How to decorate a window: original ideas and options, choice of materials, photos

How to decorate a window: original ideas and options, choice of materials, photos
How to decorate a window: original ideas and options, choice of materials, photos

When creating an interior design, it is very important to know how to design a window to emphasize the overall stylistic direction of the room. The wrong style of curtains can completely ruin the whole look.

It is very important to choose the right material, color and design of curtains, so there are many different factors to consider. In addition, you can decorate the window with blinds, beautiful stucco, stained-glass windows. You can also use quite stylish and unusual options.

Curtain decoration

When choosing a modern frame for a window opening, you need to consider several important criteria, in particular, such as:

  • room location;
  • its dimensions;
  • curtain functions;
  • width and height of the window opening;
  • interior design;
  • room assignment.

Curtains and curtains can perform both a decorative function and their intended purpose, that is, protection from sunlight on a hot day. This is especially true for rooms with south-facing windows. In addition, they act as decorations.

Material for curtains andtheir style largely depends on the size of the window. The color of the curtains is influenced by the design of the room and decor.

Living room decoration

In addition, the curtains are selected taking into account the functionality of the room. There may be several design options. The window can be closed with ordinary blinds, use Roman blinds or a combined option. In a small kitchen, you can hang curtains, but they should be short.

You can design the window in completely different ways. The photo of the room allows you to see the whole design feature. Some prefer the classic version, others like a more practical style, and young people generally prefer to leave windows without curtains. There are curtain options such as:

  • lambrequins;
  • Austrian;
  • classic;
  • French;
  • roll;
  • Roman;
  • Japanese.

Classic style will be relevant in absolutely any interior. It can be created in the office, bedroom, dining room, living room. The classic style implies the presence of a thick curtain, a light curtain and a lambrequin. French curtains look simply luxurious on the windows. They consist of several separate sections that form even folds.

English curtains are simple and light, which are ideal for an apartment and a country house. Roman curtains are considered a popular option, with which you can decorate the loggia, balcony and kitchen. They help visually expand the room. They can be complemented with other types of curtains.

Many parents are interested in how to arrange a window inchildren's room, so that the child is cozy and comfortable. In this case, roller blinds are considered the best option. They are presented quite widely, so you can easily choose the desired shade.

Japanese curtains can be used for space zoning. They go with any style, giving it originality and sophistication.

Curtain material

It is important not only to know how to decorate a window with curtains, but also how to choose the right fabrics. They can be natural, artificial and mixed. The most versatile and practical option is a mixture of polyester with silk or cotton. These products are very easy to wash and iron. They do not lose their original shape and color. If the windows face the sunny side, then it is not recommended to choose curtains made of natural fabrics, as they fade very quickly.

Window decoration in the nursery

The choice of texture and material largely depends on personal preference. If you need more access to fresh air and light, then you need to choose light and transparent materials, such as batiste, organza or light-colored taffeta, as these luxurious fabrics gather in beautiful folds. To get an elegant and cozy interior and protection from bright light, thicker curtain fabrics such as velvet, linen, wool are suitable.

Curtain length

One of the most common window design mistakes is curtains that are too short. Ideally, if they form a beautiful fold on the floor. Those who choose heavy dense fabric should know that the curtain must reachto the floor. For a correct calculation, you need to determine the length from the cornice to the floor and add another 20 cm to the hem. When choosing curtains with a pattern, you also need to add the width of the pattern to match it.

Curtains for the kitchen

If not very large windows and low ceilings, the best would be the location of the eaves just under the ceiling. This will help visually enlarge the windows and the room. This option is just perfect for the design of small apartments.

Curtain color and pattern

Curtains can be lighter or darker than walls. At the same time, do not be afraid of contrasting saturated shades. When decorating a window with curtains, it is better to choose a shade for the upholstery of upholstered furniture, the color of pillows, carpet or decorative elements.

Many believe that it is impossible to match the curtains to the color of the walls. However, some designers use this technique when designing. The thing is that the curtains, matched to the tone of the walls, seem to dissolve in them and make the room more spacious.

The best option is a plain fabric without a pattern. Such curtains should be chosen if the room already has various textures and prints. However, if there is a desire to choose original curtains with a pattern, it is recommended to pay attention to geometric shapes.

White color is well suited for a classic interior, as well as a room decorated in neutral and light shades. Preference is best given to translucent curtains.

Black is used in many modern designs and goes well with any wall color. It is advisable to use suchcurtains only in spacious rooms, otherwise the effect of tightness will be created.

Beige is a neutral color. It looks good in any room. Beige curtains are ideally combined with a wrought iron cornice.

Pastel colors look good in any interior, which allow light to penetrate the room. Pistachio, olive and peach colors will be winning in the bedroom. Brighter and more contrasting shades will be appropriate in an unusual, modern interior design.

Stylistic direction

Not everyone knows how to arrange a window correctly and in what style to choose curtains. Such stylistic trends as:are very popular.

  • high-tech;
  • vintage;
  • art deco;
  • loft;
  • minimalism;
  • eclectic.

Hi-tech style involves the use of blinds, which can be vertical or horizontal. In addition, Roman or roller blinds are a good option. When choosing curtains, you should give preference to fabrics with a metallic sheen.

Curtains with lambrequins

Vintage is a combination of tenderness and naturalness. Curtains should be chosen from linen, cotton, chintz. The drawing should be small. Curtains should be long enough, flowing down, without unnecessary draperies. If the wall decoration is bright, then the shade of the curtains should be somewhat muted.

Art Deco style is modern and ostentatious. All this is also displayed in textiles. Curtains should be made from expensive fabrics such asvelvet, linen, brocade, silk. This design will look beautiful in the living room and rooms that face north.

Loft is a space that is not constrained by partitions. In such an interior, transparent tulle would be appropriate, and roller blinds can be attached to the frames themselves.

Fabric blinds, light curtains made of smooth fabric are well suited for a minimalist style.

Fancy curtains

Japanese curtains will be a new stylish solution. This option will help refresh the design of the apartment and is perfect for those who love the East, or just people with out-of-the-box thinking.

Japanese curtains

Japanese curtains are very comfortable, as they make it easy to regulate the flow of sunlight into the apartment. They are perfect for both the living room and the kitchen interior.

Masking window imperfections

How to decorate a window if it has some flaws? With curtains, they can be easily hidden. A narrow opening can mask the eaves. It should be at least 25 cm longer than the window opening on each side. In this case, you need to hang curtains on the window. Their width should be the same as the length of the cornice. Beautiful tiebacks can be used as decoration.

If the room is narrow, then the curtains should be as long as the windowsill or slightly lower. Do not clutter free space with complex decor.

For a low window, a ceiling cornice is the best solution.

Roman curtains

You can decorate the window very beautifully (photos of examples are inarticle), even if it is very large. To do this, you need to use curtains of a special cut. Colors are recommended to choose more saturated. Bright designs and inserts are also allowed.

Curtain decoration

You can beautifully decorate the window in the kitchen with curtains. The photo helps to see that the interior with them looks just fine. Lightweight fabric emphasizes lightness and simplicity, and also helps to freshen up the design.

Window decoration in the kitchen

In addition, they can be used in the bedroom, nursery, as well as the living room, which is designed in country style, Provence. Curtains can be simple and solid or have a pattern, such as an image of geometric shapes, flowers, abstract patterns. However, the fabric should not be too thick so that the light can penetrate well through the window.

Decoration of blinds

How to arrange a window in the kitchen? You can use blinds. This option has many advantages, as it is simple, practical, easy to use. With blinds you can easily adjust the degree of illumination. They are also distinguished by space saving, affordable cost and a wide choice of design solutions.


Blinds are appropriate in fusion, loft, pop art, high-tech interiors. Blinds can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the location of the slats. In addition, they can be made from different materials such as plastic, metal, bamboo, wood, fabric, fiberglass. In addition, a lotcolor solutions.

Window Decor

How to decorate a window in a room is of interest to everyone who wants to create an original interior. The opening can be additionally marked and made a beautiful accent by creating some framing with bright paint.

The stucco that surrounds the window around the perimeter looks beautiful and stylish. This will help to give the design a certain chic, thanks to which the room will acquire sophistication. Such a refined and elegant decor will be appropriate in the living rooms, decorated in baroque or rococo style.

Cornice will help create a single ensemble with curtains, if you choose it responsibly. It can be simply wooden, luxurious bronze, carved or creative, with non-standard shapes.

Fancy design ideas

Despite the variety of curtains, this window design option is not suitable for everyone. You can find a more original and unusual way of decorating that will help make the room more comfortable without using curtains.

How to arrange a window in the bedroom to give the interior style? To reign soft, pleasant lighting, you can use frosted glass. Direct sunlight is transformed and soft light enters the room, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Matte can be both all glass and its individual parts.

Creative, sophisticated people often use decorative stickers to decorate windows. How beautiful to decorate a window in a room made in a modern style? You can draw patterns on glass, write phrases and quotes. You can use color andwhite films with which to create a unique design.

Colorful beads hanging on threads will help make the window brighter and more original. The beads will shine beautifully and shimmer in the sun, attracting attention. For less brightness, you can use plastic or wooden beads. When decorating an interior in a marine style, shells are perfect. You can decorate the window by simply placing pots of beautiful plants on the windowsill.

Window space organization

To make the window not only beautifully designed, but also functional, you need to use all the free space around it. This is especially true for small rooms where every extra meter counts.

A wide window sill can replace a desk where you can conveniently place everything you need. You can also use it as a place to relax by making a comfortable sofa or armchair.

Window space can be surrounded by shelves for books, jewelry, toys, bedding.

Decoration of the opening with a balcony door

Balcony is a big advantage. It is used as a pantry, and also hang washed linen. It is important to correctly arrange the balcony window so that it looks stylish and is functional. Curtains are considered a good option, but when choosing them, you need to remember that the fabric will constantly come into contact with your hands and get dirty. The color and style must fully match the design of the room.

Curtains should be easy to remove and wash. Blinds can be an alternative, as well as Romancurtains.

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