Bath in the country with their own hands

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Bath in the country with their own hands
Bath in the country with their own hands

Each owner of a summer cottage after a hard day's work wants to relax and unwind in the pleasant warmth of the bath. Most people prefer a traditional Russian bath with high humidity, the opportunity to take a steam bath with a whisk, and also follow the rituals of bath procedures. That is why the construction of a bathhouse in the country with their own hands is one of the most important tasks in arranging a suburban area.

Choosing the location of the bathhouse

A large number of people are engaged in the construction of buildings on their own, so they make the same mistakes. In order to prevent such mistakes, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic nuances in choosing the right place for building a bathhouse in the country.

The location of the bath in the country

Some recommendations for the optimal location of the bath on the site:

  1. The most attractive is the construction of a bathhouse near a pond, if it is near the cottage, because it's so nice to plunge into cool water after a hot steam room. But thenit will be necessary to figure out a safe distance from the building to the reservoir in order to avoid the danger of a flood or flood, or build some kind of protection.
  2. It is advisable to place the bath in the backyard of the site, on the south side. You can hide the building in the shade of garden trees, which will be a good protection from drafts.
  3. Construction near a road or field will cause dust to enter the bath room, which is very unpleasant.
  4. To reduce the consumption of building materials and electricity consumption, a bathhouse in the country is made as an extension to the main house. At the same time, fire safety measures must be strictly observed.
  5. Be sure to consider ventilation and waterproofing issues at the planning stage of the building. Otherwise, when using the bath, problems with an unpleasant odor may occur.
  6. It is not recommended to build a bathhouse in the country near the neighbors' plot in order to avoid scandals about the noisy reception of guests and an unpleasant aroma.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to build a bath facility near a well with water or a well. According to the rules, you can't build closer than 15–20 meters.

Construction materials

Since ancient times, wood has been considered the best material for building a bathhouse in the country with your own hands. This environmentally friendly material perfectly holds and gives off heat, it is able to breathe, improving the internal climate in the room. Basically, the walls of the building are erected from timber or logs.

Natural baths under the influence of high temperature release the aroma of wood resins, which have a healing effect andhave a calming effect on the human body.

Beautiful sauna in winter

Modern production technologies make it possible to build a bathhouse in the country from bricks, natural stone, blocks. This option is very good in terms of operation and maintenance of the facility, but its significant drawback is poor heat retention and the absence of wood aroma inside the room, because a brick is still a brick. A huge advantage of stone buildings is their good fire safety and durability.

Due to the low cost and ease of installation, the frame summer bath in the country has recently become very popular.

Technological stages of building a bath

After you have decided on the place of future construction, made a plan and selected the necessary material, you can safely get to work. Of course, the construction of a bath in the country is not much different from the construction of outbuildings, but still there are some nuances that you should pay attention to.

Foundation arrangement

Depending on the size and material of the building, select the type of building foundation. The columnar foundation is erected from brick, stone or concrete, a combination of these materials is often practiced. It is considered very practical to use ready-made pillars made of concrete or asbestos-cement pipes, which are filled with concrete mortar. The use of such a base is effective in the construction of a mini-bath for a summer residence.

A pile (screw) foundation is used in the construction of a bathhouse on difficult soils or in the construction of a structure onslope.

The most common is the strip foundation, the design of which turns out to be a durable and reliable system. And the ease of installation work attracts many happy owners of summer cottages.

Strip foundation device


  1. A trench is dug along the perimeter of the structure, at the bottom of which a gravel-sand cushion up to 25 cm thick is made. A layer of crushed stone 10-15 cm thick is well tamped, then the same layer of sand is laid on it, spilled well with water and carefully compacted again.
  2. Further, depending on the nature of the building, the reinforcing cage and formwork are made.
  3. The next step will be concreting. When building a wooden structure, formwork can be omitted, and concrete can be poured at the level of the trench.
  4. After the concrete mortar has completely cured, make a brick base. Having previously laid a layer of waterproofing, lay brickwork in 5-6 rows, be sure to make ventilation holes on the second or third row.

Building walls

For the construction of the walls of the bath, a wooden beam or log is best suited. The first crown is usually made of thick material and laid on a foundation covered with a layer of roofing material. The lower crown must be covered with a special antiseptic and waterproofing mastic, which will ensure moisture resistance and effectively protect the tree from pests.

Making a log cabin

The corners of the log house are mainly made "into the bowl" when the ends of the logsoutside the perimeter of the building. This method guarantees good protection of the castles from rain and wind.

Connecting the corners "in the paw" means giving the edges of the logs the shape of a double dovetail. This type of connection is more labor-intensive to manufacture and requires great skill from the carpenter.

The simplest and most economical is the connection to the end tongue, when a spike is made at the end of one log and a groove at the other.

Earlier, tow or moss was laid between the logs to insulate the walls. Now a special material is used for this purpose - tape insulation made on the basis of flax or jute.

Roof and floor for bathhouse

Mostly, gable roofs are erected on the baths. The device of this design involves the creation of a truss system. If the chimney will be located on the roof of the building, then it is imperative to cut a hole under it.

The final coating of the building can be any modern roofing material (tiles, slate, corrugated board).

The main task when installing the floor is its proper insulation. To keep it always warm and dry, you need to insulate the inside of the basement, fill in expanded clay (layer thickness of at least 10 cm) and lay a layer of insulation with vapor barrier. Only after these operations does the floorboard spread.

Functional mini bath

Modern small sauna in the country meets almost all the requirements and desires of its owners. This design differs from the standard in the number of rooms and their size.

Since the mini-bath in the country is built according toframe technology, the small size and weight allow you to install the structure in a car trailer. Thus, you get a mobile mobile steam room. A small bath does not take up much space on the site.

Small bath for a summer cottage

The best option for the foundation of a mini-bath for a summer residence is a column-type design, which is an order of magnitude cheaper than a tape system. The mobile version is based on the chassis of a car trailer.

The cheapest and fastest way to build a small bath is to sheathe a wooden frame with boards or plywood, not forgetting to carry out work on the insulation of the building.

Miniature Device Communications

Before finishing the walls, you should carefully consider the location of plumbing and electrical equipment. It is desirable to hide all communications under the inner lining.

You can drain the water into an ordinary cesspool, which is easy to dig near the building. Pay special attention to ventilation.

A small room in a mini-bath for a summer residence can be heated with an electric stove, but many are satisfied with traditional wood-burning stoves.

Industrial products are delivered to the consumer already with a complete communication system. It remains only to connect the miniature device to the electrical network and the central water supply system through special connectors - the device is ready to work.

Mini bath barrel

Today, the bath cannot be considered a whim of the owner, it is considered as a means to improve he alth, cleansebody and soul. Do not chase fashion, you can make a small and practical design with your own hands.

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