Studio room with kitchen: photos of design ideas, design tips for the device

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Studio room with kitchen: photos of design ideas, design tips for the device
Studio room with kitchen: photos of design ideas, design tips for the device

After the same type of Khrushchev and Stalinka buildings, architects and designers, who received complete freedom of creativity, took up planning with enthusiasm: modern houses and apartments amaze with their shapes and interiors. With this wave of new things, studio apartments, so popular in the West and in America, also brought into the life of Russians. Accustomed, however, to walls and partitions, we still do not know for sure how to deal with them. Here are some interior ideas that will make your one-bedroom really chic.

Affordable housing for creative youth

Studios are apartments with no partitions between the kitchen and the main room. At the same time, the remaining rooms can be either separated by a wall or be part of the total area. In Russian building rules and regulations there is no clear definition for this type of apartment, and therefore studiossometimes called two-room apartments with a separate bedroom.

Initially, this layout was supposed to solve the problem of housing for the poor. The design was developed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the USA in the 1920s and quickly gained popularity among creative youth.

However, this was not the first attempt at writing in the world of studios: more than 100 years ago in Japan, they began to build capsule hostels for people who were forced to earn money in big cities far from their families. In the apartment compartments, the hard workers had everything they needed: a tiny kitchen on a couple of square meters, a bed, a closet and even their own bathroom.

From the budget to the elite

Life does not stand still, and with it all areas develop, including architecture and design. Tiny cubicle studios have been replaced by luxury apartments with large areas and a combined kitchen.

Open space, plenty of sunlight, huge floor-to-ceiling windows, a bar instead of a partition - all this has become a symbol of the zero studios. The symbolic separation made the dwelling not only habitable, but also quite cozy and comfortable.

Conservatives put a partition between the kitchen and the room in the studio, the more daring preferred the usual zoning. However, both options had an extremely positive effect on the entire interior as a whole.

For families and singles

Due to their low budget, the studios were originally designed exclusively for singles. But time put everything in its place. The third unprotected layer of the population after students andold people turned out to be young families with children.

It was they who, at the time of the studio boom, became the main buyers of combined apartments. And this is not surprising: statistics show that studios are on average 10-25% cheaper than regular one-room apartments in the same areas.

At first glance, this may seem illogical and strange, because in such an apartment, children will constantly crawl under their feet and interfere with adults in the kitchen area. Any… childless girl would say that. The mother will answer quite differently. Despite some inconvenience associated with the end of the day, the studio is almost ideal for families with toddlers.

Children, busy with their toys and other things found in the living room, will be under the constant supervision of the mother preparing dinner. They, in turn, will be able to see their own face, and therefore cry less and get nervous over trifles.

Unobvious cons

And yet, in addition to the positive aspects, the studio also has negative ones. And this is not only and not so much about problems with intimacy in the presence of children who can find you even in a 200-meter castle, not to mention the fact that their curious eyes will explore the life of their parents after lights out.

Kitchen is a source of smells, dirt and noise. There is too little pleasure in watching the new episode of "Game of Thrones" with the sizzling of meatballs and sniffing of the younger members of the family.

In the studio you will most likely be more likely to be haunted by greasy stains and streaks, soiled mirrors and the constant smell of food than in the usual "odnushka". However,if you are an eternal student or just a person immersed in work, whose only equipment in the kitchen is a coffee maker, then the studio is your choice.

Goals, plans and planning

Any specialist, before designing a studio room with a kitchen, will ask the owner about his favorite pastime, nature of work, goals and plans for the apartment.

Today there is no urgent need to overpay and involve a designer in the repair: all available information, examples and master classes are always on the Internet. It remains only to choose the interior you like and get down to business.

When drawing up a 3D project for your future apartment, take into account the available space: unfortunately, most Russian studios cannot boast of large sizes, so you should refuse bedside tables, beds and other bulky furniture. Instead, use built-in wardrobes and pull-out sofas. The bar counter is also good, which can not only visually divide the apartment into zones, but also serve as both a dining table and a place for evening games and activities for children.

But let's move from theory to practice.

Get rid of excess

First of all, you should understand that there are really few places and you will have to save on everything. Built-in appliances, suspended structures and minimalism - these are the three main principles for arranging a studio.

Zoning is nothing new in the world of modern design. When it comes to a small apartment, convenience comes to the fore, and style follows. However, even for tinyspaces, it is possible to arrange everything in such a way that the guests will take their breath away from the interior.

If the height of the ceilings allows you to organize the second floor - the bedroom, feel free to use this idea: this way you will win yourself a little more space on the first tier. If the apartment has standard parameters and it is impossible to use hinged structures, then take care of functional upholstered furniture, which can simultaneously act as a bed.

In a small studio, it is better to abandon tulle and curtains, as they visually steal an already scarce space. Use any type of blinds: roller, horizontal, vertical or roller blinds. So you can control the lighting in the room without unnecessary bulkiness.

Geometry and contrast

When it comes to a tiny studio, you have to work hard on the interior and lighting to create an open space effect. How? We'll tell you a little further, but for now, carefully consider the photo of a studio room with a kitchen of 18 square meters. Is it really hard to believe that everything you need fits in there? Small functional kitchen, spacious closet and sofa bed.

Studio apartment 18 sq m

In the studio there was even a place for a glass table. What is the secret of the airiness of space? When space is scarce, lighting is one of the keys to success. As a rule, in small rectangular studios, the window does not let in enough sunlight and creates a feeling of an oppressive atmosphere. This can be easily corrected by knowing a few design tricks:

Studio interior 18 sq m
  • Snow-white walls. A light background reflects more light and visually enlarges the space. In addition, the solid color draws attention away from the corners.
  • Dark furniture. In contrast to the light walls, the designer made the kitchen and the main shelving unit dark chocolate. This contrast adds chic to the interior.
  • Simple geometry. The tiny apartment is a perfectionist's paradise. Use the simplest geometric shapes and minimum details in your design.
  • Shiny surfaces, a glossy ceiling and LED spotlights will visually enlarge a small room.

Smart zoning

When designing a studio room with a kitchen, people often follow the pattern of trying to set up a separate cooking area when a separate bedroom should have been considered in the first place.

Studio apartment 25 sq m

In the design variant shown in the photo, a full-height curtain visually separates the bedroom from the kitchen-living room. In such an interior, one cannot do without additional sources of lighting in the functional area.

Apartment design 25 sq m

As a kind of partition, you can use both a curtain and blinds. In addition, transformable partitions and mobile walls can be found on the market today, which are easy to install and do not take up much space.

A dream come true

Did you dream as a child of a bunk bed from which you could, like a king,look around their modest possessions? Then a high bed under the ceiling in the interior of a studio room with a kitchen is what you need. Similar designs can be quite simple, made on the basis of shelving from Ikea. Or they can be part of a complex structure using drywall.

Bed in a studio apartment

In any case, this layout saves space, but the main condition for its implementation is high ceilings.

Bedroom Loft

Space optimization

And yet, most owners of such apartments are concerned about the question of how to separate the kitchen from the room in the studio. One of the solutions to the problem is a bar counter. This zoning option can be used in both small and large apartments. In addition, the surface of the counter can be used as both a dining area and a work area.

Visual division of space

Functional design

If you have purchased or rented an apartment and are thinking about how to separate the kitchen from the room in the studio apartment, then IKEA will always come to your aid. Callax shelving has proven to be one of the best space dividers and optimizers.

Shelving "Ikea"

By purchasing it, you will not only be able to zone the space, but also get an incredible amount of free space: shelves that can be filled with both plug-in structures and just things.

To one of the undoubted advantages of this shelf you canattribute it to "airiness": it does not overload the interior at all and at the same time serves as a good delimiter.

Transparency and lightness

One of the best options for zoning in the interior of a studio room with a kitchen is in the photo below.

Glass in the interior

Of course it's glass. It practically does not take up space, does not overload the space and, meanwhile, creates an excellent barrier. Many designers use frosted glass in their projects, as it perfectly hides the intimate sleeping area from prying eyes and adds sophistication to the interior.

We must not forget that such parts are not recommended for use in apartments where children live.

Crowded, but not offended

Despite the fact that small-sized stage apartments are mostly not suitable for living with children, many families manage to huddle three or even four together on 25 square meters. meters.

Children demand a small piece of personal space where they can lay out their belongings and just feel safe. Unfortunately, in such cases it is almost impossible to give each family member a corner.

Family studio apartment

Pay attention to the top photo. In the design of a studio room with a kitchen, the bed is a design designed for two adults and one child. It, as a rule, is placed in the center of the room and helps to visually divide the room into children's and adult bedrooms. In such interiors, space for the kitchen and dining table remains critical.few. Therefore, many people prefer a folding bed that can be easily snapped onto the wall as soon as the sun rises.

Kitchen-dining room

Using a free-standing work surface is one trick that works to divide a studio into a room and a kitchen.

Studio apartment design

This cabinet is slightly wider than a standard bar counter and has the ability to mount a sink or hob. Some people use a free-standing work surface as a dining table or a space for evening activities and family games.

It is recommended to hang a small lamp or LED lamp above this design to create maximum illumination.

Studio turns… into an elegant apartment

This article presents a lot of photos of the interiors of studio rooms with a kitchen. The main principle of arranging such dwellings is a minimum of things, a maximum of zoning.

To divide the space, you can use various finishing materials, paints, curtains, partitions, screens and even shelves. So, for example, the kitchen area can be tiled, and the adjacent room can be laid with laminate. It is desirable to paint the walls in a single light color.

Living in a limited area provides abundant food for the development of imagination and the implementation of the most daring ideas and plans.

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