Demolition of retaining walls - do I need permission? Dismantling works

Demolition of retaining walls - do I need permission? Dismantling works
Demolition of retaining walls - do I need permission? Dismantling works

Many owners of residential real estate are thinking about the need for redevelopment. For this, internal partitions are very often demolished or transferred. It should be well understood which walls can be demolished without permission, which require the approval of government agencies, how to perform work without disruption and negative consequences. The demolition of the supporting walls should be carried out only after the preparation of the appropriate project, which is agreed in the BTI. As soon as permission is received, work can proceed as planned.

demolition of retaining walls

What features do retaining walls have

Support partitions are the main elements of the house. The demolition of a load-bearing wall can lead to significant deformations of the structure, therefore illegal redevelopment is prohibited, the implementation of which can lead to the accrual of significant fines and the need to eliminate all changes.

Support elements are made from the same material as other partitions, but are reinforced and connected to other important parts of the house. They can be represented by:

  • Hollow concrete slabs.
  • Wooden structures used in private homes.
  • Solid reinforced concrete slabs.

Before the demolition of any supporting partition, their significance for the whole house is revealed. For this purpose, the data contained in the technical plan of the building are being studied.

dismantling works

Dismantling works may consist of different actions:

  • Window cutout.
  • Niche design.
  • Installing a new door.
  • Complete demolition of the wall.

If the process is not performed correctly, it will lead to cracks in the facade of the building, displacement of ceilings or collapse of partitions.

demolition of a load-bearing wall

How to identify a retaining wall

Before starting any work, all supporting structures in the apartment should be determined. For this, a constructive plan of the building is being studied, where all the supporting walls are certainly indicated. Additionally, information is provided on what maximum loads can affect them.

If it is not possible to study the constructive plan, then such walls are determined by the main parameters, which include the creation material and thickness.

demolition of the walls in the apartment

Is it allowed to dismantle load-bearing walls

Demolition of supporting walls is prohibited if they are supported by floor slabs on the ceiling, as this will weaken the ceiling and reduce loads on the foundation of the house. Therefore, as a rule, permission is issued only forpartial dismantling or creation of an opening.

Even with minor changes, it is required to correctly redistribute the load between the remaining structure and auxiliary parts.

How to get permission

Many people who want to carry out complex redevelopment, think about whether permission is needed to demolish a curtain wall or a retaining wall. It must be received, otherwise the process will be recognized as illegal.

The whole procedure for obtaining permission is divided into stages:

  • Initially, you need to contact the BTI to issue a registration certificate for the apartment, if the property owner does not have it.
  • A redevelopment project is being formed, involving the demolition of supporting walls, moreover, it is created only by the relevant design organizations.
  • With this plan and other documents for the apartment, you must apply for permits to the SES and the fire inspectorate, as well as to the BTI, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the management company and the city architecture department.
  • After completing the necessary documentation, you need to make a request to the regional administration, where the appropriate permit is issued.

Demolition of walls in an apartment may be prohibited, even with permits and a project, if this process can lead to the destruction of the house, affect the rights of neighbors or cause other negative consequences.

Do I need a permit to demolish a load bearing wall?

The process of dismantling the bearing wall

This work should be carried out only by professionals with the mandatory control of permitting authorities.The demolition of the supporting walls is carried out in successive steps:

  • Preparation. The procedure involves the elimination of wires, the dismantling of pipes and other communication elements. Sockets and switches are removed, and ceiling and floor plinths are removed.
  • Dismantling plaster and putty. On each wall there are necessarily layers of putty plaster that need to be removed first. To do this, work with a hammer or other suitable tools. During this work, a lot of dust arises, so all items in the premises are covered with a special film.
  • Applying markings on the wall. If the dismantling work consists in creating a niche or opening, then, taking into account a pre-made project, markings are applied to the wall. To obtain an even design, it is desirable to use a laser level.
  • Direct dismantling of part or all of the wall. To do this, it can be cut or knocked out, since the choice of method depends on what material the house is made of.
  • The most optimal is the use of the diamond cutting method. This is due to the fact that there are no shocks and vibrations, which often lead to the formation of cracks.
  • Installed in the reinforcement openings. They act as a replacement for the removed part of the wall.

If you correctly carry out the demolition of the supporting walls, then it is possible to carry out high-quality redevelopment in the apartment. But the implementation of these works can only be started after permission is received from the authorities of the region. After the completion of the remodelinginformation about changes in the design of the apartment is entered into the technical plan, so a corresponding application with drawings is submitted to the BTI.

load bearing wall demolition

What happens if you don't get permission

If you carry out complex redevelopment without obtaining permission, then this leads to significant negative consequences:

  • A fine is imposed for the demolition of a non-bearing wall or supporting structure, and its amount for individuals varies from 2 to 2.5 thousand rubles.
  • Within six months, the owner of the apartment must eliminate the changes made to the apartment.
  • If it turns out that the owner has not fulfilled the required actions, then he must pay an additional fine.
  • If there are no reactions to these pen alties at all, then the apartment can be seized and sold at auction.

Difficulties also arise when selling an apartment with illegal redevelopment, since the information in the registration certificate will be unreliable.


Thus, the demolition of partitions that are load-bearing must be carried out with prior permission. The procedure must be implemented exclusively by professionals and in accordance with a pre-drawn project. Violation of these requirements leads to bringing the owner of the premises to administrative responsibility. In the absence of a reaction to fines, he may lose his apartment altogether.

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