What is double-glazed windows? Types and characteristics, production of double-glazed windows

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What is double-glazed windows? Types and characteristics, production of double-glazed windows
What is double-glazed windows? Types and characteristics, production of double-glazed windows

PVC double-glazed windows occupy most of the window, and therefore they are the most important element of the window construction. It is necessary to have an idea about the technical characteristics and distinctive features of window blocks so that they perform their functions in your home in full.

Let's take a closer look at the types of "window clothing", as well as those main performance characteristics that are important to consider when choosing double-glazed windows.

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Short description

What are double-glazed windows? This is a sealed design that is tightly fixed in the window block. Its basis is one, two, three, five glasses, between which there are air chambers.

Buyers believe that the properties of the entire double-glazed window directly depend on the number of cameras. Is this true? In reality, often a single-chamber package turns out to be much better than a multi-chamber counterpart in terms of its performance. What should you pay attention to?

Selection Options

How to choose the rightdouble-glazed windows? What is product performance? Together we will find answers to these questions. There are three main parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing “clothes” for windows:

  • filling air chambers;
  • structure thickness;
  • number of glasses and their characteristics (composition and properties).

Production of double-glazed windows involves the manufacture of products with different performance characteristics. How to make the right choice for a residential building? Let us dwell in more detail on the functions that these constructions perform.

In order to improve the thermal insulation properties of a double-glazed window, the gap between the glasses is filled with an inert gas, which has a higher density than air.

What size is better to buy double-glazed windows? What is product thickness? These are important questions that allow you to purchase high-quality “window clothes”. The thicker the double-glazed window is, the greater the thermal insulation characteristics of the window structure will be, many ordinary people believe. An interesting fact is that this parameter practically does not affect the soundproofing qualities, because they are determined by the number of glasses.

Advice! Do you want to increase the sound insulation of your window? In this case, buy aluminum double-glazed windows of greater thickness (2 mm from the standard indicator). For example, you can install bags with glass 6 mm thick instead of the standard 4 mm.

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Glass features

What are double-glazed windows made of?What are energy saving blocks? Let's try to figure out what window products are offered on the modern construction market:

  1. Energy saving. A soft or hard low-emission coating is applied to the glass, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the ingress of cold into the room, as well as prevent the outflow of warm air from the room. At the same time, the sun's rays freely enter the room, increasing the amount of natural light in the room. A distinctive indicator of such blocks is the ability of their owner to save on heating.
  2. Multifunctional double-glazed windows have a complex structure. Their distinguishing characteristic is the ability to pass waves of different lengths through glass. This allows the structures to maintain an optimal microclimate indoors at any time of the year, to provide full natural lighting.
  3. Sun protection structures. The manufacture of double-glazed windows of this type involves the use of special tint films that can retain ultraviolet rays, so we recommend placing them in sunny rooms.
  4. Self-cleaning double-glazed windows are the dream of any housewife. On the outside of the glass, the manufacturer applies special coatings that do not allow dust to accumulate. Dirt is first broken down on this surface, then removed naturally.
  5. Triplex is a multilayer package in which several windows are interconnected with a polymer material. This design solution gives the product resistance to force and mechanicalloads. It is these double-glazed windows that are the safest. The adhesive polymer does not allow the glass to crumble, the fragments remain inside the block.
  6. Soundproof double-glazed windows. What is noise reduction capacity? This is a quality on which the comfort of finding people inside the room directly depends. This is especially true if the windows face a highway with heavy traffic. To increase the noise insulation performance, the structure is made of 2-3 chamber glasses, the thickness of which is 4-6 mm. Some manufacturers additionally increase the width of the frames.

Smart glasses

This design involves changing the optical characteristics of the glass. This structural element is capable of changing from a transparent to a matte state, passing or retaining a certain amount of thermal energy.

Smart glass is a complex and complex product created through innovative technologies according to complex schemes. Unfortunately, this is reflected in the cost of the finished product.

Despite the high price, we advise you to choose “smart” double-glazed windows for windows and balcony structures, as they help create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere inside the living space.

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Interesting facts

The production of double-glazed windows began in the thirties of the twentieth century. And the designs then were significantly different from modern ones. At that time, the sides of the double-glazed window were larger than those of modern counterparts, but even the first products already hadgood soundproof performance.

At present, double glazing is a sustainable system that not only increases sound insulation, but also retains heat inside the living space.

Constructions consist of several glasses, which are separated by an inert gas or air, connected hermetically along the contour, as well as using a frame with a dehumidifier.

Double-glazed windows occupy almost 90 percent of the entire window. To increase the operational life of such structures, high-quality sealing is necessary. This allows you to protect the structure from dust and moisture, without reducing the illumination in the living room.

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Single chamber bags

Perhaps, we can consider them the most popular among homeowners. Such a double-glazed window consists of 2 glasses, the thickness of which ranges from 4 to 6 mm. They are separated from each other by a special distance frame. In total, the thickness of such a profile reaches 24 mm: 4 mm each glass, and the remaining 16 mm - the distance between them.

Do I need to select single-chamber bags with a large distance between the glasses? Studies have shown that a further increase in the gap between the panes does not lead to an increase in heat-saving characteristics, on the contrary, it turned out that due to the effect of convection, such qualities decrease.

Depending on the climatic features of the region, it is important to select a certain type of double-glazed windows. For example, for the northern regions of the Russian Federation, single-chamber window structures are suitable for glazing balconies and loggias. howdistinguish it from the two-chamber design?

The difference is visible to the naked eye. The main difference is the number of spacers. If a black stripe does not pass inside the package along the perimeter, therefore, this is a single-chamber double-glazed window.

window panes

Two-chamber constructions

This package is an improved version of the single-chamber analogue. For what purpose is it better to buy such double-glazed windows? We advise you to use them to reduce noise, increase heat in residential areas.

Two-chamber options perfectly cope with extraneous sounds, help the owner of the premises save resources on paying heating bills.

In a double-glazed window there are three glasses, which are assembled together in one system by two spacers.

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Helpful tips

Today you can pick up standard rectangular, square, round or oval models. Which packages do you prefer? Purchased structures must comply with GOST. IGUs manufactured in violation of the production chain can pose a serious he alth hazard.

GOST 24866-99 contains clear requirements for glass thickness, dimensions, frame features, therefore, when purchasing a new double-glazed window, do not be too lazy to ask the seller for the availability of an appropriate document confirming the safety and quality of the products sold.

What you need to know

If the plans include the purchase of double-glazed windows, whichhave increased thermal insulation characteristics, we advise you to take a closer look at three-chamber structures. With high light transmission (transparency), they easily transmit and reflect solar energy.

It makes no sense for residents of warm regions to spend extra money for three-chamber double-glazed windows, but for the regions of the Far North, such designs are the best option.

Such designs have a number of disadvantages:

  • lower light transmission;
  • heavy weight;
  • high cost.
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What is important to pay attention to when planning the purchase of new double-glazed windows for a residential building? First of all, we advise you to study the reviews about the manufacturer so as not to become a victim of low-quality and hazardous designs.

Among the parameters that should not be left without due attention is also the number of glasses. If you plan to glaze a non-residential loggia or balcony, it makes no sense to spend extra money on buying a double-glazed window.

Three-chamber options are appropriate only in cases where it is impossible to solve the problem of heat conservation in other ways. They are much more expensive than their counterparts, and besides, not all walls can withstand them due to their heavy weight.

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