Living room interior: photo, modern ideas

Living room interior: photo, modern ideas
Living room interior: photo, modern ideas

The living room in the house can be a separate room or combine the functions of a kitchen, dining room, bedroom or office. But whatever the purpose of the space, I want it to be not only functional, but also beautiful. In the article you will find new ideas and useful tips for arranging the interior of the living room and photos of ready-made solutions.

Modern living room design trends

Thinking about the next renovation, many are lost, what finishing materials to choose, what colors to use in the interior, in what style to decorate this or that room. In search of an answer to these questions, apartment owners turn to modern interior trends. Unlike, for example, fashion for clothes, haircuts or accessories, trends in the world of interior design do not change so often. And this is understandable. It's easier to change a hairstyle or wardrobe than to remodel an apartment or house.

Following fashion is good, but no less, and maybe even more important, that you like the look, content and interior and reflect your condition. After all, you not only expose this room“for show” to guests, but also spend quite a lot of time in it with your family and alone with yourself. As for current trends, we highlight the following points.

The more space and light, the better

To do this, designers are advised to install panoramic windows. And for small apartments, it would be appropriate to combine the living room with neighboring rooms (kitchen, corridor or hallway). These techniques will help create a spacious, bright interior of a modern living room. A photo of such a solution is presented below.

Bright living room interior

No partitions

Often, living rooms are functionally combined with other rooms (dining room, bedroom, office), but the use of various screens and partitions is not welcome. Zoning occurs through the arrangement of furniture, the use of different textures and lighting.

Environmental friendly and safe

These trends will always be in fashion. Safe finishing materials, furniture, lighting and textiles are not only a tribute to fashion, but also a reasonable choice for owners of apartments and houses. The choice in favor of sustainability is also partly a matter of safety, but also a tribute to the fashion for natural materials.

Reasonable minimalism

Continuing the idea of ​​free space, designers prefer interiors that are not burdened with a lot of furniture and decor items. Furniture should be exactly as much as is required for the comfort of the owner of the living room. In the photo - the idea of ​​​​a modern interior without excess furniture and decor.

Discreet living room interior


This trend is especially true for small living rooms. Thanks to light tones, the room is visually enlarged and filled with light. So that the interior of the living room does not look boring, designers advise using separate bright elements - paintings, pillows and rugs, decor elements.

Mix styles

Fusion is back in fashion, but in a more restrained way. It is recommended to combine styles close in direction. This gives more room for imagination and does not limit the owners in the choice of materials and shapes.

Exclusive items

This does not mean at all that you need to spend an impressive amount on the purchase of a designer "thing". Such a thing can be done independently from improvised means. If it differs in style and color from the main interior, it will even give a special charm to the whole image of the living room. You will find a photo of the interior with the "designer" thing below.

Exclusive item in the interior

Simplicity replaces luxury

This trend will especially appeal to those who are not ready to spend a lot of money on the arrangement of the main room. An interesting modern living room interior can be done even on a limited budget. The main thing is to show imagination and not be lazy.

Interior styles

As for the style, the classics prevail in the design of the living room. But it is rare to find an apartment or even a room made in the same style. Some styles have remained popular over the years, while others have fallen out of favor. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages - from strict andrestrained hi-tech to cozy Provence. Let's take a look at popular and timeless living room interior styles.


The name itself says a lot about this style. Hi-tech (High Tech) - high technology. Such a living room will be distinguished by functionality, the use of advanced technologies, strict lines and a minimum of decor. The decoration is dominated by glass and metal. This young style appeared 35-40 years ago, as a kind of modern style. In terms of fullness, hi-tech is similar to minimalism.

Classic style

Almost the complete opposite of high-tech style will be classic style. The base is pastel colors. Finishing materials emphasize the status and we alth of the family. Parquet, laminate, stucco, painting - these are all attributes of the classical style. There are a lot of decorative elements: mirrors in beautiful massive frames, elegant candlesticks, paintings and figurines.

living room in classic style

Scandinavian style

This style has been gaining popularity lately. Scandinavian living room interior design involves a large amount of space and light. For residents of Russia, especially the northern regions, this technique is very relevant due to the long winter with short daylight hours. Here's what else to consider when decorating a living room in this style:

  1. The interior is dominated by white. It is used to paint floors, ceilings, walls and even furniture.
  2. Preference is given to wood in the decoration of the room. Moreover, it should be painted in a light color.
  3. The use of forging in interior items. Furniture elements, photo frames, chandelier can be made of iron.
  4. There is never a lot of light in a Scandinavian interior. This applies to both natural lighting and artificial lighting. Even the curtains on the windows are a rare element in the interior of this style.
  5. The style is characterized by minimalism. There are not a lot of decor items and furniture. The Scandinavian living room is practical and functional.
Living room in Scandinavian style

Provence style living room

This French rustic style has appealed to many Russians. There are no color restrictions here, but light colors predominate. Provence is typical:

  • artificially aged furniture;
  • painted brick wall;
  • textiles with floral motifs;
  • wooden and clay decor items;
  • embroidery and lace.

Industrial loft style

This rather young style is preferred, as a rule, by young people. For adults and the elderly, it may seem out of place for the interior of the living room in the house. The loft style is characterized by elements of non-residential premises (factory, workshop). Ideally, a former production facility is converted into a living space. Hence the style attributes:

  • lack of decoration on the walls, in whole or in part;
  • brick walls;
  • use rough boards for floor or walls;
  • availability of industrial furniture (machines, racks, tables).
Loft style living room

Art Deco

This style is distinguished by palatiality, sophistication and at the same time pomposity. Art Deco style will suit a spacious living room with high ceilings. Large paintings and posters stand out against the light walls. Expensive materials are used in decoration and decor items (precious wood, ivory, crocodile skin).

In the interior of the living room, made in the Art Deco style, the use of original works of world art is common. Walls and textiles can be decorated with drawings. It can be geometric shapes, zigzag patterns, stylized ethnic ornaments.

Design of a living room combined with a kitchen

Few of the inhabitants of our country can boast of spacious apartments, and even more so a large kitchen. If there is no desire to huddle in a tiny room, then you can’t do without alteration. In this case, the logical solution would be to combine the kitchen with the living room. How best to organize such an interior will be discussed further.

Whether you decide to combine the kitchen with the living room for greater comfort, or you are just a lover of open space, it is important to skillfully combine such different areas. Consider a few ideas for a modern living room interior, combined with a cooking and eating area. To conveniently and beautifully zone the space, use the recommendations:

  1. The easiest way to visually divide the space is to install a bar counter. A partially abandoned wall can act as it. Finishing the bar counter can be done with wood, stone ormaterials that mimic them.
  2. If the ceiling height allows, then you can place the kitchen and living room at different levels. It would be appropriate here to both raise the kitchen and deepen it. In the first case, wires and pipes will successfully hide under the podium, and in the second case, it will be more convenient to keep it clean.
  3. Another trick is the demarcation with the help of the so-called island. They can serve as a dining table, a free-standing rounded bar counter or a countertop designed for cutting products.
  4. A small opening left in the place of the former wall will perfectly cope with the task of zoning. You can decorate it with wooden beams or simply paint it in a contrasting color. And if you install lamps there, this will additionally divide the space.
  5. Aquarium and fresh flowers are a good idea for a living room interior in any case. And perfect for dividing spaces.
  6. If you still want to hide the kitchen area from your eyes from time to time, then curtains, screens and partitions will help. Here you can experiment with materials and textures, making them the highlight of the interior.

Living-Bedroom Design

More common is the combination of living room and bedroom. This is especially true for one-room apartments, where the owners simply have no other choice. Modern trends also support this idea.

The first thing to worry about when thinking about the interior of the bedroom-living room is the zoning of space. The room will be divided into two zones: intimate and common. Designers recommend that the bedroom take a place atwindows and as far as possible from the entrance to the room. In addition, this place should not be passable.

To divide the interior space of a living room combined with a bedroom, the most common use of various partitions. They can be made of drywall, use glass, decorative forging or wood. A partition in the form of a rack without a backdrop solves two problems at once - it zones the room and allows you to place the necessary things and decor items. This technique will be a good solution especially for a small room, because the space is functionally used, and will not be wasted.

It's a good idea to use a podium to organize the sleeping area. It can be placed both on top and hidden under the podium. For the second case, choose a bed on wheels to easily get and hide a bed. And the space on the podium is suitable for an office or a recreation area. The use of a multi-level floor is a popular design technique not only for combined rooms, but also as an original living room interior idea. In the photo - a good example of the use of the podium.

Using the podium in the interior

You can separate two zones without the help of partitions. Different floor and wall coverings, different in color and texture, visually divide the room. When choosing an interior color palette, try not to use sharply contrasting colors. It will be difficult to stay in such a room for a long time. It is better to give preference to different tones of the same color.

And last but not least, lighting. For combinedrooms, it should not be the same, that is, hanging one chandelier in the middle of the room is, of course, not an option. The chandelier is suitable for the living area in combination with wall and ceiling lamps. For the bedroom area, use the subdued light of bedside lamps, sconces, floor lamps.

Interior of small living rooms

Small space can be inconvenient, but at the same time it can feel cozy and secure. It all depends on how well thought out the interior. To visually enlarge the space, designers advise using mirrors, as well as carefully approaching the design of windows and doors.

Properly placed mirrors or mirrored surfaces will visually expand the room, and open windows will fill the room with light and give lightness to the room. Doors are better to choose sliding. They not only save space, but also add square meters to a small living room when open.

As for furniture, it is better to give preference to transformer models, as well as built-in modules. Choose light colors with glass and mirror elements. Keep in mind that large things are not suitable for a small room, and bright colors are inappropriate here.

There is no single correct answer to the question of how to equip the interior of the main room of an apartment or house. Much depends on the features of the layout, functions and size of the room. But it is much more important that the new space meets your requirements, is functional, comfortable and pleasant. After all, the hall is the place where you relax afterwork day and keep in touch with family and friends.

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