Hall in the style of minimalism: style features, selection of furniture and accessories

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Hall in the style of minimalism: style features, selection of furniture and accessories
Hall in the style of minimalism: style features, selection of furniture and accessories

Super actual style in interior design is minimalism, which originated in the 20s of the last century. It has been developed in America, Western countries and Russia. According to many designers, it is an organized living space, free from unnecessary furniture and spacious, that allows a person to relax and recover after a busy day at work. In the article, we will consider what provides this opportunity, namely, what should be the hall in the style of minimalism.

Principles of Minimalism

Decoration of apartments in the style of minimalism is becoming more and more popular. In contrast to the trends, when strict and cold motifs were more preferable, today the emphasis is on softer and livelier versions of this style. Minimalism style is not just filling the room with furniture and accessories of a certain type, it is the creation of a space that harmoniously combines color, lighting, a simple set of necessary furniture and things, as well as a few compact accessories with their preserved functionality.

Clearlines, solid surfaces, low furniture and pastel shades are what distinguishes the minimalist style from other decorating options. In accordance with these principles, simple shapes, natural textures, natural colors and natural lighting are used. Decorating the interiors of urban apartments, designers create an open interior using 3-4 soft natural colors, conveniently arranging household items, and also taking into account the simplicity of furniture shapes.

Minimalist room design

Minimalism doesn't have to mean choosing plain, boring or inexpensive furniture and accessories. Decorating a room in a minimalist apartment can help focus the interior on a desired mood or theme. The style requires a minimum of fullness of furniture and the necessary set of items that provide maximum comfort. Perfection is achieved when there is nothing to remove, that is, everything is in its place.

Style features

Speaking about the features of the minimalism style, it should be noted that designers use the techniques of modeling space and light with the help of a small number of objects and decoration of the room. When decorating a room, special attention is paid to form, color and texture. Being the founders of this style, the Japanese believe that it should combine the living space and the surrounding world, light and shadow, as if emphasizing with its simplicity the philosophy of contemplation.

Small hall interior

Interior planning priorities

The hall is the face of the house and a mirror of a certain tasteapartment dwellers. One of the important points to consider when designing a hall in a minimalist style is practicality. Equally important is the functionality of the room. That is why, in addition to the aesthetic component, the hall must fully satisfy the residents with the necessary convenience.

Living room in minimalist style

Practicality and simplicity of the interior are not achieved at the expense of aesthetics. On the contrary, minimalism unobtrusively emphasizes the beauty in the simplicity of each element of furniture and decor.

Since the hall is the largest room in a house or apartment, you can use visual zoning options. For example, a black sofa can be located near the fireplace, where you can relax, and a reading corner with the same color chairs and a coffee table is closer to natural light - windows.

Restrained colors

The main color of this style is white. It should serve as the basis for walls, floors and furniture, and any contrasting color can be used to create accents, but only one. For example, a brown living room. Light colors such as white with understated neutrals, subtle greys, beiges and pastels are common in minimalist foyers. It should be borne in mind that warm and light colors always visually increase the size of the room, and the lamps in the ceiling will make it look higher. With the help of them, you can adjust the lighting of individual zones. This is clearly seen with multi-level ceilings.

Walls and ceiling

To create minimalism in the interior, you need to avoidvariegation and absurdity. For walls, 2-3 semitones of the same shade or close in color palette are selected. The second option for creating an interior is painting the walls in contrasting colors. In this case, combine white with gray or brown and beige in the interior of the room. You can create the necessary atmosphere by using textured plaster or wallpaper in the decoration of the walls. The ceiling should not be burdened with any structures. The floor can be parquet, covered with laminate, simply poured or lined with carpet.

Furniture in white design

Colored walls and white ceilings reflect light best. Thanks to this reflection, the effect of light scattered in space is created in the room.

Selection of furniture

Decorating the hall in the style of minimalism, you can experiment with optical illusions. Designers resort to the game of contrasts. So, in order to expand the space of a small hall, you should combine large pieces of furniture with small ones. This trick works! The design of the hall, in contrast to the ascetic direction, is not alien to comfort and convenience. It does not need a lot of furniture, but it should be practical, functional and promote relaxation. Modular furniture is welcome, making up the wall in the hall in a minimalist style, with discreet matte facades. Decoration on them will be glass or metal elements of a geometric shape. You can decorate the room with paintings with graphic drawings. The frames on the pictures are strict. The interior should not have heavy curtains and carpets. The windows have strict vertical blinds,there may be a small plain rug on the floor.

minimalist room

Types of furniture

Furniture usually has acute-angled, strictly defined, cubic shapes without roundness and decoration. Carving, forging, ornaments are unacceptable. Wooden and soft cubes are bordered by a prominent glass or glossy table. The geometric layout and furniture is one of the style requirements. Even sofa cushions must be the right shape. Storage furniture becomes additional "cubes" with opaque facades, the placement of which emphasizes the style's desire for the presence of the necessary.

This style in the design of the apartment should not at the same time look like an empty room with a minimum of interior items. When removing unnecessary furniture, do not sacrifice comfort. A black sofa and a pair of armchairs with a small coffee table with a glass surface will look luxurious. Following the principle of “less is more”, it is worth getting rid of weighting objects. You can, for example, build a bookcase into the wall. In it, behind closed doors, place other things that should not be in sight.

Interior design of the living room-hall

Pro Tips

Before you start decorating a room, you need to plan it by creating a graphic drawing. There should be nothing superfluous in the picture. Next, you need to follow the rules:

  1. Lots of light and air. Large windows instead of arch doors, no partitions.
  2. Light natural shades. All colors are diluted with white, can be usedblack and wood tone.
  3. Simple geometry. All style components are drawn under the ruler.
  4. Few items, but they are perfect.
  5. Natural materials, including products made of wood, glass, plastic, stone. All without drawings.
  6. Flat smooth surfaces.
  7. Surface treatment: polishing and gloss. All surfaces should reflect light, but there should be a sense of harmony. At the same time, the interior should remain pleasing to the eye.
  8. All accessories should have their own storage places: drawers and shelves built-in and pull-out, nothing extra in sight.
  9. Scattering of electric light from hidden and disguised sources.
  10. Texture. Products made of stone, brick or wood used in the interior are left as they are in nature. The texture of textiles should harmoniously fit. This is furniture upholstery, small rugs and pillows.
Spacious living room design

Summing up

It should be noted that the style of minimalism meets the modern requirements of certain groups of the population. It is not devoid of convenience and comfort, but at the same time it does not irritate with importunity. These are not objects randomly placed in the room, but a planned space with all the accessories that create the comforts necessary for staying in this space.

The style of classic minimalism allows the use of bright colors that refresh the interior, as well as warm tones. But filling the space with unnecessary items is not welcome! It is possible in this style a small amountdecorative elements. It can be figurines on the shelves, or something collectible, awards in sports. The main thing is harmony and measure in everything.

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