Double bathroom sink: benefits and types

Double bathroom sink: benefits and types
Double bathroom sink: benefits and types

Many of us have seen bathroom interior design in the US. Very often, Americans use a double sink. In our homes, this solution is only gaining popularity. Is it worth it to use this method? In what cases will the installation of a double sink with a bathroom cabinet be relevant? We will talk about all this in our today's article.


What is this sink for? Many families in the morning are faced with a lack of time for a full wash and other hygiene procedures. Partially this problem can be solved by installing a double sink. For a bath with a large area, this will be ideal. This solution will allow you to use the space with the greatest efficiency.

double sink for bath

Usually this sink is two washbasins that stand on the same pedestal. Some manufacturers produce models with one swivel mixer and a single tray. But there is a solution with two separate mixers, which is more convenient inuse.


Usually, double bathroom sinks differ in the type of material. So, they can be made from:

  1. Ceramics.
  2. Porcelain stoneware.
  3. Glasses.
  4. Composite materials.
  5. Stainless steel.
double sink with bathroom cabinet

Features of each type will be discussed further.

Ceramic double sink for bathroom

This is the most popular type of product. They have a beautiful appearance and fit perfectly into any interior design. The material is very environmentally friendly and is not afraid of scratches. However, ceramics are very brittle. In case of damage, such a structure can no longer be restored.

Porcelain tile

This material differs from the previous one in that it contains granite chips. It is she who gives the double bathroom sink high strength. Porcelain stoneware washbasins are not afraid of mechanical damage and withstand the fall of even the heaviest objects.


Some choose these sinks. Glass products have an undoubted advantage - a high variety of models. The material can be glossy, matte, smooth or corrugated.

double bathroom sinks

Glass easily takes the most complex forms, so it will emphasize any interior design. Many people are concerned about durability. Of course, tempered glass is used for washbasins. It withstands damage and does not crack over time. Also, the material does not absorb dirt and moisture. But there isone drawback is that excessively hard water can leave traces of plaque on the surface of the glass double bathroom sink.


Differ in resistance to household chemicals and mechanical damage. However, the cost of such shells is much higher. Also, these washbasins have much more weight.

Stainless steel

Usually stainless steel products are used in the kitchen, not in the bathroom. A double sink made of such material is very noisy. Also, stainless steel is difficult to fit into the overall design of the bathroom.

bathroom cabinet with double sink

Over time, the coating is scratched and plaque forms on it. Therefore, a double stainless sink is in low demand among buyers. Although its cost is an order of magnitude less than that of analogues.

Products with doors and drawers

The double sink cabinet for the bathroom is a very practical option. Inside it, you can store various household items (for example, detergents, cleaning products and other chemicals). This will not spoil the aesthetic appearance. Such washbasins, coupled with a curbstone, look very good. In addition, you do not have to think about how to hide the siphon and other communications.

double bathroom sink

The material of such sinks can be different - from ceramics to stainless steel. But the cabinet is usually made of laminated chipboard.


Is it worth buying such a washbasin for yourself? Experts note that the double sink hasnumerous pluses. This is:

  1. Increasing the area for hygiene procedures. This is especially true for large families, when several people occupy the washbasin at the same time.
  2. Extra personal space. Ideally, each family member should have not only a separate cabinet for hygiene items, but also a washbasin. The double sink partially solves this issue.
  3. Infection isolation. The fewer people who use the same sink, the lower the risk of infection. In Western countries, it is considered normal practice to install wash basins for adults and children separately. So diseases that were brought by parents from work will not be transmitted to children and vice versa.
  4. Saving time. Having multiple washbasins will allow each member of the family to perform personal hygiene procedures without waiting.


Let's move on to the disadvantages. There are several of them:

  1. Cost. As a rule, the price of such sinks is twice as high as usual. Therefore, it is worth considering the advisability of such an acquisition if less than three people live in the house.
  2. Requirements for free space. Such a washbasin takes up much more space. The size of a double bathroom sink is on average 1.3x0.5 meters (length and width, respectively). Therefore, it is not recommended for use in small apartments.
  3. Cleaning. It takes twice as much effort to wash off the plaque and stains on the surface of such a washbasin.

Cost, manufacturers

The price of a double bathroom sink fluctuates inranging from 20 to 60 thousand rubles. Among the quality manufacturers, reviews distinguish:

  • Kerasan (Italy);
  • Burlington (United States);
  • Simas Lanta and Hatira (Italy).
bathroom double sink size

These companies produce products both with and without cabinets. The latter cost about 30 percent less.

Installation rules

Specialists highlight several recommendations regarding the installation of double sinks:

  • Symmetry. When installing a double washbasin, you should not purchase different siphons and faucets, as well as accessories for them.
  • Make fasteners as reliable as possible. This is especially true for products made of composite materials. Fastening should be made on a metal frame or cabinet. For convenience, the distance between the sinks should be about 90 centimeters. Mounting wall products is much more difficult. In this case, you will have to install additional stops under the washbasin.
  • Recessed products can be installed in the countertop. The latter can be made independently, and then decorated with tiles.


Double bathroom sinks are a fun way to make the most of your space. With the help of such a washbasin, you save time on procedures, which is especially important for large families. But if few people live in a house or apartment, and the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room is less than 10 square meters, you should not waste such money in vain. You may not realize the full potential of suchwashbasin - it will only hide most of the bathroom.

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