What is a bay window? Bay window room. The bay window is

What is a bay window? Bay window room. The bay window is
What is a bay window? Bay window room. The bay window is

Designers and architects define a bay window as an element of a room that protrudes from a wall and has one or more window openings.

The story of the bay window

The first mention of this architectural element dates back to the times of ancient Rome. Think of pictures or film stills when Julius Caesar comes out to the bay window to greet his soldiers. Somewhat later in Italy it was used as a place for prayers. In addition, this element was used in the conduct of hostilities - archers fired from it or poured melted resin on the heads of the enemy.

the bay window is


Today, a wide variety of materials are at the service of builders. Most often, a bay window is a floor slab placed outside the facade, on which light structures are erected. In private houses, these are often separate structures made of foam concrete, cinder concrete, etc.

Scope of application

This architectural element fits wonderfully harmoniously into any room. For example, a living room with a bay window provides a great opportunity to create a separate island for chatting with friends, relaxing with a book in hand, drinking tea.


They can have a variety of geometric shapes - rounded,triangular, polyhedral, etc. The roof of the bay window can also be different - in the form of a hemisphere, multi-gable, with turrets and other decorative elements. Her choice depends on the desire of the customer.

Usually a bay window is a room with a large number of windows, or glazed from ceiling to floor. This improves the illumination of the room as a whole.

A house made of timber with a bay window

I would like to elaborate on such buildings, if only because they have become more and more popular lately.

The log house itself is very attractive. It is built from environmentally friendly material, it is easy to breathe in it, and complemented by such an element as a bay window, it acquires a unique fabulous look.

log house with bay window

What are the advantages of a bay window

Let's start with the aesthetic side of the issue. Undoubtedly, curly ledges on the facade make the building more original and attractive. With the help of such an element, even the smallest house will instantly turn into a stylish European mansion. In addition, it gives a panoramic view to the site, visually and actually expands the space.

Dacha and country houses are built using this technology in Russia. They may well be permanent residences.

Mounting Features

The beam has a reliable locking system that provides warm, windproof joints and strength of the entire structure. It is profiled timber that is most suitable for creating a wooden house with a bay window.

What should be the foundation

There are two methodsconstruction:

  • on cantilever slabs that are built into the load-bearing wall;
  • on the same foundation as the house.

According to experienced builders, the second option is preferable, since the structure is not distorted due to an unevenly distributed load.

bay window roof

Where to start construction

Any architect or designer will answer you that with the creation of the project. Today, future home owners have the opportunity to buy ready-made house designs. It is better to build a modern house with a bay window on an individual order. In this case, the architect will take into account all your wishes. In the end, you will get exactly the kind of home you dreamed of.

How to decorate windows

A bay window is an additional room in the house that has several windows or is glazed from top to bottom. How to arrange such a large window opening so as not to spoil the external and internal appearance of the building?

First you need to decide whether you will hang a curtain on each bay window or design it as a niche. If you chose the first option, carefully study the view from the windows. If you like it and do not cause negative emotions, you can safely use samples that open the window completely.

If the view from the window does not please you, use day curtains that will hide all the flaws.

The bay window is a separate and completely independent zone, so with the help of curtains you can clearly outline its boundaries. These can be Japanese curtains - they will close the windows with a thick screen, or curtains-threads, the task of which issymbolic nicheting, without unnecessary bulky designs.

Bay window curtains should emphasize its role in the room, and not just match the design. If you want two rooms to look like a single whole, then it is better to choose curtains to match the furniture, in addition, they should be combined with the color of the walls. If your goal is to highlight the bay window, then make them contrast and bright.

living room with bay window

Study in the bay window

Quite often this extra room is used to create an office. To do this, a wide window sill is used as a table, low racks are installed along the windows. Thus, there is a cozy corner for work. It can be separated from the rest of the space by sliding bars.

Children's room

Lucky for those parents whose apartment has a bay window in the children's room. Here you can arrange a great area for classes, put a dollhouse or store toys.

house designs modern house

Bedroom with bay window

This room will be especially attractive if you complement it with such a stylish element. You can install a bed in the bay window or turn it into a meditation area. You can arrange a relaxation corner and spend time here when you want to be alone with yourself.

A bay window is always a lot of light, sun, so here you can use both thick night curtains and translucent day ones.

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