Red wallpaper in the interior of residential premises

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Red wallpaper in the interior of residential premises
Red wallpaper in the interior of residential premises

Red is a natural tone. It is often found in nature. However, psychologists say that it should be used very carefully in the interior. Why is that? This is due to the fact that the red palette belongs to the class of natural irritants. It is able to increase the vitality of a person. It has been proven that if you are surrounded by red color, blood circulation improves. And this leads to increased physical and mental activity.

Red color in the interior

Despite all the positive aspects of red light, it is rarely used in the interior. This is mainly due to some factors. First of all, it is very difficult to find a harmonious combination. For example, red wallpaper itself is quite bright, so the rest of the palette should be only neutral shades.

Naturally, the wall decoration will be dominant, which can lead to severe irritation over time. Bright and active colors, to which red belongs, quicklyget bored. And if you buy wallpaper in these colors, then you need to be prepared that soon you will have to re-do repairs.

It is also quite important to choose the right shade, because the red palette offers a lot of options: from delicate and soft to dark and very saturated. If you make a mistake in this nuance, then the result will be simply terrible, and it is often not possible to correct it.

red wallpaper


Red wallpaper in the interior is ideal for those rooms where people spend little time, such as in the hallway. Even the brightest colors can be used here. Basically, the choice of shade is influenced by the illumination and dimensions of the room.

It must be remembered that a dark tone visually reduces the space, and a light tone, on the contrary, increases it. If the hallway is large and bright, then the red wallpaper will bring a festive mood. Just imagine that, returning from a long day at work, you find yourself in a bright and positive room. Naturally, this will immediately cheer you up and restore lost strength. Any person will not have a trace of despondency and fatigue.

Red wallpaper in the hallway will be ideally combined with noble wooden furniture. It can be both dark colors and light. It is recommended to use light blotches of white light on the walls. This will neutralize the red somewhat and balance its effect.

red wallpaper photo


In the kitchen, red wallpapers (see the article for photos of examples) will also look perfect.Any variations are suitable for decoration: with and without a pattern, bright or, conversely, delicate, light or dark. The main thing here is to pay attention to external factors. For example, on which side are the windows. If in the south, it is recommended to give preference to a calmer tone.

Dark shades of red are also suitable for such rooms. When using the latter option, you need to pay attention to the palette of the kitchen set. It would be better if it acts as an accent, for example, it will be white or gray. It is not recommended to abuse combinations with black, as this can provoke some aggression.

For rooms with windows facing north, you can experiment. As a rule, such kitchens receive little daylight, so the wall decoration is given a brightness that will create a feeling of sunlight. For such purposes, use a combination of red with orange or yellow. However, we must remember that with rich and bright tones it is necessary to be extremely careful. Furniture and other accessories are better to choose more neutral colors.

wallpaper red

Living room

This room can rightly be called the most important room in the house. That is why even the slightest oversights should not be allowed in its decoration. If the living room is used only for its intended purpose, then red wallpaper on the walls will be quite appropriate. Choosing the right combinations, you can achieve not only uniqueness, but also a sense of we alth and grandeur. For such purposes, noble shades of red are ideal, for exampleBordeaux. If you choose wallpaper with a pattern made with gold paints, then the living room will resemble the queen's chambers.

Of course, moments with lighting and room size are also undesirable to ignore. For example, if you choose a dark red color for wall decoration in a small space, it will only aggravate the perception. In such cases, it would be most correct to combine two types of wallpaper, for example, the lower part of the wall is dark red, and the upper one is lighter.

red wallpaper in the interior


Red wallpaper is rarely used in this room. The only thing that can be suggested is only to highlight a certain part of the wall. This solution is used if it is necessary to visually correct the space. For example, the room is long but narrow, then the farthest wall is covered with bright red wallpaper, and for the rest, a calmer color scheme is selected.

In general, psychologists do not recommend red decoration in the bedroom. However, if there is a desire to use this palette, then it would be better to present it in small patches. Such a room will give mood.

Children's room

This is the only room where red is strongly discouraged. Why is that? After all, the child spends almost all the time in these walls. And as you know, at a young age, children themselves are very active and mobile, so they simply cannot fall asleep surrounded by red walls. There can be only one exception - when the child is passive.

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