Ceiling lighting: features, interesting ideas and recommendations

Ceiling lighting: features, interesting ideas and recommendations
Ceiling lighting: features, interesting ideas and recommendations

Ceiling lighting is an interesting and popular design solution. It can be performed using different types of lighting fixtures. A wide range of materials is on sale for this purpose.

You can mount the backlight with your own hands at the stage of repair or after creating a finish. There are many variations of this design. The choice depends on the taste preferences of the owners of the apartment or house. How to make a ceiling light will be discussed later.

Illumination Features

Before you create a do-it-yourself ceiling light, you need to consider some of the features of such a finish. This trick is used by designers quite often today. It is important to choose the right ceiling design, plan the lighting in the room. In this case, you will need to pay attention to both the aesthetic and practical side of the issue.

Ceiling lighting tape

Ceiling lighting is an element of interior design. It can perform a decorative function. ATIn this case, the main source of artificial lighting is installed in the room. The backlight power in this case will be insufficient to create full-fledged lighting.

The backlight can also be a functional element. It allows you to qualitatively illuminate the room. Also, with the help of lighting, you can perform the correct zoning of space, highlight certain elements of the interior. The mood of the room design depends on the correct setting of the light, the color scheme.

There are many techniques for creating ceiling lighting. For this, LED strip is most often used, but there are other approaches. As additional elements, special ceiling plinths and cornices are used. When choosing a lighting design, it is important to follow the recommendations of experts. They will create a pleasant interior.

Before you get down to work, you need to create a sketch of the future finish. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the height of the ceilings, the dimensions of the room. With the help of lighting, you can hide the existing flaws of the room, highlight its advantages. With the help of lighting, you can visually expand the space. If you choose the wrong design, being in the room will be uncomfortable. Therefore, you should take into account all the features and nuances of creating backlight.


When studying the question of how to make a backlit ceiling, you need to consider varieties of such structures. First of all, it is worth noting that such a finish can be done using different lighting items. The ceiling can be single-level or multi-level. First optioninvolves covering the base with paint, whitewash, wallpaper or other similar material. In this case, the height of the ceiling does not change. This option is optimal for a small room. Multi-level structures reduce the height of the ceiling by 10-15 cm. This is unacceptable for a small room.

Stretch ceiling with LED lighting

If the room is spacious, it is recommended to choose multi-level structures. They can be made of drywall. There are also suspended and stretch ceilings. They look great with the right arrangement of lighting. This finish looks original, beautiful. When creating a project, you need to take into account the overall style, color scheme of the interior.

Single-level and two-level illuminated plasterboard ceilings will look chic if you choose the right materials and lighting fixtures. Three main technologies for creating such a design are used. There are LED strips, neon lights and duralight. They differ in installation features and performance.

The choice of lighting fixtures, the creation of a composition depends on the imagination and taste preferences of the owners of the house. The most popular type of illumination is the use of LEDs. However, other varieties also have a right to exist. To choose the best option, you need to consider the features of each backlight option.

Select backlight

Today, different devices are used to create illumination. It can be duralight, neon or diode tape. The first option presentsa transparent cord. It contains small LED bulbs. It is a fully protected system that is not afraid of water, dust, etc.

Ceiling with lighting around the perimeter

Duralight has good indicators of flexibility and strength. This cord can be installed on surfaces of any configuration and type. This material is not devoid of shortcomings. It is characterized by a rather weak glow. Therefore, it will be difficult to create a full-fledged backlight with it. Also, the presented type of lighting fixtures cannot boast of great durability.

The most popular option is the LED strip for lighting the ceiling. It can differ in the brightness of the glow, shades, the number of diodes on the flexible board. A wide range of options allows you to choose the best option for any interior. With the help of LEDs, you can create a fairly bright, full-fledged lighting.

The LED strip is also flexible and can be installed on any surface. Both protected and unprotected varieties of such lighting devices are on sale. The choice depends on the characteristics of the operation. For dry, clean rooms, tapes with a minimum protection class can be used. If the room is humid, you need to purchase protected varieties.

LED strips have a lot of positive qualities. Therefore, they are used more often than other types of electrical appliances for lighting.

Rarely than other varieties, neon ceiling lighting is used. This type of device is most oftenmade in the form of glass tubes. They cannot be bent. Therefore, this type of lighting is more often used to create decorative trim around the perimeter of the room.

It should also be noted that neon lighting requires proper installation. Otherwise, the microclimate in the room may change significantly. The advantage of such devices is their durability. Neon lights can be used for a long time. Today, this lighting option is rarely used. LED varieties have almost completely replaced other options.

Diode tape features

LED ceiling lighting is very popular today. This was made possible due to the mass of their unique advantages. With this type of lighting, you can create a hidden, soft and pleasing to the eye lighting. The tape, if properly installed, will not even be visible. However, its rays are able to fully illuminate the room.

Another advantage of the diode tape is the ease of installation. Almost anyone can install this lighting device on the surface. Also, with the help of diodes, you can equip both a decorative and a full-fledged light source in the room. The choice of colors and shades is huge. On sale there are special multi-color tapes. They can create almost any shade.

Two-level ceiling with lighting

The LED strip is controlled by a special remote control. You can adjust the brightness and hue (if provided by the manufacturer)appliance).

Another important advantage of LEDs is their low power consumption. At the same time, the service life with proper installation is several decades. With this tape, you can delimit the space in the room, highlighting certain zones, focusing on certain objects.

LED ceiling lighting has a number of disadvantages. If a monochromatic tape is purchased, its shade can quickly get bored. To prevent this from happening, you should give preference to RGB tapes. The cost of such devices can be quite high. However, the operation reduces the cost of paying for electricity.

Selecting the backlight type

Two-level backlit plasterboard ceilings or finishes from other materials can be done by hand. Before starting work, you need to create a sketch. It will allow you to create decorative lighting correctly. There are several main varieties of compositions from flexible tapes.

The most common option is contour lighting of the ceiling around the perimeter. The light flux in this case is scattered. In this case, special plinths are used. The tape is hidden in their recess. In this case, you can create a soft, diffused decorative lighting.

Plasterboard ceiling with backlight

The stream of rays can be directed. This technique is used for two-level ceilings. The diode tape is installed on the slope. It is located between two levels. This is a good option for creating a floating backlit ceiling.

Mostdifficult to install is spot lighting. It allows you to create the effect of "starry sky". Each light bulb in this case is installed separately in the finishing material. It takes a lot of time.

With the help of a diode tape, you can also create a curly backlight. In this case, forms of different dimensions and geometry are created. Some of them can send a stream of rays from the tape down, while others - up to the material of the ceiling. Such objects are most often installed in groups.

Assign backlight

When creating stretch ceilings with perimeter illumination or other types of finishes, it is necessary to determine the type of their purpose. There are three groups. Finishes can be targeted, general purpose or designer.

The first category includes lighting designed to delimit the space in the room. Target finishing allows you to perform full zoning. For example, it can be a separate illumination of the working area in the kitchen. It is important to provide additional lighting here.

Multi-level stretch ceiling with lighting

If you want to create full lighting with a similar tape, this is a general purpose finish. Often, spotlights are used to implement this task. However, the diode tape is able to provide a fairly bright stream of rays. The ceiling in this case will glow all over. In this embodiment, a translucent film is used. A diode tape is laid on its reverse side. You can create any patterns. This will add originality to the interior. In this case, it is important tocalculate the distance from the tape to the web. Otherwise, the decorative effect is greatly reduced.

Often they make a stretch ceiling with illumination around the perimeter with a plasterboard border. This material allows you to make a cornice. A lighting device is installed between its sides. This option will not allow you to get enough bright light. However, the interior will look cozy.

Designer lighting is developed on an individual project. This is the original work of the author. With your own hands, you can create a similar type of finish, if you approach the development of the project with imagination.

Features of tape selection

When considering how to make an illuminated ceiling from drywall, PVC fabric, fabric or other types of materials, great attention must be paid to choosing the right LED backlight. We need to start by considering existing colors, their influence on the human psyche.

On sale are white and multi-colored ribbons. The first option may differ in the shade of the glow. It can be warm, neutral or cold. The choice should be made in accordance with the general appearance of the interior decor. Colored tapes can be monotonous or have the ability to change shades. The second option is preferable.

Stretch ceiling LED lighting

If the owners want to pick up a one-color ribbon, you need to learn about the features of the influence of the shade. Red diodes are irritating and exciting. This design option is not suitable for people who are often subject to stress. orange andyellow are neutral colors. They can increase concentration.

The blue shade is alarming, soothing. However, an excess of this color in the interior can cause discouragement. The blue color of the tape can get boring quickly. It is better to give preference to a turquoise hue. It's perfect for the bedroom. This shade allows you to relax and unwind.

Soothes also the green tint. It can be warm or cold. The choice depends on the features of the finish, the type of room.

It is recommended to create LED stretch ceiling lighting using an RGB tape with a controller. In this case, the shade of the glow can be changed in accordance with the mood of the owners of the house.

Application of drywall

One of the most popular finishes is a backlit plasterboard ceiling. This material has many advantages. It is environmentally friendly and does not harm human he alth. The cost of such a finish is acceptable. At the same time, everyone can carry out the installation independently. Cutting sheets is easy. Therefore, almost any shape can be created from drywall.

The project is created first. All necessary measurements are taken. After that, you can purchase the required amount of materials. To mount such a ceiling, you will need suspensions, profiles, fasteners. Sheets of drywall must be cut in accordance with the developed scheme. Then the frame is mounted, on which the prepared material is installed.

There is free space between the base and the finishing material. Here you can hide all the electrical wires thatrequired to connect the backlight.

Do-it-yourself plasterboard ceiling with lighting is quite simple to make. You need to purchase special cornices in which a diode tape will be installed. It must be correctly positioned in the profile space. This will determine whether the tape will create diffused or brighter light.

To connect a diode strip, you need to purchase, in addition to the lighting fixture, a power supply. It must correspond to the rated power of the product. Also, to be able to control the glow mode, you need to buy a controller. Sections of the tape are connected using connectors. You will also need wires, skirting boards to install the tape.

Tape: installation features

Illumination of the ceiling with LED strip is carried out according to a certain scheme. After acquiring the necessary materials, you can get to work. First, in the places where the tape will be laid, a plastic corner is installed. This will securely fix it on the surface of the drywall. The tape has a sticky layer on one side. On drywall, it cannot hold a lighting fixture. On the PVC corner, the tape will be fixed well.

You need to measure the required amount of tape and cut it off at the designated places. If it needs to be lengthened, connectors are used. Better to resort to soldering. This method is highly reliable. When connecting contacts, polarity must be maintained. You cannot connect more than three bobbins. Each of them can have a length of 3 to 5 m. If you want to assemble the tape longer, the segments are connected in parallelconnection to the power supply.

The wires from the tape are first brought to the controller. After it, the power supply should follow in the circuit. The next step is to test the functionality of the system. If everything is in order, you can install the tape on the prepared surface. A two-level ceiling with LED strip lighting will look chic, if you take into account all the recommendations of experts.

Creating a "starry sky"

Today, two-level stretch ceilings with backlight are very popular. However, the real hit was the type of finish, which is called "starry sky". In this case, separate diodes are used. They are distributed randomly over the surface of the ceiling.

In order to properly connect the system, you will need to purchase the appropriate power supply. It is selected based on the power of the diodes. So, for 100 LEDs, you need a 10 V power supply. You need to purchase a device with a margin. You need a controller to make the stars twinkle.

LEDs need to be soldered into one system. At the same time, polarity is observed. On the conclusions you need to wear protective material - cambric. It is easier to create a "starry sky" for a stretch ceiling. With backlight in this case there will be less problems. Diodes are glued to the surface of the web using a special silicone adhesive.

For drywall, the procedure will require more effort and time. A hole must be drilled for each light bulb. It is better to choose light bulbs that differ in power and brightness of the glow. This will create a beautiful decorative effect. To make a real "galaxy" on the ceiling, you will needuse fiber. With the help of diodes, many "stars" cannot be made. However, even with a fairly small amount of light bulbs, the finish looks chic.

Having considered how the ceiling lighting is created, you can do all the work yourself. In this case, the interior will look original and stylish. Proper project development and installation that meets all the rules and requirements will create a beautiful finish. It will be durable and interesting, delighting the owners of the house with its pleasant light.

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