The best apartment interiors: design photos

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The best apartment interiors: design photos
The best apartment interiors: design photos

Life without walls brings many benefits. Like the walls you put up between yourself and other people, so are the walls you put up between the living room and the kitchen. With open plans, it's easy to feel like you have more space and it gives you a lot more room for good apartment interior design. If you are planning to do this, let the beautiful outdoor spaces presented in the article be your inspiration.

Great solution for small apartments

How to help the owners of a small apartment at least visually make their home more spacious? Professional designers may well help them in this, having thought through every detail to the smallest detail, organizing redevelopment, assigning functional areas, as well as choosing the right color and stylistic solution. The best interiors of apartments - in the photo presented in the article.

Moderncreative layout

It is only at first that the task of redevelopment seems difficult. But as practice shows, a skillful approach and a competent decision in creating a stylish and modern interior are within the power of professional designers. They will help turn your small apartment or modest home into a truly cozy and beautiful nest for family and friends.

Open plan apartment

The interior is a reflection of the inner world of a person. Therefore, everyone creates it in his apartment suitable for his own character and temperament. The first thing you should pay attention to is how you see the layout of your home. There are outdoor and indoor views.

Is open floor plan currently relevant? Yes, it's relevant. Designers, architects, and owners of such apartments claim that it is very popular. Combining rooms such as the kitchen, dining room, living room creates a space with the least number of partitions or their complete abandonment in favor of a common area.

Expanding rooms in small houses

For example, German architect Bernhard Kurz says that in areas with a competitive housing market, small apartments should be optimized, following the trend of expanding rooms by removing walls, a popular way to increase living space.

Studio rooms

Most urban dwellers have very modest apartments that do not have enough space for a separate dining room. For those who want to accommodate two rooms in a limited space, concept designer OrlandoToro presents the best interior of a one-room apartment. This is a great example of a space that connects living space with dining space.

studio room

Bright splashes of color and large graphic prints set a rich, whimsical tone. Such an apartment is quite suitable for a young couple, a student and even an elderly person. Here is the minimum number of items needed for life, while everything you need is available.

Elegant modern apartment

One of the best apartment interiors is the excellent layout by Sergey Ogurtsov. Fresh and elegant design, quirky details, a view of a beautiful quiet park - this modern apartment in Moscow is like a beautiful apartment in Paris or Madrid. The soft pastel palette and sophisticated interior leave no doubt that its owner is a modern lady with good taste and even character.

Elegant modern apartment

Space optimization

Smart-apartment projects created by professional designers are primarily characterized by rationalism. The main task that they faced was to increase the usable area. And it was solved with the help of redevelopment and an individual approach. To do this, you need to study the design drawings of buildings and, expanding the space, do not touch the supporting structures.

Where can I get extra meters in the apartment? The way out may be to increase the usable area by not only combining rooms, corridors and kitchens, but also rooms with a loggia, getting the bestapartment interior.

Loggia and room connection

As a result, by removing the window block, the lower part of the wall can be used as a piece of furniture: a shelf, a table, a bar counter. Thus, a separate space is allocated in which you can organize:

  • a place for a comfortable stay,
  • private space for one of the family members,
  • work or creative workshop,
  • computer office
  • greenhouse.

The pantries available in the "Khrushchev" can easily be turned into full-fledged, albeit small dressing rooms.

Refined elegance

Architect Shamsudin Kerimov designed a Moscow apartment in the spirit of the best luxury penthouses, removing all partitions between the hall, bedroom and kitchen, located on one side of the apartment. Neutral tones, lavish materials and a sophisticated balance are at the heart of the design.

Elegant living room

The open layout of the apartment allows you to keep all areas in the same style. However, the living area stands somewhat apart thanks to a sectional sofa that creates a barrier between the TV wall and the dining table.

Quite a small kitchen has enough storage units. The tiny peninsula serves as a two-seat breakfast bar and the boundary between the kitchen and dining area.

Studio apartments

Such apartments are notoriously difficult to decorate. Especially in small spaces. The simplest approach is to create a consistent style thatapplies to all areas of the apartment, and not just living space. But this option may limit the creative and expressive potential of residents.

Another way is to create a separate theme for each functional area, but this requires careful planning and a unifying design level so that the spaces don't "clash" and look too eclectic.

studio apartment

Studio by YØ DEZEEN can be attributed to the interiors of apartments of the best designers. It uses a modern monochrome theme paired with sleek plywood wall panels. The compact living room layout sets the standard for smart space-saving solutions found throughout the home. Separation between living spaces is created through a combination of themed decor and built-in partitions. Here, the striped rug helps define the media area.

If your apartment is in a studio version, you need to think carefully about how to furnish it with flexible furniture and modules attached to the wall. In this case, the space of the room will look larger than it actually is.

Bright studio apartment

The sofa, if necessary, turns into a large bed. Modular TV cabinets lined up along the wall provide storage out of sight. Innovative solutions include a double coffee table that easily converts into a dining space or workspace.

Sunny apartment design

Interesting is the ideaapartment design from Svoya Studio. The warm design was called "Miracle Morning". The design team was inspired to create such an original style by the presence of large windows in the apartment and the fact that they are located on the east side. Sunrise provides illumination for many elements of the apartment.

sunny apartment

The sun's rays until noon paint the apartment in warm colors. Even concrete floors become warmer when heated by its light.

View of the kitchen in a sunny apartment

Indoor plants breathe life into a city apartment, make it more comfortable. The decoration of the sunny room will be any large flower in a flowerpot. In this case, a large flowerpot softens the appearance of a concrete column adjacent to the window block.

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