Combination of wallpapers in the interior: ideas, options, recommendations

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Combination of wallpapers in the interior: ideas, options, recommendations
Combination of wallpapers in the interior: ideas, options, recommendations

Wallpaper has long been considered the most common finish for walls and ceilings. They are presented in a large assortment. You can purchase simple paper, vinyl, acrylic, non-woven and other options. Also on sale are offered a variety of wallpaper colors, which greatly expands the design possibilities. Their installation is easy. Recently, a combination of two or more types is increasingly used. Such a design solution allows you to enliven the space, fill it with a bright mood, originality and unusualness. There are several rules for composing compositions. They will be discussed later. It is important to familiarize yourself with them, as this will allow you to create a harmonious design. The combination of wallpaper in the interior is accompanied by some difficulties. They consist in the correct selection of texture, pattern and color. This article will help you understand the intricacies of design.

wallpaper combination


First of all, let's understand what is combination? This concept implies the manifestation of creative creativity. Surprisingly, it is possible to combine even, at first glance, incompatible options. This combination of wallpaper will create bright unusual accents. It is worth noting that the design of space with the help of several canvases is a rather bold decision. That is why it is important to carefully select options for composing compositions.

All professionals advise to have an idea of ​​the final result before implementing creative ideas, as they may not always be successful. And given that the room is used for relaxation (for example, a bedroom or a children's room), then people living in it may experience discomfort if the combination of colors or ornaments is incorrect.

wallpaper in the hallway

Visual effects

It is important to understand that in small rooms a combination of wallpaper with a gloomy tint range and a large pattern is unacceptable. Because of this decoration, the room will seem even cramped and, of course, will not bring moral satisfaction. However, if you choose the right color scheme and the ornament of the paintings, you can get the following visual effects:

  • visual increase in the volume of the room;
  • planning adjustments;
  • hide uneven surfaces and corners;
  • space zoning;
  • emphasis;
  • optimum light distribution;
  • drawing clear boundaries of style.

Where can I use combined wallpaper?

Many people are interested in which room this type of decoration can be used. The most common options are living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens. However, qualified designers argue that you should not be limited only to these rooms. For example, murals in the hallway are an excellent solution, especially if you use a 3D image. Thanks to this solution, not only a creative design of the space is created, but also the volume of the room visually increases. The complexity of the hallway lies in the presence of a large number of doors. This is what makes it so difficult to decorate. And the right finish will help hide this defect.

The combination of wallpapers in the office looks no less impressive. With its help, you can create the necessary environment that will contribute to the maximum concentration of attention on important points.

For children's rooms, such options are also relevant. First of all, thanks to this solution, you can make a harmonious zoning of space, dividing it into several parts: for playing, relaxing and studying. The important thing is that in each of them a special mood is created with the help of certain colors and ornaments.

striped wallpaper in the interior

Optimal choice

Which combination of wallpapers will look harmonious? The variety of options is united by several rules. The key factors in composing compositions are the design style, the size of the room and the lighting. All of them affect the choice of color scheme.and picture.

What else is recommended to pay attention to? For an invoice. There are two combination options: embossed canvases with smooth and the same type. In the second case, the combination of two types of wallpaper is carried out according to the principle of tint range. If the emphasis should be placed on the relief of the texture, then it is recommended to choose canvases of the same color.

It is important to understand that even in such a matter as choosing wallpaper combinations, you need to listen to the advice of professionals. They strongly recommend paying attention to the quality of the canvases, color fastness and strength of the surface layer. It is from these criteria that the operational life of the finish will depend.

Combination options

Combining wallpaper by color can be divided into several options.

  1. According to the spectrum. In this technique, the combination of wallpaper colors is carried out according to the principle of combining shades of one palette. For example, all shades of blue - from light to dark, red - from pink to burgundy, etc.
  2. Balanced chroma. The composition is made up of bright wallpapers (allowed with a pattern) and plain ones. As a rule, attention is concentrated only on one wall, so canvases with an ornament are chosen for it, and the rest of the surfaces are decorated with a shade in which the pattern is made. Thanks to this solution, it becomes possible to create a harmonious interior.
  3. Combination of wallpaper in two colors (duet). For such combinations, you can use different shades of canvases, but at the same time united by a similar pattern. For example, geometric shapes, floral motifs andother.
  4. Contrasts. This combination is used in rooms where it is necessary to divide a single space into zones. There is a bright transition between the two types of canvases. It is important in such rooms to choose one color as dominant. As a rule, preference is given to neutral tones. And bright and saturated shades are ideal as accents.
  5. patterned wallpaper

Option 1: vertical lines

Professionals offer many ideas for combining wallpaper in the interior. Let's look at the most common options.

The first one that deserves attention is the vertical lines. For these purposes, striped wallpapers are ideal. In the interior, they look quite impressive. You can use vertical stripes of different sizes, textures and colors. This pattern allows you to visually raise the ceiling. When choosing this type of finish, it is recommended not to break the sequence, as this can lead to imbalance. The optimal repetition step is one or two canvases. It is important to remember that the narrower the stripes, the higher the ceiling will appear.

In order for the surface of the wall to look harmonious and complete, it is better to use moldings at the joints. They will allow you to set clear boundaries. An excellent option are stripes made in the same color, but of different saturation. If the room is not very large, then you can compose a composition with plain wallpaper, which will somewhat balance the effect produced. For large areas, canvases with a pattern are suitable, both large and small.

Toto create a unique interior, it is enough to paste the wallpaper in the correct sequence. For example, consider the design of a standard living room. Light green wallpaper without a pattern can be used in the corners and on the central wall, and striped canvases can be glued on the remaining surfaces. The main shade, in this case light green, should be either the base or the color of the stripes themselves. A fairly common option is to decorate only one wall with plain wallpaper, the rest can be made striped or vice versa. Then in the second case, the space will be less saturated.

Option 2: horizontal lines

Striped wallpaper in the interior can be used not only in a vertical arrangement, but also in a horizontal one. Thanks to this, visually increase the volume of the room.

This method consists in the fact that the canvases are combined along a horizontal line. For clarity, you can use moldings or borders. It is important not to neglect the combination of the color palette, as well as pay attention to the texture. The principle of gluing may be different. For example, apply horizontal stripes to the entire wall or just one part in a 2:1 ratio. When using this method, it is necessary to alternate the canvases, observing the pattern in color or ornament. The step height can be changed depending on the layout, furniture, room size. The main thing is to remember that the joints between the canvases should be as even as possible. As a guideline, as a rule, the ceiling level is taken.

This wallpaper looks best in the interior of a bedroom or kitchen. Usually,the kitchen space is not large, so the horizontal strip will significantly increase the volume of the room. When choosing such a finish, different types of canvases are harmoniously combined. For example, the upper part of the wall can be pasted over with paper wallpaper, and at the bottom, use denser options - non-woven, vinyl, acrylic. They are resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage, so the decor will have its original appearance for a long time.

wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom

Option number 3: composition of inserts

Not every room layout is perfect. However, with the right choice of decor, the features of a particular space can be turned into advantages. For example, plain wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom will look rather boring, and using too bright options is also not recommended, since a person is likely to experience discomfort. In such situations, small inserts can be used. They will play the role of paintings or panels. It is preferable for such a decor to highlight a free wall on which mirrors, shelves and other items will not be located. It is also advisable not to force it with tall furniture.

The best ideas of professionals that are already implemented in interiors are options with large ornaments. You can also play with texture. For this, heavy wallpapers, such as vinyl or non-woven, are perfect. In order for the insert to be plausibly reminiscent of a painting, it is recommended to frame it. For these purposes, you can use both wood, gypsum, and artificialmodern materials. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that the inserts must fully match the style of the room.

wallpaper colors

Option 4: patchwork technique

The patchwork technique is currently popular. It is a decoration of surfaces with shreds. For this technique, different colors of wallpaper are suitable. You can combine both plain canvases and with a pattern. In creating these interiors, you do not need to use strict rules. All fragments can be completely different. The only limitation is the invoice. It is in this matter that it is necessary to achieve maximum harmony.

The interior, which uses patchwork technique, is built on accents and contrast. Therefore, do not hold back in fantasies. Brightness, eccentricity and saturation are welcome.

If the room is intended for relaxation (bedroom, children's room), then it is recommended to choose discreet wallpaper with a pattern. Such a space should not have a psychological burden. As a rule, attention is concentrated on only one wall, otherwise there is a chance of overdoing the room.

To compose compositions, you can use different geometric shapes. Squares are classic. The most original look triangles, rhombuses, polyhedra. In order for the space to look harmonious as a whole, it is worth observing a certain pattern in the alternation of shreds.

Option number 5: decorating niches and ledges

You can often meetlayout of rooms with niches and protruding corners. Many consider this a disadvantage. However, with the original finish, they will easily become the highlight of this space, giving it a special sophistication. If the room is dominated by a monochromatic decor, then it is recommended to use bright wallpaper with a pattern for niches, and it can be both small and large.

A good option would be to use a variety of colors. For fragments, the most daring solutions are suitable, such as red, orange, light green and others. The canvas with a bright plot also looks original. It is important to understand that such a finish will become an accent, so the rest of the items will be an addition.

combination of wallpaper in two colors

Option 6: photo wallpaper

For a significant transformation of the room, photo wallpapers are used. With the right choice of image, you can achieve different effects. Surprisingly, these canvases are ideal for any style. A wide selection allows you not to be limited in decor. The plot of the image plays an important role. It is he who will allow you to set the mood for the space, fill it with originality and draw a clear theme. For example, you can choose wallpaper in the hallway with the image of huge megacities, for the kitchen, options with dishes are suitable, for the bedroom - with flowers, sea expanses, for the children's room - any cartoon characters, fairy tales.

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