The most economical garage heater: rating, features

The most economical garage heater: rating, features
The most economical garage heater: rating, features

Garage heater allows you to improve the comfort of your stay in the cold season. Often the space in utility rooms is equipped not only for storing a vehicle, but also for recreation or as a workshop. It is important to consider the most optimal heating system so that it is efficient, safe and economical. Consider the types of heaters, the rating of the most popular models and owner reviews.

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Electric garage heater

This method of heating is a simple and economical option. However, certain nuances should also be taken into account here. Pros of electric heating:

  • Ease of installation and availability of electricity.
  • Wide variety of different types of fixtures.
  • The ability to choose the unit according to the power indicator.
  • Good heat dissipation.

Among the shortcomings, users note the high cost of equipment, as well as the need for uninterrupted operation of the power supply.

Among the varieties of electric heaters, the following modifications are distinguished:

  • Heat gun. simple andan inexpensive device that works on the principle of heating air masses with a spiral and their subsequent distribution through a fan.
  • The infrared heater in the garage does not affect the paint of the car. Radiation heats surfaces and objects, which give off heat.
  • Convector-type devices. Such models warm up themselves and warm the surrounding space. They are not as effective as a cannon, but they are more economical and keep heat longer.
  • Inverter split systems are the most efficient and cost-effective option, but they come at a high cost.
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Gas versions

Gas heater for the garage is considered one of the most economical modifications, however, it requires connection to the central line, registration of relevant documentation, compliance with certain safety standards. Installation of such systems should be carried out by specialists. Such equipment may only be installed in rooms where there is ventilation and a shelf height of at least two meters. As an option - the use of bottled gas.

Gas heater for garage

Key benefits of a gas garage heater:

  • High efficiency.
  • Economy.
  • Possibility of maximum system automation.
  • Uninterrupted heat supply around the clock.

Any gas equipment belongs to high-risk devices. Safety rules must be strictly followed, as ignoring them cancause tragedy and serious damage.

Water equivalent

A water-cooled garage heater is appropriate if the building is located close to the plumbing system. The most economical option is to link the heater to the main heating system of the house. In this case, an additional boiler will not be required, however, it will be necessary to extend the pipeline. Please note that the power of the main system will decrease. If such a scheme is not suitable, you will have to mount a second boiler.

Solid fuel heating system

Another budget option would be a solid fuel garage heater. Coal or firewood is superior in economy to other analogues, especially if they are freely available. Such a modification does not depend on energy lines and common highways.

A heater of this type can be built independently. This will require sheet metal, reinforcement or a thick-walled barrel. The disadvantages of consumers include a high level of fire hazard, the need to constantly maintain combustion and low environmental friendliness.

A factory stove can be made like a potbelly stove, made of bricks or made according to the pyrolysis version. These heaters are well suited for small spaces. Compared to boilers, they dry the air more.

Solid fuel garage heater

Model on diesel fuel

The cannon-shaped diesel garage heater is also quite economical. During operation, the exhaust gases are transported to the heat exchanger. Suchthe design makes it possible to maximally secure the operation of the installation due to indirect heating. After entering the purifier, the purified air mixture is supplied outside, which heats the room. Using these types of guns requires a sufficient supply of fresh air, as they burn out oxygen.

The features of the diesel heater for the garage include the following points:

  • Integrated flame control system.
  • Presence of automation to shut down equipment at critical temperatures.
  • Integrated thermostat.
  • High mobility, which is important for a small building.

Options in development

Almost every driver recycles used oil. However, it can serve as fuel for the heater. You can make a stove with your own hands, according to the principle of a solid fuel option, or order from specialists.

The advantage of this equipment is the operation without waste. Depending on the intensity of combustion and the characteristics of the unit, it consumes about a liter of mining per hour. For self-assembly, you will need metal sheets and pipes, as well as a welding machine. It is worth remembering that all modifications must comply with safety regulations.

More about IR modifications

Recently, an infrared heater in the garage has become popular. This is due to performance characteristics. Typically, such models are mounted suspended at a certain height. When turned on, the floor is heated, which giveswarmth throughout the room.

Infrared Garage Heater

There are three ways to place infrared heaters, depending on the purpose of their use:

  1. If the garage is intended for a repair shop, the unit is installed directly above the work area, turning it on as needed.
  2. To maintain a positive temperature during storage of the vehicle, calculations are carried out based on the calculation of 50 W per square meter.
  3. If temperatures up to +20 degrees are required, 100 W per 1 sq. m, therefore, the number of heat sources increases.

Among the main advantages of the equipment in question, users note a high level of reliability, safety, efficiency and durability.

Rating of the best models

The following is a ranking of the best garage heaters based on consumer opinion:

  1. Comfort Zone CZQTV5M. The quartz infrared model is focused on spot heating, great for small spaces. The heater is mounted on a wall or ceiling. To connect, you need a socket with a supply voltage of 220 V. The device has a power and heating temperature regulator. Cultivated area from one unit - up to 15 "squares". The cost of the unit starts from $50.
  2. Dr. Infrared heater DR-988 Garage Shop 208/240V, 4800/5600W. This garage heater is an electric fan heater that can heat up to 55 square meters of space. Includes thermostat,auto shut-off, temperature range indicator. The power limits are 4.8-5.6 kW, the average cost is $110.
  3. Fahrenheat FUH54 240-volt Garage heater. The electric model has adjustable power (2.5-5.0 kW). The heater is ideal for a garage, basement or workshop. Heating area - up to 45 sq. m. The device is made of industrial materials, capable of heating the air up to 50 degrees. The equipment is mounted on the ceiling or wall. The cost starts from $250.
  4. Dyna-Glo RMC-FA60DGD. A portable gas heater for a garage is equipped with a powerful fan, a special hose for connecting to a gas source. It has an automatic shutdown option, the heating area is up to 1250 "squares". Price – from $80.
  5. Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy. The infrared model has a capacity of 4-9 thousand BTU, which is enough to heat 20 square meters. It can be used both for the street and utility rooms. The unit uses radiant heating type, which is very convenient and economical, equipped with auto-shutoff function. Price - from 80 dollars.
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Brief overview of popular solid fuel stoves

For the garage, judging by the responses of consumers, the following models of solid fuel heaters are optimally suited:

  1. "Buleryan". The design of the furnace is made on the principle of convection (heating of air masses is carried out in special pipes).
  2. "Stavr". The model is made of cast ironwithstand maximum temperatures.
  3. "Thermafor". The version is designed for standard and pyrolysis combustion, equipped with convection pipes.
  4. "Alaska". The modification has a beautiful design and a hob.
  5. "Breneran". The stove is able to function on wood and mining.

The price of heaters for a garage of this type varies from 6 to 11 thousand rubles.

What are users saying?

Consumer reviews do not have a clear answer which garage heater is better. Some argue that electric options are more profitable for environmental friendliness, ease of use and mobility. Other owners give their votes to gas models, because of their efficiency. There are many fans of solid fuel stoves and water boilers. Preference largely depends on which method is more accessible and effective in each case.

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When using hearths with open fire, do not close the blower until the fuel burns out completely. All garage heaters must be turned off at night.

To install the stove, you need a chimney mounted at a certain angle. Its height must be at least four meters.

When using gas burners or cannons, remember to ventilate the room regularly.

In order to avoid defrosting water boilers, it is better to use antifreeze instead of water.

Fan heaters contribute not only to warming up the room, but also allow you to dry the wheels and the bottomvehicle.

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