Types and features of socket blocks

Types and features of socket blocks
Types and features of socket blocks

Modern man is extremely difficult to imagine his life without electricity. If a couple of decades ago, one or two sockets in a room were the norm, then today, with the advent of a huge number of gadgets and household appliances, such shortsightedness of developers can seriously complicate our lives.

Electrical connection overload

This method of connection, in addition to the inconvenience and low aesthetics of this whole web of wires, is very unsafe, as it can cause overload and fire in the wiring.

To solve the problem of the missing number of access points to the mains, socket blocks are used, which are a cassette element with several sockets. They are used for the manufacture of extension cords of any size or surface socket block in residential and industrial premises.

There are many varieties of similar products that differ in a number of ways.

Number of outlet pairs

The number of sockets is selected based on the needs of those connected to the electricaldevice extension. At the same time, their total power consumption should be slightly lower than the limit indicated on the marking of the electrical block. It follows from this principle that if a socket block has 3 sockets, this does not mean that it is possible or necessary to connect three devices to it. Electrical appliances that use a heating element in operation, such as a hair dryer, toaster, electric kettle, as a rule, consume more power and must be independently connected, this is especially important for appliances that work constantly (electric heater, air conditioner).

Electrical block for several sockets

Grounding is an important element of safe operation

The presence of a ground loop in the socket block is a prerequisite in the EU countries, although in the post-Soviet expanses this extremely important element of the safe operation of electrical equipment is most often ignored.

Ground block

Power strips with overload protection and LED switch

A very important and practical element of the design of the socket for extension cords is the presence of a protective LED switch that allows you to de-energize the socket block with one touch, and the backlight informs the user about the current state of the device. In addition, it has built-in overvoltage protection, which allows you to avoid damage to electrical appliances in the event of an accident in the network or exceeding the permissible load. In case of overheating, such an outlet block will turn off automatically, protecting you from unnecessarytrouble and expense.

Receptacle with surge protection

Material of production and shape of cassette blocks of sockets

Depending on the operating conditions, polymers, rubber, carbolite, rubber, metal are used in the manufacture of socket blocks, protecting the internal elements of the device from water and dust, providing proper protection against mechanical damage, chemical and temperature effects. Accidental contact with current-carrying elements is limited by the design features of the block. Electrical extension cords are available in a variety of shapes and colors to blend seamlessly into any interior.

socket block

Types and types of electrical connectors

It should be borne in mind that in different countries the types and types of electrical connectors have their own configuration, therefore, a gadget brought, say, from the USA, cannot be connected to a standard outlet for us, you will need an appropriate adapter or an electrical block with a similar connector. It should be borne in mind that when installing an adapter, an additional connection increases the load on the outlet, reducing its maximum power. In this case, it is more expedient, if you are not afraid of losing the warranty from the manufacturer, simply replace the connection in this device with a European-style plug. It differs from the classic Soviet one only in the thickness of the current-carrying part and the presence of grounding.

Types of electrical connectors from different countries

The above list of design features of socket blocksreflects the main, but not all, possible options. Based on specific needs, manufacturers offer devices with increased resistance to external influences, additional protection against access to electrical contacts, equip them with shutdown timers and other useful attributes.

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