Doors "Toreks" - reviews are only positive, the quality is exceptional

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Doors "Toreks" - reviews are only positive, the quality is exceptional
Doors "Toreks" - reviews are only positive, the quality is exceptional

Buying an entrance metal door today is not a problem, but if you need a solid and high-quality option, you will have to run around and search carefully, since the market is flooded with cheap, low-quality and similar products from China. Therefore, if you want to purchase reliable, strong, durable Torex doors, reviews of which are only positive, you should contact directly well-known manufacturers of metal doors. Where can you find them?

Doors Torex

For many years in Moscow and the Moscow region, a factory producing steel doors "Torex" has been operating fruitfully, reviews of which are constantly growing thanks to satisfied customers. Over the long years of its existence, the plant has acquired many regular customers, created truly unique reliable entrance doors and now occupies one of the leading positions in the market.

Constantly improving technological processes, improving quality, offering new functional developments and original models, designers and developers are constantly competing forenhancing the prestige of the company.

The plant's products are of high quality, safety, reliability and individual approach to each customer. It has its own workshop, high-quality technological equipment with CNC, so careful and constant quality control is carried out at any stage of production. Failures, errors and defects are absolutely unacceptable.

Steel doors Toreks

Metal doors "Torex" are produced in four series:

  • "ULTRA";
  • fire fighting specialized.

All lines have several types of metal structures, each of which has an individual design, fittings, colors and patterns.

Steel doors "Torex" are produced in the "ULTRA" series with a leaf thickness of 1.2-1.5 mm, made of cold-rolled steel, with a complete set of locks from Russian manufacturers. They are insulated with rigid polyurethane foam. The box with casing is made of one-piece construction, which gives it special strength and reliability.

Sealing system - double-circuit, preventing the penetration of dust, odors, cold. Durable polyester powder coating resists UV and temperature changes.

The "SUPER ALFA" line uses a door leaf that is 70mm thick and 119mm deep. Doors of this series have the highest strength class - M1. The cavity inside is filled with foamtough

Torex metal doors

polyurethane. The structure is equipped with Russian-made BLOKIDO locks with a hook system and a built-in latch, which gives the structure a 4th class of reliability.

Metal doors "Torex" reviews are extremely positive.

The "SUPER OMEGA" line is the most demanded of the entire model range. It has a unique filling design without voids: inside the door is filled with rigid polyurethane foam produced in Belgium or Holland. This series also uses a lock of the 4th class of burglary resistance "BLOKIDO" with a built-in latch and insulation of the box around the entire perimeter.

Torex doors, reviews of which can not only be read on the company's website, but also heard from many customers, are distinguished by the highest degree of protection, quality and demand.

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