). This detail should be identical to the size of the slope, the rest should simply be removed with scissors.

The bar (starting) should be fixed to the rail with a stapler. It is necessary to fix it to the strip located at the bottom, where the plastic will then fit. The plank can also serve as a disguise for wallpaper with defects. Next, you need to cut the panel, following the exact measurement. First, it must be inserted into the far bar (starting), and then into another (near), filling the space with insulation. Thus, a design is obtained, due to which heat is retained. For curved joints, silicone (white) can be used. Hehides imperfections well. Knowing all this, it is easy to understand the installation of slopes and window sills.

installation of slopes and window sills on pvc

Using wood products

Wooden parts are distinguished by their safety and environmental friendliness. They also give the product home comfort and special beauty. Positive aspects of wooden products:

  • materials have no chemical impurities;
  • give the room a special coziness;

Products made from this material are dense and do not deform under the influence of temperature. To increase the service life, you can apply a layer of varnish.

Installation of wooden window sills and slopes on plastic windows. Features

There are 2 ways to install wooden slopes and window sills. Plastic and wood work well together. You can install them on foam (mounting) and on special elements that are fixed. In the first case, the parts are connected individually to the building foam. You need to make sure that the corners match exactly. Next, foam should be laid on the surface of the window frame. You can not apply a lot, as it will increase. It is necessary to connect the openings to the slopes. In the case of installation on fasteners, more effort must be applied. Because first you need to attach fasteners to support the panels.

Before starting work on the installation of slopes and window sills, you need to study everything well. And if there is no certainty, then it is better to use the services of specialists in order to avoid unnecessary financial costs and loss of time.

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