Classics in the interior of the bedroom: photos of modern interiors

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Classics in the interior of the bedroom: photos of modern interiors
Classics in the interior of the bedroom: photos of modern interiors

Classic bedroom design suits calm and balanced people. This direction has been popular for about four hundred years. Although, of course, over this long period of time it has managed to transform somewhat, to incorporate modern trends. Classics in the interior of the bedroom has its own canons and rules. Giving preference to this direction, you need to clearly know what you can experiment with and what should remain unchanged.

bedroom in classic style

What to focus on

In the interior of the bedroom, the classic should look as harmonious as possible. Firstly, it will help a person achieve a state of inner peace, promote quality rest and sleep, and secondly, emphasize his sense of style and striving for excellence.

bedroom classic interior

Modern classicism is considered a successful combination of several styles: frombaroque luxury with elements of rococo to the refined austerity of the empire style. All these directions are intertwined into a single whole that meets the following requirements:

  • Warm color palette, but rather strict, without obvious contrasts and color transitions.
  • Symmetry of all elements.
  • Only natural furniture materials. Even a high-quality imitation will visually stand out from this style.
  • In addition to beauty, luxury and naturalness, it is important to maintain the comfort of the room's decoration.
  • All elements must obey the "rational" principle, that is, do not clutter up the room or, conversely, leave too much free space.

What makes a direction?

The classics in the interior of the bedroom does not end with the purchase of a spacious bed with a beautiful headboard or a dressing table. Proper selection of furniture is only part of a huge process, which includes finishing the ceiling, walls and floor, selection of accessories and decor details, competent placement of all these elements.

classic interior dark colors

For more inspiration, you can always see photos of modern classics in the interior of the bedroom. This will help you get a visual idea of ​​the desired direction.

Classics in bedroom interior: furniture

One of the typical features of this direction is the need to assemble a complete set of furniture. Such headsets always look massive, have a solid appearance with graceful legs and beautiful handles. Beds are usually largehigh headboards.

Modern classics in the interior of the bedroom requires adherence to certain canons when choosing furniture. For example, you need to give preference to models with mirrors. In this case, all mirror surfaces in the room should be located symmetrically. This will help create visual balance and harmony in the room.

In addition, the bed is the central element of the interior. It should be a wide double. Also often in the bedroom as an additional resting place there is an elegant sofa with internal storage compartments, but sofas and armchairs are not suitable here.

No less important place in the appearance of the room is occupied by bedside tables. For this direction, both bedside tables with drawers and hinged doors are suitable.

When choosing a wardrobe, it is better to give preference to double-leaf options with swing doors. The classic style in the interior of the bedroom in the photo below demonstrates the possibility of combining wardrobes with more traditional elements of the direction, but, as a rule, it is not so easy to achieve a harmonious combination.

interior bedroom classic

The chest of drawers is a functional detail, and in this direction it must be present. In addition to its direct purpose, the top of the chest of drawers can serve as a "stand" for decorative elements, photo frames, flower vases.

Modern classics in the interior of the bedroom does not provide for a desktop. Instead, there is an elegant dressing table with a mirror and a chair or pouf next to it. You can also givepreference for a massive wooden dressing table.

When choosing pouffes or chairs, you need to pay attention to the upholstery: its color, material, combination with other textile elements. To add more comfort to the bedroom, there are large beautiful decorative pillows on the bed. There should be three, four, five or six. This style requires it.

modern classic bedroom interior

Ideally, all the furniture should have been antique. But more often people prefer antique headsets. Not everyone wants to bring second-hand furniture into their home.

Wall decoration

The color scheme of furniture and overall design in the interior of a classic bedroom gravitates towards a warm palette. Traditionally, these are various shades of beige, sand, burgundy, chocolate, olive and cream. In fact, there are no strict restrictions on the color palette, but one important rule must be observed: colors should not contrast with each other. Smooth transitions and soft gradients help avoid dissonance.

Of course, photo wallpapers or photo panels in classic design are not used. If, for the sake of experiment, you still decide to add something "personal", then it is better to give preference to something less "aggressive", but it is more reliable to simply trust the proven elements and solutions.

Finishing the floor

One of the most traditional flooring materials in a classic bedroom is marble. True, such a surface requires mandatory heating. But even when it is installed, the floor is visually the samewill look cold and uncomfortable. In addition, the cost of such material is very high.

bedroom interior classic tips

In the photo of the interior of a bedroom in a classic style, you can most often see parquet. And in the presence of funds for its acquisition and installation, it is most reliable to give preference to it.

Firstly, parquet is considered a warm material. Secondly, it is still a natural tree, which means it will help make the room more comfortable. A wide variety of textures and colors will allow you to choose the perfect option without difficulty.

The main competitor of parquet is laminate. This material is beautiful, practical, hardy and not so expensive. Modern versions of laminate in their external characteristics are not inferior to parquet, besides, it can be laid with your own hands. Laminate flooring is also easier to care for.

A few words about the ceiling

Ideal ceiling - with artistic painting framed by elegant stucco. In order to save money or in the absence of the possibility to decorate it with painting, you can limit yourself to painting and also supplement it with friezes or stucco.

Popular classic style suspended ceilings are acceptable. The main thing is to use them wisely and not to burden them with unnecessary decorative elements.

Classic in bedroom interior: light

A ceiling chandelier is considered a desirable piece of furniture in a classic bedroom. It can be made of both traditional crystal and fabric lampshade.

The chandelier can always be completed with a couple of wall sconces, bedside lamps andsuitable table lamps.

Textile as an important detail

The wood in the classic bedroom design is complemented by an abundance of textiles. Usually these are curtains, but there may also be a canopy over the bed, fabric wallpaper or decorative bedspreads. The color of textiles must be maintained in the general color scheme. But curtains are usually decorated with lots of cords, tassels and fringes. The same elements can often be found on other textile interior items.

classic bedroom interiors

Classics in the interior and design of the bedroom allows you to use transparent curtains that are very popular today. The same applies to the canopy, if any. Often it is made airy, light and translucent, and heavy dense fabric is used only on the upper edging of the frame.

Summing up

Modern classics in the interior of the bedroom - it's beauty and grace without sacrificing comfort. It will not be difficult to pick up all the necessary elements, since this style has been, is and will be popular for many more years. It may be quite expensive to design in this direction, but it's worth it. This direction has two huge advantages. Firstly, it will always be in fashion, which means that these costs can be called a cash investment. Secondly, such a design is unlikely to tire your eyes even after 10-15 years.

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