Modern Style Fireplaces: Installation, Fuel and Hearth Designs

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Modern Style Fireplaces: Installation, Fuel and Hearth Designs
Modern Style Fireplaces: Installation, Fuel and Hearth Designs

Earlier, fireplaces were installed mainly for space heating. Today it is an item of luxury and originality. Materials for the manufacture of these comfort centers, installation and functional values ​​have undergone significant modernization. Now a fireplace in a modern style will not surprise anyone, whether it is in a house or in an apartment in a multi-storey building.

Heating styles

Today, manufacturers offer many ways to install heaters. Fuel materials are also quite diverse. Nowadays, one does not need to have firewood to be able to admire a real flame. Gas, electricity or biomaterials are used as fuel. But you can also use firewood if you wish.

Modern style fireplace can be created in several design directions.

  • Modern. As a rule, a design in this style is installed in private houses with a large area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe premises. It fits especially harmoniously if in interior decorationstones or other natural materials are used. A feature of this design is the quality of the cladding in the Art Nouveau style. It can be absolutely any texture: smooth, rough, glossy or matte.
  • Country. Shell rock, brick, stone are ideal for facing fireplaces in this style. Most often they are tall structures with a firebox and a niche for firewood. Despite the fact that these fireplaces can also run on gas, a chimney is needed in any case. Therefore, they are installed mainly in private homes.
  • Hi-tech. Translated into Russian, this word means "high technology". Therefore, modern high-tech fireplaces are built from high-quality innovative materials. Structures can take a variety of forms. They are made of glass, iron, concrete, heat-resistant polymer material. In addition, such fireplaces can be double-sided, suspended, wall-mounted. They can be installed in the corner of the room or in the center. In the second case, they will act as an element of the room zoning.
  • Classic. For fireplaces in a classic style, marble, natural stone or granite are used. The colors are predominantly beige, white, brown. Rarely seen is an artificially aged emerald shade.
  • Empire. Such fireplaces are most often made of marble. They are decorated with griffins, figurines of Greek goddesses, columns, sphinxes and other figurines.
  • Greek. This is a rather unusual design for a fireplace, but already quite common. In this style, the design is placed in the middle of the room so that itwas visible from all sides. For its manufacture, ultra-strong glass is used. In terms of cladding, nothing is done to overwhelm such a fireplace, as the style suggests restraint and minimalism.
Photo of a living room with a fireplace in a modern style

Materials for making

Manufacturers of fireplaces use only the highest quality materials in their preparation. A large selection of facing materials allows you to fit the structure into the space very harmoniously.

To create and finish use:

  • Metal.
  • Ceramics.
  • Glass.
  • Concrete.
  • Marble.
  • Sandstone.
  • Onyx.
  • Granite.

Due to such a variety of finishes, a modern-style fireplace can fit into any design without disturbing harmony with the rest of the room.

Installation Methods

Before choosing a fireplace, you should decide on its location in the room. It is not always possible to install it in a wall or in the center of a room.

Corner fireplace in modern style

According to the method of installation, structures are divided into several types:

  • Corner fireplaces. In a modern style, they are perfect for small spaces. This design will slightly increase the area. It does not take up much space, but can become the main part of the interior.
  • Wall. This option is suitable for large spaces. It is installed directly against the wall or mounted into it.
  • Suspended. As a rule, suchfireplaces are a chimney with a firebox. They are mounted on beams or hooks in the ceiling. For such models, it is better to use biofuel or gas.
  • Island. These are fireplaces that are located right in the middle of the room. Most often they are made entirely of glass so that the fire can be seen from any part of the room. It is also relevant to use them for zoning.
  • Wall. In this case, only electric fireplaces are used. Sometimes a screen depicting a flame is hung on the wall. This option is more often installed in restaurants or cafes.
Fireplaces in a modern style photo


There are many types of modern style fireplaces. Photos of some models are given in the article. To be able to admire such a design in your home, you do not need to buy firewood. Today as fuel for fireplaces can be used:

  • Gas. A great alternative to real firewood. This fuel is much more accessible and cheaper than firewood. A special burner is carried into the fireplace insert, to which gas is supplied. Of course, you will need to obtain permission from the relevant authorities.
  • Biofuel. This fuel is expensive, but absolutely harmless. It won't raise the temperature in the room, but the sight of a real fire and the sound of crackling firebrands will definitely bring a cozy feel to your home.
  • Electricity. In addition to good heating of the space, it creates a real imitation of fire in the furnace.

A photo of a living room with a modern-style fireplace powered by electricity is presentedbelow.

Hi-tech style fireplace

False fireplaces

Many residents of apartment buildings actively use false fireplaces to create a more comfortable interior in the room. The construction of such a hearth does not require expensive materials, permission from the relevant authorities, a place for a chimney. It is easy to create it with your own hands, and instead of firewood, you can place candles, a mirror wall, or decorative firewood.

fake fireplace

Such modern-style fireplaces can be decorated with appropriate accessories for each event. This will create a sense of celebration and comfort in the room.

Advantages of modern fireplaces

In our time there is no certain fashion for the style of the interior. Now both modern and classic are equally popular. However, modern technologies make it possible to create centers of warmth and comfort in the premises without unnecessary hassle. Using electricity as fuel, you can build a fireplace even in a high-rise apartment. Such designs have the following advantages:

  • No need to build a chimney.
  • No permit is required to install a fireplace from various authorities.
  • No need to buy firewood.
  • There is no soot and soot in the room.

There are practically no drawbacks to such structures.

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