How to use the space under the stairs: arrangement and design options

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How to use the space under the stairs: arrangement and design options
How to use the space under the stairs: arrangement and design options

The owners of private cottages and duplex apartments often think about the rational use of space under the stairs. This is especially true in the case of a large number of people living in the house, when every inch counts. In this material, we have collected the best ideas for arranging the space under the stairs. Photo options clearly demonstrate that this can be done in style and taste.

When choosing a specific method of organizing a site under a flight of stairs, one should take into account the purpose of the room in which it is located. For the living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, the options will be different. Also an important factor is the possibility of conducting communications to the place. When initially designing a home, planning the future use of the space under the stairs is easier than after construction is completed. In addition, the choice of arrangement is influenced by the width and height of the flight of stairs. Gotta understandis there enough space for just a small closet or can you organize a full-fledged room.

Storage system or dressing room

One of the most popular options for arranging the space under the stairs is the organization of the storage system. The many shelves can hold seasonal clothes and shoes, bags and suitcases, blankets, tools, etc. Each item will have its own place, which will allow you to keep organized and not waste time looking.

closet under stairs

You can install the cabinet directly under the flight of stairs or arrange drawers in the steps themselves. In the first case, classic swing or sliding doors are used. To make the cabinet less noticeable, the facade is masked with the help of finishing to match the walls or lined with mirrors. The latter method will make the space of the room more open, and the stairs almost "weightless".

If the steps to the second floor are in the bedroom, you can organize a full dressing room under them. It has room for all your clothes and accessories, eliminating bulky closets and saving living space.

Open shelving or shelves for small items and books

The space under the stairs in the living room can be used to accommodate open shelving or shelves for storing little things and books dear to the heart. An exhibition of travel souvenirs, collections of figurines and dolls, family photos will decorate the living room and demonstrate the hobbies of the owners.

open shelving under stairs

Shelving and shelves usually do notdeep, so the remaining space under the stairs can be used by installing drawers on the side of the steps. Thus, the volume will be used to the maximum benefit.

You can collect not only trinkets, lovers of good alcohol can use the free space under the flight of stairs to organize a wine cellar. However, it should be borne in mind that wines require special storage conditions, so special equipment and glass doors should be installed to maintain optimal levels of humidity and temperature. This way of using the space under the stairs in the house can be considered not only rational, but also decorative.

Mini-library or lounge area

Book lovers will love the idea of ​​organizing a small library under the stairs. On the shelves there is a place for a collection of books, and an easy chair or couch will make the corner cozy at home. It should, however, be borne in mind that the height of the march should be sufficient for a seated person, because reading, bent over in three deaths, is not only inconvenient, but also harmful. In addition, it is important to take care of good lighting so as not to spoil your eyesight. The area under the stairs is usually darkened, unless the structure is through and is not directly at the window.

library under the stairs

Mini-library can be combined with a resting place. A secluded corner will allow you to escape from the daily worries. For the lounge area in the house, it is important to choose a color scheme, lighting and furniture that will contribute to relaxation and rest. Cozy armchair with a blanketpillows, an aquarium, LED lighting - all this will make the atmosphere calm and light. You can enhance the effect of privacy and comfort with the help of textile curtains.

Workplace or workshop

Can't decide how to arrange the space under the stairs? Organize a workplace there. Under the steps, there is enough space for a medium-sized table, a small cabinet and a couple of shelves for papers. Don't forget to take care of good lighting. For the workplace, a table lamp with a flexible leg is suitable so that you can adjust the distance to the illuminated surface. High-quality models made of durable plastic or metal look great in the interior. Preference should be given to LED lamps, so they do not heat up and do not flicker. You won't get burned by accidentally touching it with your hand, and your eyes won't get tired from the stroboscopic effect.

workplace under the stairs

The space under the stairs in the needlewoman's house can be used to organize a workshop. A table, a small shelving unit, a magnetic board for ideas and a sewing machine – there is a place for everything. It is better to make fixtures in the workshop built-in or use rotary spotlight models. They emit a bright beam of light, the direction of which is easy to adjust. However, remember about safety, mount the lighting so as not to touch the lamps during operation.

Hallway or storage space for bicycles and strollers

If the staircase to the second floor is located directly next to the front door, then under it you can arrange a full-fledgeda hallway with hangers, a chest of drawers and even a bench for conveniently putting on shoes. The wardrobe can be made open or with sliding mirrored doors to visually enlarge the space. It is also worth adopting a retractable system, it will allow you to fully use the depth of the space under the steps, and it will be more convenient to get things out.

hallway under stairs

Under the stairs you can arrange a "garage" for bicycles, scooters and strollers. Such large items often interfere with comfortable movement around the house, so a specially organized place will come in handy. Modern mounts allow you to hang the vehicle on a wall or even a ceiling. The bike will not fall at night, waking up the whole house, and this solution looks original. For strollers and other children's vehicles, you can lay a mat so that snow and dirt do not flow onto the floor and do not spoil the coating.


There are children in your house and you are wondering how to use the space under the stairs? The answer is simple: make a playroom there. Children love to hide, and they will love a personal "secret" corner in the house. A soft carpet, bright wallpapers, a scattering of pillows and toys - what else is needed for happiness? Parents should only take care of good ventilation and safe lighting. If space permits, you can install an open toy rack in the room. The main thing is that the baby can take and put his things there on his own, this helps to teach him to order.

playhouse under stairs

In the decoration of the game roomuse only environmentally friendly materials. When choosing a color scheme, consider the wishes of the future owner of the playroom and the influence of shades on the psycho-emotional state of the child. In addition, decoration and furniture should be easy to clean, because anything can happen during games. Sharp corners should also be avoided so that the child does not get hurt.


A small bathroom just fits in the space under the stairs in the house (see photo below). Modern manufacturers offer truly miniature plumbing models that can be placed even on 1 sq. m. The toilet room under the stairs will help save space in another part of the house and use it more rationally. If the room turned out to be spacious enough, you can install a shower cabin in the bathroom.

bathroom under the stairs

The main problem in organizing a bathroom under the stairs is the laying of communications. Water, sewerage, electricity and ventilation systems should ideally be included at the design stage of the dwelling. However, this is not always possible, so you should evaluate the possibility, feasibility and cost of arranging a bathroom before starting work.

It is important to take care of the sound and heat insulation of the future bathroom. The rooms under the stairs usually turn out to be small and dark, so you should stick to light shades in the decoration, as well as use reflective surfaces: gloss, glass, mirrors. In addition, you need good lighting. The best option would be built-in lights on the ceiling (requiredwaterproof) and a pair of swivel wall sconces if the room has a mirror.


Arrangement of a pantry in the space under the stairs is a common idea. The room is made closed, equipped with longitudinal or transverse sliding shelves, lighting is installed. It turns out a convenient and functional room for storing kitchen utensils, small household appliances, winter preservation, household supplies and tools, household chemicals. If you plan to use a pantry for fresh vegetables and fruits, you should install a ventilation and temperature control system. To save energy, lamps with an infrared motion sensor will help. The light will turn on as soon as you enter and turn off automatically.

pantry under stairs

Boiler room

In private houses with an autonomous heating system and water heating, a boiler room is indispensable. Its location is chosen at the design stage of a residential building, and the space under the stairs is perfect for it. The boiler room is equipped indoors. The walls of the room must be made of concrete or brick, the finish is made of non-combustible materials: ceramic tiles or mineral plaster, a metal sheet can be laid on the floor. Supply and exhaust ventilation must be installed in the boiler room. It will also be useful to take care of sound insulation, so the working equipment will interfere with the peace of mind of the residents. The main requirement for a boiler room is fire safety.

Laundry room

Bthe space under the stairs can organize a small laundry room. The washing machine and dryer are usually placed below, shelves for detergents and small items are installed above them. It is better to use a folding ironing board, so it will not take up too much space.

laundry room under the stairs

The premises must be provided with water, sewage, electricity and exhaust ventilation. In decoration, as a rule, light colors are used. This will make the utility room a little more spacious and refresh it. Swing or folding doors that will hide the functional area from prying eyes will help to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the adjacent room. Small shelves and a laundry basket can be installed on the doors. The main thing is that the fasteners and door hinges are strong enough for increased loads.

Winter Garden

Worried about how to decorate the space under the stairs? Arrange a winter garden there. Such a solution would be especially successful if the flight of stairs passes by the window. A corner of nature will perfectly fit into the interior of the living room and help create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. A nice bonus is that the plants purify the air in the room and produce oxygen. Such a green area will require increased care. Even if the staircase is near a window, the plants will need additional light. Special fitolamps will help with this. They can be installed between the steps so that they are not visible from the main part of the room. You can complement your home greenhouse with sculptural compositions oraquarium.

A home for a pet

If there are animals in the house, the space under the stairs can be used to create a comfortable home for a pet with a play area. For dogs, a spacious bed and a decorative kennel are suitable, and for cats, you can arrange a real play complex with cozy houses, shelves, scratching posts and tunnels. A lovingly designed space is sure to please your furry family member.


In private houses and duplex apartments, the place under the stairs is often empty, but it can be used both for functional and decorative purposes. We dare to hope that the ideas described in the article will please you, and you will bring one of them to life in your home.

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