Choosing insulation. Bas alt wool

Choosing insulation. Bas alt wool
Choosing insulation. Bas alt wool

The safety of living in any home is determined not only by the quality of construction. The materials used for heat and sound insulation of the building also play a huge role in this.

bas alt wool

Each of us knows that any house needs insulation. That's when it will be comfortable and cozy.

Recently, bas alt wool is especially often used for thermal insulation. It is obtained from the melt of bas alt under the influence of high temperatures (at least 1500 degrees). With the help of modern technologies and equipment, very thin fibers are formed, which are then connected to each other in a certain way. This is how bas alt wool is obtained.

It has found wide application in private and industrial construction. It is used for insulation of foundations and walls, for attic and interfloor ceilings. Even for laying floors, bas alt wool is used. And its property, such as incombustibility, allows the use of this material in the equipment of fire barriers and barriers.

Benefits of bas alt wool

Among the many heaters, bas alt wool is the leader, the characteristics of which have long ceased to causedisagreements and are considered the most optimal for thermal insulation of any building.

bas alt wool characteristics

Let's dwell on some of them.

  1. High fire safety. Remarkably, bas alt wool not only does not ignite itself, it also prevents the spread of fire. At the same time, when interacting with it, cotton wool does not emit any toxic substances.
  2. Thermal insulation. This material reduces heat loss to a minimum. That is why warmth and comfort will always reign in your home.
  3. Strength. Another feature is the resistance of wool to all kinds of deformations. It is elastic so it won't break.
  4. Ease of installation is one of the important characteristics in the construction process. As a rule, the dimensions of the slab take into account the main parameters of frame structures, so there are no difficulties in the process of insulation. In addition, bas alt wool is very easy to cut with a hacksaw, and in some cases with an ordinary knife.
  5. Noise isolation. Due to its technical characteristics, this fiber absorbs sounds very well. Therefore, additional comfort and saving silence are provided to you.
  6. Moisture resistance. Bas alt wool is hygroscopic. This is due not only to the peculiarity of the composition, but also to the fact that during production it is processed with special hydro-additives.
  7. Resistance to harmful components. This fiber is resistant to alkalis, acids, solvents. Associated with this is its long service life.

Harm of bas alt wool

But,paying tribute to all the advantages of this insulation, many owners are interested in the question of how safe bas alt wool is.

bas alt wool harm

Harm from its use is absolutely absent, during operation it is safe. But you should not deceive yourself. Like any other material, it can harm a person during construction. The fact is that it contains formaldehyde and phenol. When water gets on the plates, they begin to actively interact with both human skin and the environment. That is why it is so important to observe safety precautions during construction work. After all, in the normal state, these substances are inactive and cannot cause you any problems.

In general, of all the heaters existing today, bas alt wool is rightfully recognized as the best.

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