Toilet decor: original ideas and options, design tips

Toilet decor: original ideas and options, design tips
Toilet decor: original ideas and options, design tips

You need to design the toilet in the original style. In this case, the main thing is to choose the right facing materials for decorating the room. To rationally use free space, you must follow useful recommendations and rules. Further in the article, successful toilet decor ideas will be considered.

Important nuances and tips

Before you start decorating the toilet, you need to study a number of interesting points:

  1. Using plain materials for these events is a bad idea as the room will end up feeling uncomfortable and sterile. If white is the predominant color in the toilet, then the room should be slightly diversified with tiles or plastic of a different shade. In addition, designers recommend not to make a black ceiling in the room.
  2. To visually increase the space, the walls should be sheathed with mirror or glass panels.
  3. The door must be installed so that it opens outwards.
  4. When thinking about the design of a small toilet, consider that a compact arrangementtoilet, washbasin, cabinet, mirror and other items - an important requirement, thanks to which you can free up space in the room. If you ignore this condition, the room will simply be cluttered, and it will not be very convenient to use it. So, for example, it is better to install the toilet in the corner, but not in the center of the wall.
  5. Do not decorate the room with a fur rug as bacteria can accumulate in it.
  6. Engineering communications - sewerage, water supply and electrical wiring - are best hidden behind plastic panels if the walls of the room are lined with them. But no less interesting option is to leave PVC pipes in plain sight. Only they must be new, and old ones can be painted in order to give them a favorable appearance. In any case, outdated plumbing should be replaced with a more modern and compact one.
  7. Designers advise using small but powerful light sources (lamps), the brightness of which can be changed using a special controller.
  8. When using tiles for wall or floor cladding, they should be laid in a joint, as this way you can save money on the purchase of finishing materials.

Everyone has the right to independently choose the general style and color of the room, taking into account personal wishes and tastes, but it is better to listen to the recommendations mentioned so that the result is a harmonious interior. The original decor of a small toilet will be more convenient to arrange if the room is connected to the bathroom. To get a combined bathroom, you need to dismantle the partition between the two rooms.

stylish toilet

Toilet design: good colors

This is an important moment in the design of the room. To make a cozy interior, it is best to carry out the room in a cold color, diluted with bright inserts. Shades of green and blue are considered successful options, and the so-called poisonous tones (for example, black and brown) are considered unfavorable. Red, light green, yellow, bright purple - these colors are better to refresh the overall design of the room.

A golden-style toilet looks unnatural, but blotches of this shade in accessories or decoration will give the room an aesthetic look. And black color in combination with white will create a pleasant composition, so the decor for the toilet, made in these colors, looks great in the photo (for a visual example, the picture is shown below).

Toilet in black and white style

As you know, with the help of light shades, you can visually increase the space of the room. Finishing the floor with white tiles is a good idea, thanks to which a small toilet will look more spacious. As a material for wall cladding, wallpaper with the image of an ornament or pattern against a background of soft tones is also used.

If there are no windows in the room, you can use this to your advantage: decorate the design in yellow, which will look very original.

Toilets and sinks

Installing beautiful and ergonomic sanitary ware in a room is a condition that must be met for a harmonious design. In the construction industry, there are many moderntoilet bowls, made in different shapes. For example, there is a special model whose communications are hidden in the wall, so such plumbing will take up little space.

If the room is small, it is better to refuse the washbasin, because there is no free space for it. When considering the decor of a bathroom and toilet that are connected in one room, it is better to install a compact sink.

For the original design of a small toilet, experts advise using a combo toilet that combines both a bidet and a washbasin. Due to its high price, this device is rarely installed, but in vain: with the help of such multifunctional plumbing in the toilet, you can free up some space. In addition, the combo toilet works on the following useful principle: water from the sink goes into its tank.

Another good toilet decor option is the use of wall-mounted plumbing. In short, compact washbasins and small toilets are ideal for small spaces.

Combination of blue and gray shades

The door is an important part of the decor

Earlier, ordinary interior doors were used for toilets, but thanks to modern technologies and materials, modern products have appeared that can be used to decorate the opening in an original way. When choosing them, you need to take into account the following requirements:

  • they must have high heat and sound insulation parameters;
  • it is better to install them so that they open outward, and not inside the room;
  • if you need to make a beautiful bathroom decor andtoilet, the doors can be decorated, but for this you need to have certain artistic skills.

The above products are mainly made of wood, metal-plastic, glass and fibreboard (MDF). In addition, the doors are made according to different methods:

  • swing (traditional design) is used most often, because in this case it is not necessary to expand the opening or re-plan the house;
  • compartment door (sliding) is made from any building material mentioned;
  • folding technique;
  • roll-up door - a non-standard design, the production of which uses metal-plastic.

It is better to install a classic door in the toilet, the color of which will match the design of the room.

pictured toilet, made in a harmonious decor

Proper lighting is the key to quality decor

This moment is an important condition that seriously affects the design of the room. As a rule, most toilets do not have windows, so it is necessary to make high-quality artificial lighting in the room. If the interior is made in light shades, then it should not be too monotonous, because otherwise the room will resemble a hospital ward.

Designers recommend using spot lighting for these purposes, which can be provided by built-in lights. But they need to be installed on the ceiling in such a way that they harmoniously complement the overall style of the room. If the decor of the toilet is dominated by mirror or white surfaces, then install powerfulno bulb needed.

It is best to buy a device to control the brightness of the light (dimmer), with which you can adjust the desired level of illumination. And illuminated paintings and mirrors are original decorative objects that often decorate walls.

original design toilet

Toilet decor with tiles

This is a classic room decoration. The tile (ceramic tile) meets all the necessary technical qualities that are needed to carry out the mentioned works. In addition, this material is made in various designs, so its use is a good option for decorating a room. Its advantages include:

  • variety of textures imitating brick, wood, fabric or stone;
  • high wear resistance;
  • easy installation - you can do your own toilet decor with this finishing material;
  • not affected by the negative effects of detergents, which is especially important for a hygienic room;
  • long service life (several decades);
  • it is possible to make a warm floor.

The disadvantage is that the tile has low thermal insulation properties and breaks when heavy objects fall on it.

Coloring is an important criterion to consider when choosing a tile for toilet decor. Designers consider the following shades to be suitable options:

  • For the floor, it is better to use dark-colored tiles, since pollution is less visible on such a coating. It is recommended to use beigetile: this finishing material is combined with any interior.
  • If it is decided to tile the walls, then it is better to use light-colored material for these purposes.
  • The grout should be used in such a tone that it is slightly darker than the tile itself. This is an original idea, because the result is a room that will not be visually overloaded. There is another trick: to simplify the cleaning process, you need to buy a special grout that is immune to dirt.

However, it is not necessary to use a classic tile, since the decor of the toilet with mirror-type tiles is a more original solution. Known cladding methods are considered to be:

  1. Combination of mirror and ceramic tiles. To get an exquisite design, in this case you need to use a dark tile.
  2. Finishing the ceiling with mirror tiles is an unusual idea, thanks to which you can not only visually increase the space, but also visually raise the ceiling.
  3. If the room has a window, you can build a decorative insert opposite it.

The main thing is to use mirror tiles in moderation, because otherwise there will be a lot of reflection in the room, and this will seriously spoil the overall design of the toilet.

toilet with wall paper

Inexpensive wall decoration materials

For these works, in addition to tiles, you can use water-based paint. Its advantage is that the hardware store has many colors of this material that can becombine with each other to obtain a unique shade. Walls must be leveled and primed before painting.

You can decorate the room with plastic panels. It is moisture resistant, but fragile material, so it should be handled with care. Among the samples for sale there are original products with a pattern imitating wood or stone.

Wallpaper is a classic and popular finishing material. If preparatory measures were taken in the room, then they can be immediately glued to the surface. To decorate the walls in the toilet, you can use almost any wallpaper, but designers advise buying the following types of this material:

  • Non-woven fabrics consist of two layers. The first is an adhesive base, and the second is produced by spraying vinyl. Such wallpapers are moisture resistant, so they can be periodically cleaned of dirt with a wet cloth.
  • Silicone. For decor, it is recommended to use this particular type, since they have high technical performance and a long service life.

You can entrust the execution of facing work to specialists or do it yourself. In the photo, the decor of the toilet, whose walls are painted in orange, looks amazing.

toilet in orange

Floor cladding ideas

Using moisture resistant laminate is a good option to solve this problem. The floor covering made of this material will turn out warm and comfortable to the touch. The result will be an original room, the walls of which can also be sheathed with laminate. In suchcase, the toilet will be made in an unusual design, stylized as a tree.

A good solution is to use a self-leveling floor. It will perform not only a waterproofing function, but also a decorative one. But in this case, you will have to invest a rather large amount for his device.

Designers advise using porcelain stoneware for flooring. This is a finishing material that is produced in different imitations and colors. The toilet will look luxurious, the floor of which is made of marbled porcelain stoneware.

toilet decor in blue style

Ceiling options

The following materials are used for these works:

  • tile;
  • paint;
  • plastic panels (PVC).

Painting the ceiling is a cheap and reliable option, but the walls must be leveled before carrying out this work. For the toilet it is necessary to use paint on a latex or silicate basis. As a result, it is better to apply a decorative pattern to such a ceiling to give the room a unique design.

Plastic panels must be installed on the frame crate. If the toilet has an uneven ceiling, then this method is considered a good and inexpensive option for finishing the room. In addition, you can choose the panels individually, as they are produced in different shades.

The original idea is to use a stretch ceiling for these purposes, which will harmoniously fit into any decor.


The article discussed the points that need to be considered when choosing a toilet design. This is a compact spacewhich must be designed in a unique style. Different materials are used for these purposes, but it is equally important to listen to the recommendations and tricks given in the article. These methods can be combined to create a harmonious decor.

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