"Rustic oak white" - beauty and sophistication in the interior

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"Rustic oak white" - beauty and sophistication in the interior
"Rustic oak white" - beauty and sophistication in the interior

Where does the repair in an apartment or office begin? With the choice of suitable materials. When choosing a floor covering, wall panels or wallpaper, it is important to pay attention not only to the attractiveness, but also to the quality, reliability and service life of the materials. Repair is a labor- and time-consuming occupation, therefore it is better to do everything thoroughly right away, then the result will please for many years.

What is laminate flooring?

This is a fairly popular floor covering, which is based on high strength and density fibreboard. The top layer is a protective wear-resistant film that also performs a decorative function.

Classification of coatings

Traditionally, laminate is a rectangular plate with a length of 1 to 2 meters and a width of about 20 centimeters. The thickness of the plates can vary from 7-12 mm or more. Square shaped laminate is also available, usually 38 x 38 cm or 19 x 19 cm.

Baccompanying documents for the laminate are the following symbols:

  1. House indicates the suitability of this laminate for residential use. Commercial models do not have this symbol.
  2. The figure of a man and the numbers below it (21, 22 or 23) indicate low, medium, high permissible load intensity for home coatings. For laminates made for use in commercial premises, use values ​​from 31 to 34.
  3. Type abbreviation AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4, AC5, AC6 indicates wear resistance.

Cheaper models are marked AC1 and number 21. They are suitable for residential areas that are used by a small number of people. Laminate category AC2 with the number 22 is made for rooms in which there is more traffic. For example, this is a living room or a children's room. Category AC3 with the number 23 indicates the most durable and reliable laminate. It is suitable for rooms that are subject to intensive use. Is it a hallway, hallway, dining room or kitchen.

quick step laminate

Coatings of the first category are based on cheaper materials, so the price for such models will be lower. True, they will last no more than 2-4 years. In addition, they can not be used in rooms with high humidity. Such material is not suitable even for the hallway, as moisture from shoes, clothes and umbrellas will spoil the coating very quickly.

The second category is more durable. If a laminate of this class is used in rooms with low traffic, then itwill last much longer. On average, 8-10 years.

As a rule, third-class coatings are designed for a service life of 15 to 20 years. They are made from high quality materials and have a more attractive appearance. The latest models of this class look no worse than real parquet. Also, the laminate may have a chamfer on two or four sides or not have it. In the presence of a chamfer, the coating in its appearance is very similar to parquet.

Brand Story

The company was founded in 1960 in Flanders (Belgium). Until this year, the creators were employed in the linen industry. The new company was named UNILIN. Due to the crisis in this industry in the 70s, they decided to use wood in their coatings.

They have been on the market under the Quick-Step brand since 1990. They became the first company to produce laminate flooring and laminate flooring under the brand name. In 1997, they developed a special locking system that provided the most secure and fastest way to install floors.

Since 2001, Quick-Step laminate has had a triangular bevel. A little later, the development of materials begins, as close as possible in appearance to natural wood. Since 2005, the mass use of floors with a special antistatic layer has begun.

oak quick step laminate

2007 marked the beginning of the production of moisture resistant floors. New waterproof laminate floors under the Impressive brand were launched in 2014. Such a floor did not require additional layers of coatings.

CharacteristicsRustic oak patterns

This coating is class 32 wear resistance, which means it is suitable for use in both commercial and residential areas. The thickness of this laminate is 8 mm. It has a chamfer and a lock type of connection, traditional for the Quick-Step brand. It can be used for underfloor heating, it will easily withstand temperatures of +27 degrees.

Laminate "Rustic Oak" belongs to the class of moisture-resistant coatings. The size of one board is 1380 x 156 mm. These boards feature SCRATCH GUARD surface protection.

Interior use options with photo

"Rustic oak" can be used in any room, but because of the light shade, it is more relevant for the nursery, living room or bedroom. It will look beautiful both in rooms with dark walls and with light ones.

oak laminate quick step white

Rustic Oak is one of the most popular finishes today. With its help in any room it is easy to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. It will fit perfectly into the interior in the style of Provence, classic, neoclassic and others.

rustic oak laminate

Quick-step "White Rustic Oak" laminate will also look good in commercial premises: offices, hairdressers and beauty salons, kindergarten groups, private clinics, he alth and fitness centers.

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