Combining wallpapers: options and basic rules

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Combining wallpapers: options and basic rules
Combining wallpapers: options and basic rules

The easiest way to decorate an apartment during renovation can be considered a combination of wallpaper in the interior. This simple and effective technique will add individuality and originality to any living space. Wallpapering itself is not difficult even for "repair beginners", but this technique has several features that can cause difficulties.

Cheap and cheerful

When designing the interior of an apartment, you can always turn to professionals for help. This activity is not cheap, but it will make life easier for those who started repairs. If people themselves have an artistic vision, or at least the basic concepts of color and style, then they will be able to understand how beautifully combine wallpaper in the hall. This technology does not have many pitfalls.


Combining wallpaper of two colors is a creative process, but its results will be quite practical. For example, this technology can help to cope with the following tasks:

  • visuallyexpand the space of the room;
  • get rid of wall imperfections;
  • fix wrong shape;
  • emphasize dignity;
  • carry out zoning of the premises;
  • add light;
  • emphasize the individuality and style of the room.

Combining wallpapers as a technology can be used both in residential premises and in utility spaces (kitchen, office, dressing room, and so on). With the help of different color combinations, you can make the room both cozy and more dynamic. Similar techniques can come in handy when creating the interior of a children's room, bedroom, living room or even a personal gym. In addition, a competent combination will emphasize the sense of style of the owners of the apartment, which can also be counted as a nice bonus.

what wallpapers can be combined

How to decide on the color, pattern, texture

The choice of wallpaper begins after the basic concept of the room has been determined. At the same time, it is important to consider the purpose of the room. For example, red wallpaper will not look appropriate in a children's room or bedroom, but it is quite suitable for the kitchen, but adding pink to the interior of the dining room can be a big mistake.

Pattern wallpaper and their size directly depends on the size of the room. The smaller the area of ​​​​the room, the smaller the image should be. Otherwise, it will only make the room visually smaller. In a room with a large area, large prints on the wallpaper will give a feeling of solidity and sophistication. This will help the room not seem empty and uncomfortable,even if it contains very little furniture.

The texture of the wallpaper directly depends on the preferences of a particular person. Some people like options with a canvas effect, someone likes absolutely smooth ones. The texture itself has little effect on the appearance of the room, although the wallpaper with gold embossing, of course, will look richer and more beautiful. The answer to the question "how to combine wallpaper in a children's room?" Looks much more difficult, because kids rarely have preferences. Here you should rely on your own taste.

Combination technology

Every business has its own characteristics, no matter how simple the process seems at first glance. The same applies to the combination of wallpaper. Even if before that a person made repairs more than once, he may encounter a number of difficulties. Wallpapering itself also requires certain knowledge. For example, compliance with the temperature regime in the room and the correct preparation of glue.

Before you get started, you need to decide where and how the wallpaper will be placed and how many different types will be combined. Then all the necessary surfaces are processed and the necessary cuts are prepared. After that comes the most important part - wallpapering.

combination of wallpaper in two colors

Vertical combination

With such options for combining wallpaper, the strips are glued butt-to-butt along the long side. This technique allows you to visually increase the height of the ceilings, add space and "air". For suchcombinations, it is better to take standard wallpaper rolls. Cuts can be combined through one, two or three. You can even use several wallpapers of similar colors, thus creating a gradient transition effect.

Another type of vertical combination can be considered the alternation of bright, contrasting colors, such as black and white, as well as cuts with and without a pattern. Wallpaper in this case is very easy to stick: both the "butt-to-butt" and overlapping options are suitable. The edge of the cuts can be shaped using curly cutting.

Horizontal combination

In this case, the combination of two, three types of wallpaper also occurs along the long cut line, but now the cut is glued horizontally. Instead of the usual placement in height, the task is to place it from one wall to another, completely covering its gap.

This method will help expand the area of ​​​​the room, make it more oblong, spacious. Here you need to take into account the peculiarities of combining different textures, patterns and colors, as well as the principles of wallpapering.

You can place wallpapers in different proportions. For example, two to one, when 1/3 of the wall is occupied by one color, and the remaining 2/3 - by another. You can use wallpaper in other proportions, combine different textures and prints, create different effects.

how to combine wallpaper in the children's room

The disadvantage of this method is that you need to have great skills. It is more difficult to hide joints and irregularities in this case. Ideally, the walls should be even, to disguise the flaws in the construction will beimpossible, rather the opposite, they will be more noticeable. To hide the joint, you can use various borders, moldings, decorative strips and slats. To reduce the cost of this method, you can use thinly cut contrasting strips of other, but matching in color and texture, plain wallpaper.


If you need to make something special in the room, you can use the following technology - creating inserts. The disadvantage of this decoration is the need for pre-treatment of the surface. The wall needs to be leveled, removing all imperfections, covered with soil, pasted over with wallpaper of the base color. Then, using cuts of a more contrasting color, accent zones are created.

Before implementing such a project, you need to choose the best place to place the inserts. With their help, it will be possible to separate a certain area in the room. Such decorative tools look most effective on a completely empty wall, where there are no shelves, mirrors, brackets, but sometimes they can be used to make the busiest surface more interesting.

Inserts from wallpaper with a large print are especially popular for accents. To create a greater effect, you can decorate them with a frame or decorative carved strips. Any wallpaper is suitable for this technique: fabric, non-woven, vinyl and even paper.

Panel of flaps

There are no clear rules for this combination technique. The main thing is that the cuts used are combined in color, pattern, texture. For such a slightly avant-garde style, you cantake any number of different wallpapers. One of the types of placement of cuts on the wall can be considered the patchwork technique, which was borrowed from the type of needlework of the same name.


This technique uses pieces of different types of wallpaper, but the same shape. It can be stripes, squares, rhombuses, polyhedra and so on. As a rule, with this combination, wallpaper with patterns, plain and matching colors, and sometimes pieces with larger prints are used. In this case, it is important to follow a certain sequence so that the wall does not look too colorful and disharmonious.

One of the nice bonuses of this technique can be considered the ability to recycle wallpaper left over from past repairs. You can also buy leftover wallpapers at a discount store, which can help you save some money.

Geometric inserts

If you slightly modify the above technology, you can get a completely new look at the use of wallpaper. To give the room a little creativity, you can make the accents on the wall more weighty. To do this, it is enough to apply larger curly cuts from the wallpaper. For example, a giant rhombus or triangle can be placed either base down or base up, giving the room more dynamism.

Geometric inserts will look good in a child's room, in the kitchen or in the hall, they are less suitable for a bedroom or office. Also, such a "pattern" will be a good solution for rooms intended forcreative pursuits and even offices.

Niches and ledges as artistic elements

For rooms with a non-standard layout, an emphasis on architectural parts is well suited. For example, niches, ledges and columns can be emphasized with wallpaper in a more contrasting color, with a different print or texture. So they will emphasize the originality of the layout against the general background of the interior.

If you want to do the opposite and hide such architectural structures, then lighter and more neutral wallpapers are used, usually plain or with a very small pattern.

wallpaper combination options

There are many ideas for combining wallpapers. The combination of black, white and gray in niches or on ledges looks very impressive. You can add yellow, turquoise or pink to them if the room belongs to the fair sex. The main thing is to observe the general plot and mood when choosing wallpaper for different elements of the room. To create an even stronger accent, lighting fixtures are installed in niches or ledges.

Use photo wallpaper

Combining different cuts can be diversified using another technique. To do this, just find the wallpaper you like. These can be both large canvases and several small images in the theme and color scheme of the desired interior.

It's easy to highlight the same niches and ledges with photo wallpapers, but they will also look good on a large empty wall space. With the help of decorative strips and frames, you can separate a certain area,for example, part of the wall around the mirror, but it is important to remember which wallpaper can be combined.

Colored wallpapers can replace the classic options. For example, a red rose printed on a canvas will look good on a striped black and white wallpaper. In a child's room, they can be used to create both a more dynamic and more peaceful space, using prints with favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons, or more "educational images". So, for example, it is popular to paste over a room with photo wallpapers with a map of the starry sky or the names of the planets.

The choice of photo wallpaper directly depends on the nature and style of the living space. For the kitchen, you can choose print options with vegetables and fruits or picturesque rural landscapes. Wallpapers of different sizes will create contrasts, and realistic scenes on a plain background will set accents.

wallpaper combination in the living room

Design Tips

Professionals always know best how to decorate a room (for example, combining wallpaper in the living room) in accordance with fashion trends, but at the same time make it original and suitable for the apartment owners.

The biggest advice designers give is to follow your sense of style. If for some reason a person does not trust him or does not know how to beautifully combine wallpaper in the living room, then there are always books and magazines on how to properly decorate the interior of an apartment. You can also contact professionals directly for practical help.

When choosing a design, you need to build on the function althe purpose of the room, since there are many options for combining wallpaper - this is the second advice of connoisseurs. Without a clear understanding of the purpose of the room, you can make a mistake when choosing a pattern, color and texture.

For example, you need to know exactly how to combine wallpaper in the children's room, and how in the hall. In other words, the kitchen should look like a kitchen, and the bedroom should look like a bedroom. You should not use red and orange in rooms intended for relaxation, but dark shades in a room where there is a baby crib. The same applies to the texture of the wallpaper and selected patterns.

Fashion trends

The latest innovations in the building materials market show an ever-increasing interest in combining wallpapers. Now more and more often you can find wallpapers that immediately provide a pattern-combination: gradients, "patchwork" and "mosaic" prints, geometric accents.

wallpaper combination ideas

In the line of the same manufacturer there are options that are easy to combine with each other. As a rule, such "twos" and "triples" include plain and printed or "mixture" of plain, printed and "vegetal" wallpapers.

Patterned wallpapers with large elements can also be found much more often. They are often located next to basic monochromatic counterparts of a similar shade and texture, which also indicates the popularity of combination and combination techniques.

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