Ionic hair dryer: what is it, description of function and features

Ionic hair dryer: what is it, description of function and features
Ionic hair dryer: what is it, description of function and features

The ionic hair dryer is an improved version of the device that girls often use to dry their hair. This device makes it possible to quickly style your hair, instantly put your hair in order, without causing microdamages and harm to the skin. Consider the characteristics and features of the device, as well as consumer reviews of this technique.

Hairdryer with ionizer "Panasonic"

Brief description and working principle

In the characteristics of most ionizer hair dryers, you can see that they involve hair treatment with minimal negative impact and a good end result. The main benefit comes from the presence of negatively charged ions that affect the area during operation.

This design is optimal for people with oily, brittle and weak hair. The device works on the principle of the effect of electrons on hair follicles. Previously, the hairstyle was too dry, confused, became shapeless.

The principle of operation of the device is to activate negative ions that affect the hairline. This gave manufacturers the opportunity to think aboutthe creation of a safer and no less effective apparatus. A hair dryer with ionization allows you to solve all these problems, and also acts with the help of negative ions on the scales of the skin. Hair becomes obedient, smooth and shiny. This effect is created by a built-in generator, which is neutralized by some of the ions that are formed during the action of hot air.

Ionization in a hair dryer: what is it?

The devices under consideration are more expensive than conventional counterparts. Not all consumers decide to overpay, especially not understanding all the benefits of ionization. Some sources recommend simply lowering the temperature of the work stream or using a hair dryer.

In fact, the action of negative particles neutralizes the harmful effect of hot and dry air. The method does not allow to cure or restore the hair follicles, however, it prevents their further damage, providing even styling, shine and comfortable combing of the hair. The girls claim that the difference is immediately noticeable.

The hair dryer with ionization can be sold with an off mode (this should be indicated in the instructions that came with the device). When choosing a product, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Power indicator.
  • Presence of overheating fuse.
  • Number of operating modes.
  • Possibility of using ionization.
  • Heating element material (ceramic or metal).
  • Temperature range.
Hairdryer with ionizer

Selection criteria

Final characteristicsdevices help to choose a hair dryer with ionization, which is most suitable for a particular user. Let us consider in more detail the main parameters that determine the quality and productivity of the product:

  1. Power. It is defined in watts. This parameter is selected based on the density of the hair and the frequency of use, varies between 1500-3000 watts. An indicator of more than two thousand is inherent in professional modifications. It also largely affects the cost of the unit.
  2. Speed ​​controller. If the ionic hair dryer is intended for use by several family members, it is wise to purchase a version with speed and power adjustments, depending on the thickness of each user's hair.
  3. Temperature mode. The wider the thermal range, the better for the consumer, since the speed and heating of the supply stream can be controlled.
  4. Additional functionality (lights, packaging, storage hanger, nozzles).

The best ionic hair dryers

Next, consider the most popular manufacturers of these devices. Let's start the review with the Roventa brand.

The Rowenta CV7730D0 is a high-quality product that belongs to the middle price category. The unit is equipped with air flow level adjustment, temperature corrector, turbine supercharging, cold air supply. Ionization is switched on as needed mechanically. The kit comes with several nozzles that allow you to process hair of various lengths and thicknesses with the highest quality and quickly. Power Rating - 2300Tue User reviews are mostly positive.

Hair dryer "Roventa" with ionizer

Babyliss Le Pro Light Volume 6610DE

This manufacturer is focused on the production of professional hair dryers with ionization. The product of the middle price segment is assembled at Italian factories, which indicates its high quality and reliability. The factory gives a three-year warranty. The power of the device is 2.1 kW. In addition to ionization, there is a set of removable filters and a cold air supply function.

Philips (Philips HP4935)

This unit is available to almost any housewife, has six modes of operation, functional power is two thousand watts. The design provides for the supply of cold air and flow rate regulator. The disadvantages of users include a weak fan, which increases the drying time. Given the cost of about 20 dollars (1150 rubles), you can close your eyes to such a minus.

Philips hair dryer with ionization function

Remington D5020 Pro Ionic

The Remington model under consideration refers to semi-professional versions. There is an ionization function, turbine and cold boost, several operating speeds and temperature modes. The power indicator of the device is 2.1 kW. The kit comes with several nozzles, including a diffuser and a concentrator. Two-year factory warranty.

Parlux and Valera

These two manufacturers produce medium-priced hobby and professional ionic hair dryers.Parlux 3500 Supercompact Ceramic lonic is a reliable, high-quality unit equipped with a turbine blower and the ability to supply cold air. The weight of the hair dryer is only 0.47 kg. Consumers note a low noise level during operation, as well as a decent power of two thousand watts. The kit includes two special nozzles and the Ceramic & lonic technology option.

hair dryer parlux 3500

The hair dryer Valera Swiss Nano 6200 Light Superlonic belongs to devices with ionization function with a power of 1.8 kW. This indicator is quite enough for processing and fast styling of long thick hair. The design provides several speed and temperature ranges. There is a removable filter, the weight of the device is 450 grams.

What are users saying?

According to buyers, the difference between conventional models and versions with ionization is significant. This is especially true for products offered by well-known brands, the brief characteristics of which are discussed above. Some consumers do not notice the difference between the modifications, except for the increase in cost.

Reviews of the hair dryer with ionization from the brand "Remington" indicate that it allows you to eliminate static stress on the hair, giving them obedience, shine and silkiness. The pluses of the owners include decent power (2100 W), the presence of a hanging loop, a removable rear grille, and an increased content of negative particles in the supplied air stream. In addition, consumers indicate the presence of ceramic and tourmaline coating, LEDbacklight, several temperature and speed modes.

The average price of the considered devices is from two to five thousand rubles. You can buy them at a retail outlet or through online stores. In order not to receive a low-quality product or a fake, ask the sellers for a warranty card and appropriate quality certificates. By the way, most manufacturers provide a factory warranty for their models for a period of 12 to 36 months. The final price of the unit depends on the brand, power and availability of additional functionality.

Original hair dryer with ionizer


It was discussed in detail above that this is ionization in a hair dryer. There are many amateur, professional and intermediate variations on the market. Regular use of such an "assistant" makes it possible to give hair shine and a beautiful look. With the help of ions, the hair is smoothed, acquiring a he althy and rich configuration.

Such a device is suitable in the following cases:

  • There is electrification and dry hair.
  • If the ends are split or there is a violation of the structure due to frequent staining.
  • There is excessive oil and pollution in the hair.
  • Hair dryer with ionization

On their own, ions are not able to heal and restore severely deformed roots. However, they significantly reduce exposure to hot air and reduce damage to the hair during frequent styling or drying. They help faster.convert moisture into microscopic droplets that absorb and dry faster while maintaining natural pH (moisture and acid-base balance).

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