Living room design with photo wallpaper: original ideas with photos

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Living room design with photo wallpaper: original ideas with photos
Living room design with photo wallpaper: original ideas with photos

The modern design of the living room with photo wallpaper allows you to add variety to the interior. That is why this way of decorating residential premises has been considered a fashion trend by designers for several seasons.

In the twentieth century, there was no such variety of photo wallpapers on the shelves of hardware stores. That is why only natural landscapes flaunted on the walls of Soviet apartments.

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Modern realities

Currently, you can make a design with photo wallpaper on the wall in the living room that the room will resemble a national art gallery. Among the challenges that homeowners will experience today is diversity.

The final result directly depends on the correct choice at the first stage. A hasty purchase can cause an unsuccessful interior, so designers recommend approaching the material selection stage responsibly.

Positive Features

What are the advantages of living room design with photo wallpaper? Such materials are produced on modern equipment, thereforethe drawing is rich, of impeccable quality.

The design of the living room with photo wallpaper allows you to visually expand the space in a small room. In a room with the help of such finishing materials, you can highlight bright accents.

The murals offered by manufacturers have a variety of themes, so you can bring the desired mood into the room you are decorating.

There are canvases of different sizes on sale, so you can create a unique living room design. With photo wallpaper, the room will acquire individuality, become the pride of its owner. You can choose the size of the photo wallpaper, taking into account the width of the walls and the height of the ceiling. An interesting solution would be to highlight the central part of the wall with a beautiful panel. For example, you can make a living room design with photo wallpapers of the city on one wall, and glue the rest with plain wallpaper. The resulting decorative part will turn into a place for photographing (it will be the "calling card" of the apartment).

This finishing material is compatible with many wall adhesives. Photo wallpapers are in perfect harmony with other wall decorations. If you think over the design of the living room, you can combine decorative plaster with photo wallpaper. These materials are easy to install. In order to change canvases with drawings, it will be enough to moisten the wall with water, remove the old canvas, stick new wallpaper.

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Main flaws

Are you planning to design a kitchen, a living room with photo wallpapers? To get the desired result, we recommend that you pay attention tosome of the disadvantages that these decorative materials have. Some of the photo wallpapers offered on the shelves of hardware stores are too thin. Because of this, it is difficult to carry out high-quality gluing, they often tear.

Some manufacturers use paints in the manufacture that are not resistant to ultraviolet rays. If the room is on the sunny side, after a few months, the wallpaper will lose its original bright colors, the interior will look very untidy.

How to make a quality living room interior design? Wall murals require preliminary high-quality preparation of the wall. If you do not eliminate the irregularities present on it, they will be clearly visible after gluing the photo wallpaper. Instead of the desired bright accent in the interior, they will deprive the room of attractiveness and harmony.

Another disadvantage of using photo wallpapers is the need to join them. Not all people are able to carry out their gluing flawlessly on their own, because there may be depressions and drops on the wall.

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Did you decide to design a living room with photo wallpaper? In this case, decide which category of paintings suits you. The following options are distinguished:

  • vinyl;

  • paper;

  • textile;

  • non-woven.

Each of them has certain characteristics and texture features. Paper wallpapers are a budget option. Such decorative materialsare a normal photo on a smooth paper surface.

Vinyl wallcoverings have a matte surface and perfectly convey bright and expressive colors. They require a special glue to stick them on. The only disadvantage of using such photo wallpapers is the release of toxic substances into the atmosphere during the operation of finishing materials.

Non-woven photo wallpapers are considered more environmentally friendly materials, which is why professional designers most often use them for their work. The canvases stretch slightly after applying glue to them, so even property owners who do not have repair skills can join them. The texture of such materials is characterized by a slight relief, so the resulting compositions have a three-dimensional appearance.

Modern textile materials are created by gluing fibers or their weaves onto a dense non-woven base, so a living room with photo wallpapers will have a rich look. The design (photo below) allows you to convey images realistically. The disadvantage of choosing such canvases is their high cost, as well as the ability to accumulate dust.

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Interior style selection

The uniqueness of these finishing materials lies in the fact that they can be used in any interior style. The selected photo wallpapers fit into:

  • classical styles (rococo, baroque, empire, neoclassical, classic);

  • ethnic styles (Arabic, African, Japanese, Scandinavian, Italian, Chinese);

  • modern trends (kitsch, modern, high-tech);

  • vintage options (country, Provence).

unusual solutions in the interior

Modern realities

It is necessary to properly approach the decoration of the space. The following destinations are currently in demand:

  • floral natural variations for Asian motifs;

  • pastel for vintage interior style;

  • neutral styling;

  • bright spots for original urban variations.

It is advisable not to use harsh and acid paints. In moderation, you can use different shades of photo wallpaper, reducing the number of furnishings in the room. When choosing neutral combinations, it is desirable to introduce a shade of green into the interior. The brightness of colors can be softened with beige, white, turquoise shades.

Design Solutions

How to choose a photo wallpaper design for a small studio in the living room? Solutions can be varied. Among those that are relevant today, stylists recommend:

  • sprigs of cherry blossoms on a mountain background;

  • old towns with narrow and winding streets and greenery;

  • Chinese characters;

  • plant compositions.

What else can you use to decorate the walls in a small room? If the plans include highlighting an accent wall with photo wallpapers, images of a night city, forestclearings, city squares and parks, single bright flowers.

wallpaper design for a small studio

Marine theme

It is currently popular in residential interior design. Images with the sea are appropriate in decorating the living room. The trend is sakura petals against the background of the sea, orchids, lilies, peonies, dandelions in a forest clearing. Photo wallpapers that realistically convey the sea coast have an original look.

For spacious rooms, you can choose a simple pattern in the center, brickwork along the edges. Such a picture, made in one color scheme, will decorate the created modern interior.

Selection rules

The market of finishing materials offers a lot of different photo wallpapers, so not everyone can make the right choice on their own. What secrets do you need to know to make a successful purchase?

You need to look at those photographic materials that you buy. On the packaging, the picture is presented in the best possible way. In reality, it may be much paler, the picture may contain streaks.

It is advisable to purchase the option you like in daylight, as serious distortions are possible in the evening.

Don't try to photograph a particular wallpaper option as the tones will be distorted and the result will be much worse than you intended.

Better take a cushion cover or piece of wallpaper with you to the store to make the perfect choice.

If you plan to visually expand the space in the room using photo wallpaper, you needstart from the footage of the room. With the help of large prints, it will not be possible to increase the useful area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe living room, so this option is only suitable for spacious rooms.

In "Khrushchev" it is better to buy wallpaper in the form of a panel. They look great in small spaces. In spacious rooms, large canvases look more harmonious. If the room is combined with the kitchen, it is advisable to select dynamic pictures.

A small room cannot be decorated in dark colors, complex images should be avoided, as they deprive the interior of home comfort. It is also desirable to abandon glossy materials, as they greatly simplify the interior. Lighting on the ceiling structure will cause glare, which will negatively affect the appearance of the room.

It is better to give preference to canvases with the texture of decorative plaster, as well as canvas imitation. They have an expensive and stylish look, look good in the interior of the living room.

Where to put it

It depends on the design features of the living space. When doing repairs with your own hands, you can place photo wallpapers:

  • on the accent wall of the living room where the sofa will be;

  • to the corner of the room, where there is a small shelf, and next to it there is a sofa;

  • above the fireplace as a small panel or on both sides of it;

  • in a wall or in a niche between ledges.

In a small room, the corner arrangement of photo wallpapers is appropriate. By choosing realistic options, you can visually expand the living room space,"erase" the boundaries between individual walls.

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Do you want to make your apartment even more beautiful and modern? In this case, pay attention to the photo wallpaper currently offered on the construction market in a huge range.

What should you keep in mind when shopping for decorative materials for your apartment? Wall mural is a great option for an indoor accent but should not be overused in small living rooms.

Large flowers look great in a spacious room. For example, if you put two sofas against opposite walls, then the area around them can be decorated with original photo wallpapers.

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