Two-level ceiling in the bedroom: photo ideas, materials, installation features

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Two-level ceiling in the bedroom: photo ideas, materials, installation features
Two-level ceiling in the bedroom: photo ideas, materials, installation features

Started a renovation? Do you want to make a two-level ceiling in the bedroom? In this case, this material will be useful to you. A stretch ceiling is considered a good option for a room designed for proper sleep and relaxation.

You will not need to spend a lot of time pre-leveling the surface. Stretch two-level ceiling in the bedroom can be done in a minimum time period without dirt and dust. On the modern construction market, a wide range of colors of canvases is presented, so even the most capricious property owners can make a choice.

two-level stretch ceilings in the bedroom

Benefits of Choice

Let's look at specific examples of how to make a two-level stretch ceiling in the bedroom. Let's start with the benefits it has:

  • perfect smooth surface;

  • production speed;

  • aesthetic appearance.

It is impossible to get such an effect, which gives a two-level stretch ceiling in the bedroom, using ordinary decorative plaster. That is why designers give preference to original complex designs.

Gypsum board suspended structures reduce the surface of the ceiling, so they are not suitable for a small room.

Works related to the installation of such a coating can be done neatly, cleanly, and in the shortest possible time. Two-level stretch ceilings in the bedroom do not involve the use of mortar, so after the repair is completed, you will not have to spend a lot of time cleaning the room.

The service life of finished ceilings is 25-30 years. If desired, you can choose a canvas not only of a certain color, but also with painting, photo printing, design drawing.

original ideas

Design Options

Which is better to choose a ceiling? Tension two-level (with backlight) in the bedroom will be a real decoration of the interior. At the moment, there are three options for tension structures:

  • glossy PVC;

  • fabric;

  • matte.

Manufacturers offer plain canvases, as well as films with images that are applied in a variety of ways.

Glossy options are suitable for those who decide to fill the room with additional light, visually expand it. What do such two-level stretch ceilings look like? The photo for the bedroom is presented below, it can be taken forbasis for your own design ideas.

combination of different materials

Choice for a small living room

The best option for "Khrushchev" would be a white ceiling surface with built-in LED lighting. Such a ceiling will help visually expand the space of the living room. As an accent, you can pick up abstract patterns, photo printing on PVC film.

The kid will be happy to look at the images of heroes from his favorite cartoon films on the ceiling.

Matte options

What does such a two-level ceiling look like in the bedroom? A photo of one of the options is a direct confirmation of the appropriateness of such coverage in a room designed for a good rest. Matte ceilings are suitable for classic style, they have a sophisticated and elegant look, bring warmth and homeliness to the room.

Fabric options for the bedroom are offered in different textures, they imitate natural materials: suede, leather, velvet. When creating such a material, certain impregnations are used, thanks to which the surface retains the brightness and elasticity of colors for a long time.

A stretch fabric ceiling with photo printing will give the bedroom a peaceful and cozy atmosphere.

plasterboard ceilings photo for bedroom two-level

Important accents

Colors play an important role in home interior design. As a universal solution, you can highlight the ceiling in a neutral range, for example, you can combine gray and beige colors. Suchthe palette is great for any style.

Stretch multi-level ceilings in pastel colors will add variety to the interior, create an atmosphere of serenity and harmony.

Fans of extravagant interiors can choose bright contrasting colors. Such options are suitable for spacious rooms. Multi-level white structures, complemented by LED lighting, will be the best solution for a spacious room.

Mount specifics

The simplest will be a single-level stretch ceiling, but at present, apartment owners prefer multi-level structures, complementing them with internal lighting. Drywall is considered an excellent material for decorating ceiling surfaces. From it you can create bizarre shapes that will become a real decoration of the room. Interesting plasterboard ceilings are presented in the photo. For the bedroom, two-level designs can be selected in two colors, or with unusual decorative prints.

To make such a ceiling, the frame is first mounted. Next, drywall sheets are attached to it, the joints between them are puttied. Next, the frame is covered with decorative material: paint, wallpaper, textured plaster.

bedroom lighting


As an interesting and unexpected solution, you can consider combining a stretch ceiling with drywall. This option is considered one of the most fashionable trends of the last season. With the harmonious use of different building materials, you can get an excellent result.

We must not forget that the installation of the ceiling involves the possession of special skills. Designers offer many options for combining finishing materials. For example, you can plaster drywall sheets, and choose wallpaper for decoration. On sale there is a mass of PVC films that differ in shape, color, size.

First, a rectangular drywall box is made around the perimeter of the room, and then a PVC film is stretched in its center. Masters consider this option the simplest example of combining two finishing materials for the ceiling in a multi-level design.

More complex options involve significant material costs. It is advisable to start organizing an unusually shaped ceiling with drawings in order to take into account all the features of the surface to be designed. It is better to entrust the drawings to professionals so as not to worry about the reliability and quality of the ceiling being created.

The next step will be a high-quality marking of the surface. Then you can attach the frame. The grid you create must be strong enough to support the drywall sheets.

In order for the coating to acquire an aesthetic appearance, it is necessary to putty all the joints between the individual structural elements. The final stage will be covering the frame with a decorative material, the choice of which depends on the taste preferences of the owner of the apartment.

what can you choose for the ceiling

Interesting solutions

What are the current trends in decorating multi-level ceilings in residential areas? In addition to combining various finishing materials, craftsmen drawattention to the organization of lighting. If the combination of PVC and drywall is chosen, then complex lighting will be appropriate. For example, an LED strip is placed inside the drywall frame, and several spotlights are attached to the polymer film.

It is up to the owner of the apartment to decide which option to choose for decorating the ceiling. In order for the final result to be as the owner originally intended, it is important to take into account all the subtleties of installation, choose the right canvases according to the color scheme, and pay attention to high-quality lighting.

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