Where to place a mirror in the bedroom? Mirrors in the interior of the bedroom: photos, recommendations

Where to place a mirror in the bedroom? Mirrors in the interior of the bedroom: photos, recommendations
Where to place a mirror in the bedroom? Mirrors in the interior of the bedroom: photos, recommendations

Everyone knows the fact that mirrors can visually enlarge the space. This property is very useful for small rooms. Therefore, it is often used by designers. A mirror in the bedroom is especially in demand. After all, here it adds solemnity and luxury to the interior.

bedroom mirror

Mirror functionality

As many say, the bedroom is where the magic happens. Therefore, every little thing for the interior must be selected carefully and tastefully.

There was a time when such a design element as a bedroom mirror was not given much importance. Most often it was in a wardrobe, hidden from view. But in recent years, after the advent of the European style, the mirror has gained more importance in the interior. It began to be used to increase space and create a more intimate atmosphere in the break room.

This room features oval-shaped mirrors and under-mirror dressing tables.

Correct with the style of the room

Mirror in the bedroom (the photos in the review show successfuldesigner's solutions) must perform certain functions and meet the requirements. The accessory is selected so that it is easy to use and does not contrast with the overall design of the room.

bedroom mirror photo

A small reminder will help you choose a mirror in accordance with the style of the interior:

  1. Classic style has oval and rectangular shapes. The mirror in the frame will fit perfectly into the bedroom, designed in strict lines. The edging of the accessory can be with a floral ornament.
  2. Provence style corresponds to round or oval mirrors.
  3. Frames are not welcome in high-tech. Mirrors are used in strict forms. If the frame is still present, then it should be silver.
  4. According to the Japanese style, the shape of the mirror should be geometrically correct. The edging of the accessory is thin, made in dark shades.
  5. Empire style cannot do without gilding and carved frames.
  6. In Gothic and Baroque, preference is given to oval mirrors framed in carved frames.
  7. The edging of the accessory with simple uncomplicated patterns matches the ethnic style.

Mirror durability

If you want your bedroom mirror to last as long as possible, you should choose a silver base. Having stinted and giving preference to aluminum, you can not count on a long service life. Such mirrors darken quickly.

The silver base also includes a polymer coating and copper. They provide additional protection for reflectivesurface.

wall mirrors in the bedroom

How are mirrors placed?

After choosing an accessory, the question arises: where to place it? Sometimes this becomes a real problem. Many do not want to hang a mirror in front of the bed. And the reason for this was the Slavic superstitions and traditions of Chinese Feng Shui. According to them, a mirror located opposite the bed does not allow the sleeper to get rid of negative energy, reflecting it and returning it back. Some believe that this accessory in the bedroom does not have a place at all. In the modern world, psychologists have also come to this opinion. It is better that the mirrors do not reflect the bed. Then they will not disturb the person's peace, there will be no feeling of "peeping".

From the point of view of designers:

  1. Mirror should not be conspicuous and play a major role in the room.
  2. If there is a desire to place several mirrors in the room, then they should be small.
  3. The author's design of mirrors will emphasize the uniqueness of the interior and make it more comfortable.
  4. To add luxury and sophistication to the interior, mirrors in the Empire or Baroque style are best suited. Such a mirror is placed above the bed in the bedroom corresponding to the style direction.
  5. If the task of the accessory is convenience and comfort, then it can be placed where you are used to dressing.
  6. In addition to individual mirrors, you can install a whole wall. It will maximize the space and add light. In addition, it can be not just a wall, but wardrobe doors.
  7. If you want to visuallyincrease the height of the room, you can use mirrored ceilings.
bedroom framed mirror

Feng Shui Placement

Most often, topics about the number and place of mirrors in homes are discussed by experts in feng shui and psychology.

The first ones are convinced that the mirror in the bedroom is an energy vampire. Especially if it is located opposite the bed. Such a mirror absorbs the energy of the one who is sleeping. In a dream, people are defenseless. Many nations attribute magical properties and the ability to communicate with other worlds to these accessories. The reliability of this information is unknown, but no one disputes it.

And experts in psychology believe that the number of mirrors in a house can tell a lot about the moral state of a person living in it. By looking at a reflective surface, people increase their self-esteem, thereby becoming more confident.

Where is it recommended to post?

Based on the foregoing, you should be very careful when placing mirrors in the interior of the bedroom. The photos in the article allow you to get acquainted with some options for arranging a room.

The main rule: in the prone position, a person should not see his reflection in the mirror. Therefore, it should not be placed either at the foot or at the head of the bed.

Also, you can not place an accessory in front of the front door. Otherwise, he will repel all good energy passing through the door.

bedroom design with mirrors

Possible placement of Feng Shui mirrors:

  1. In the corner of the room or over a table withtoiletries. In this arrangement, the mirror will provide an influx of favorable energy.
  2. On the inside of the cabinet door. But a prerequisite for such placement will be order and cleanliness in the wardrobe.
  3. In the darkest part of the bedroom, you can install an illuminated mirror. This option will create the illusion of depth and spaciousness.

Shape, size, color

The indisputable truth says: in any interior, minimalism will be in place. We can say that the mirror in the bedroom should be small in size and strict geometric shapes. It is best to do without a bulky frame. A minimalist mirror will give the interior a finished look.

As for the shape, oval mirrors will forever remain classics. The softness of smooth lines gives a feeling of calm and comfort.

Curly mirrors can be an original and interesting solution. They have a different shape, they can be in the shape of a star. This bedroom with mirrors looks just amazing. The design, in which these elements are harmoniously inscribed, always attracts attention and delights with its appearance.

In the modern world, everyone can create an individual and unique interior at home. Of course, he will not do without mirrors. At the same time, you can pick up quite original and truly unique accessories.

Today there are various options for mirror surfaces:

  • silver;
  • golden;
  • transparent;
  • matte;
  • color.
bedroom mirror with shelves


Pros advise:

  1. For small spaces, mirrors as large as possible should be used. This will visually increase the space.
  2. If the room is rectangular, you can visually increase its length by placing reflective accessories along the wall.
  3. The classic option would be an oval mirror. This shape is recommended if you do not plan to install bulky full-length mirrors.
  4. If you want something unusual, you can install a reflective ceiling. Many argue that this option has a negative impact on energy. And not everyone likes to fall asleep and wake up looking at their own reflection.
  5. Many designers recommend using a mirror with shelves in the bedroom. This is a very practical interior element, because it allows you not only to see your reflection, but also to store various items. It is advisable to have such an accessory above a chest of drawers or a dressing table.
  6. The outdoor version is especially popular. It allows you to see yourself in full growth. There is a wide variety of floor mirrors on the market. This allows you to choose this accessory for any bedroom.
  7. The backlit mirror looks great. It allows you to perfectly see your reflection. However, this is not the only positive aspect of this attribute. An illuminated mirror can create a soft, cozy atmosphere in the interior. And this is especially important for the break room.
  8. Wall mirrors in the bedroom can be hung on an empty wall. This accommodationconsidered the most functional. The accessory harmoniously fills the free space and fits perfectly into the design.
  9. Wall mirror can be hung behind the door or on the door itself. This option is most often chosen by lovers of the art of feng shui. After all, when the door is open, the reflective surface is not visible. But at the same time, you can always carefully examine yourself in a reflective surface.

Believe and speculation

There are two types of people in this world. Some are prone to superstitions, while others, on the contrary, completely deny and ignore them. But no one knows how these beliefs came to our world. After all, something gave rise to their appearance. And if you do not take into account beliefs, you can easily find yourself in a series of inexplicable failures and strife in the family.

mirrors in the interior of the bedroom photo

There are superstitions about mirrors. Some of them may seem rather ridiculous to a modern person.

Not recommended:

  1. Eat and drink in front of a mirror. It is believed that this way you can "eat" your he alth and beauty. The alternative is to lose we alth.
  2. Swearing in front of a mirror. It is believed that the reflective surface will remember everything. This will lead to new scandals in the family.
  3. Sleep in front of a mirror. It "sucks" the energy. This ensures poor sleep and lack of sleep.
  4. Pregnant women often look in the mirror. Allegedly, this can provoke a difficult birth.
  5. Bring newborns to a reflective surface. She is able to "take away" the luck of the baby.


Believe itsuperstition or not - it's up to you. But, when choosing a place for mirrors in the bedroom, be based on your feelings. Do not forget that this room is for relaxation. So, you should be as comfortable as possible in it.

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