Black ceiling in the interior: original ideas. Ceiling with lighting

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Black ceiling in the interior: original ideas. Ceiling with lighting
Black ceiling in the interior: original ideas. Ceiling with lighting

This is a rather bold decision - a black ceiling in the interior of a living space. It creates a mysterious and charming atmosphere in the house. Using the play of light and texture, you can create an original and unique interior. Black color gives a feeling of security, but if used ineptly, it can cause depression and a depressed state. At home, it should be used in doses.

ceiling design

If you take into account some nuances, you can avoid the oppressive atmosphere:

  • In a small room, black can hide space.
  • The black gloss ceiling in the interior will help visually enlarge the room.
  • Such a ceiling covering blends harmoniously with contrasting walls.
  • Dark tones are desirable for use in bright and open spaces.

Types of ceiling coverings

Today there are several ways to decorate the ceiling. Use of variousmaterials allows you to create interesting interiors. Let's consider each case separately.


This is one of the most common finishes today. In a profile fixed on the walls, a fabric or film sheet is stretched and fixed. Depending on the material, the surface is matte, glossy or satin. The difference lies only in the width of the canvas and the visual effect. If the glossy surface visually increases the area of ​​​​the room due to the mirror effect, then matte canvases that do not have reflective properties create a behind-the-scenes atmosphere. The light spreads softly on the satin fabric with a silky surface.

Glossy stretch ceiling


This finishing method can only be used on perfectly flat surfaces. Painting is carried out in three stages: primer, first coat of paint, second coat. In order for the composition to lay down on the surface correctly, you will need the right lighting and a white energy-saving lamp.


This design is of two types: lath and drywall. It reliably hides the existing irregularities and allows you to create a multi-tiered complex structure. According to the mosaic principle, a rack type is assembled. Reiki are laid out in the profile.

black ceiling features


Perhaps this is the easiest option for finishing the ceiling. It also requires a flat surface. In recent years, canvases for painting have been used to finish the ceiling. Looks originalpasting the ceiling with photo wallpapers, for example, with the image of the night starry sky.


The black wooden ceiling looks interesting in the interior. It is suitable for decorating a country-style room, and the wooden panels can be painted black in whole or in part - in the form of ceiling beams.

Combination with walls

The most successful options:

  • Black ceiling and walls. Pretty bold combination. For such a design, a room with bright lighting and an abundance of daylight is suitable.
  • Black ceiling and white walls. In this classic color combination, contrasting white walls brighten up the room and make it feel more spacious.
  • Black ceiling and red walls. So designers recommend designing a home theater. You can use not only plain wallpaper, but also imitating brickwork.
  • Black ceiling and gray walls. Canvases with imitation plaster are suitable.
  • Beige walls and black ceiling. The color palette of the room is balanced by beige. Black does not look so flashy.

Combination with the floor

Here, too, there are nuances:

  • Black ceiling and floor. With a ceiling in dark colors, a black marble floor or carpet looks great. The walls in this case are best done in light colors.
  • Black ceiling and white floor. A very stylish solution. White flooring will brighten up the room. Designers recommend using a small carpet for reasons of practicality.
  • Black ceiling with gray floor. Expensive color combination. Luckilycomplement the interior with decorative gold or metal elements.
  • Black ceiling and wooden floor. Natural wood looks harmonious in any interior. It can be laminate, parquet or linoleum with imitation wood structure.

Decorating the living room

In the spacious living room, you can use a black backlit ceiling. It is advisable to opt for a matte surface. In the living room combined with the kitchen, the black ceiling in the interior is used for space zoning, separation of the cooking area and the recreation area. The same effect is achieved with a tiered structure.

The black ceiling looks original in the interior of a room decorated in a modern style. With a design of ventilation pipes or wooden beams, you can design a living room in a loft or country style. For a small room, it is better to use a black glossy surface: its reflective properties will visually increase the area.

Black ceiling in the living room

Kitchen with black ceiling

Who would have guessed 20 years ago that his kitchen would have a black ceiling? And today such a design is not rare. The black ceiling in the interior of the kitchen is almost always a glossy finish. Its reflective surface gives depth to this complex color, mirrors the interior of the room, expands the space visually. A matte surface will not cope with such tasks. It should be remembered that the black color needs scope and space. Its use in small spaces is not recommended.

Excepttension structures, a glossy black ceiling can be made using aluminum slats. Their mirror smooth surface is perfect for such rooms.

Black ceiling in the kitchen

Kitchen with black grillato

The original design of the kitchen can be used with the help of grilyato - a special kind of cassette ceiling. It is not very common in residential areas, but if you are not averse to experimenting, give this option a try. Grilyato, like the ceiling systems mentioned above, expands the space, not because of the glossy reflective surface, but because of the open lattice structure. Grilyato has no problems with ventilation of the interceiling space, therefore, moisture does not accumulate there and mold does not start.

The only drawback of this design is the love of space. In other words, it is not suitable for small spaces.

Black ceiling in bedroom interior

The bedroom is one of the most peaceful and quiet places in the house, so a deep and rich black ceiling is perfect for it. It will create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in the room and give the interior a unique charm. Black ceiling coverings in the interior of the bedroom look elegant and sophisticated. They become one of the main accents of this room. As a rule, they are used for monochrome interiors, complemented by pastel-colored furniture.

Most designers prefer matte finishes in the bedroom, believing that they do not create discomfort from the constant look of theirreflections. Matte canvases fit perfectly into bedrooms made in a classic or English style.

Black ceiling in the bedroom

Glossy stretch ceilings can be considered a creative solution. They can be used when decorating a room in the style of hi-tech, art deco, minimalism. Look great in ethnic design directions (Japanese, Chinese, African, Moroccan) black designs with ornaments and patterns. You should know that the black ceiling requires bright and high-quality lighting. Otherwise, it creates a somewhat gloomy atmosphere.

Unique visual effects can be achieved by combining different types of lamps: a large chandelier, spotlights that give the bedroom an elegant look, LED lighting. Quite often today, designers use a sky projector on the ceiling in the design of the bedroom, because it's so nice to fall asleep, watching the twinkling stars and falling comets. This design has an amazing effect.

Such devices are manufactured by Russian and foreign manufacturers. The system includes a projector, which is responsible for the light fluxes, and fibers, the ends of which are attached to the ceiling covering. This design can be used with both plasterboard bases and stretch sheets. Depending on the model of the device, the pattern consisting of luminous dots can be different: with even light of one tone, shimmer or flicker in several colors, creating a feeling of being under the open sky.


Let's not hide - today is not soyou can often find a black ceiling in the interior of the hallway. People have a negative perception of this color, which is most often associated with mourning. This is a misconception and prejudice against black: with proper use, its unique characteristics will be revealed. Many people have managed to overcome the inertia of installations and create unique interiors in their hallways.

In the hallway, the black ceiling will emphasize the individuality of the room, creating a pleasant atmospheric backdrop. This is especially true for spacious rooms. But, despite the fact that experts do not recommend making such a ceiling in low hallways, many people have managed to successfully integrate them into their interior.

When using a dark ceiling, attention must be paid to lighting. The illuminated ceiling will help create an unusual game of contrasts, saturate the room with volume and glare. Flat chandeliers look interesting in such a hallway. If you are in doubt and do not know which coating to give preference to - matte or glossy, remember: due to the pronounced mirror effect, the gloss makes the room look higher, while the matte surface in a small room creates an uncomfortable environment.

Black ceiling in the hallway

Black color, which goes to one of the walls, for example, with the front door, will stretch your hallway. Dark ceilings look more harmonious in open corridors that lead to the living room.

Modern designers welcome the desire of the owners to make a black ceiling in the apartment. But since this color isheavy, there is a lot of hard work to reveal all its advantages in order to create a modern and stylish interior.

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