Metal tile is Characteristics of roofing material

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Metal tile is Characteristics of roofing material
Metal tile is Characteristics of roofing material

Metal tile is one of the most popular roofing materials. In addition, products of this kind are extremely practical, because they do not require any specific installation and serious financial investments.

The technology of roofing with metal tiles is simple, and even an ordinary consumer can cope with its implementation. Naturally, with a strong desire and due skill. It is also worth noting that, unlike other roofing materials, the cost of installing metal tiles is much lower. So in some particularly difficult cases, it’s better not to add trouble to yourself and invest in a couple of smart builders.

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Metal tile is convenience, reliability and efficiency. At least that's what manufacturers say. But not every product pleases with its quality. There are frankly bad solutions on the market, which in a year sag, rust and lose their original color.

The critical characteristics of such building materials is qualitymetal and the technology used to cover metal tiles. It is very, very difficult to make such products with your own hands, so it is better to give preference to large companies with decent production capacities. Explanatory equipment for the manufacture of metal tiles is not cheap. Yes, there are portable sheet broaching machines on sale, but we have already mentioned the quality of such solutions above.

So, let's try to figure out how to choose the right metal tile. The main characteristics of materials, manufacturers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of one or another type of roofing will be discussed in our article. We take the opinion of professional builders and other experts in this field as a basis.

Sheet thickness

Metal tile is the protection of your home from heavy rain, hail, and other troubles. But if the material bends and somehow deforms even under a fallen apple, then such protection is no good.

One of the critical parameters of a metal tile is the sheet thickness. This parameter varies from 0.4 to 0.7 mm. Naturally, the thicker the better. The likelihood of dents is significantly reduced.

Steel quality

Large enterprises producing metal tiles work with three types of steel - domestic, Asian and European. Russian suppliers are located in the cities of Lipetsk, Magnitogorsk and Cherepovets. Domestic steel is considered worthy in quality and is in good demand.

Asian materials leave a lot to be desired. The only significant plussuch steel is a low cost. Metal tiles of this kind come without any intermediate coating. In this case, the paint is applied directly to bare steel. It is better to avoid buying such products.

types of metal roofing

One of the highest quality is European steel. Yes, it costs much more than the Russian and even more so the Chinese counterpart. But products made from such material will stand on your roof for decades. Quality steel products are produced by the following countries:

  • Korus brand, England;
  • RUUKKI, Finland;
  • SSAB, Sweden;
  • Arkelor, Belgium.

Manufacturers have been producing quality materials for a long time, and they can be trusted. So when choosing a metal tile, be sure to pay attention to the steel supplier.

Zinc layer

In addition to other types of metal tile coatings and their characteristics, which we will discuss below, there is also anti-corrosion protection. The latter is provided with galvanization. The thickness of this layer directly affects the operational life of the roof.

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Galvanization of roofing materials is regulated by domestic GOST 14918-80. All quantitative and qualitative indicators are described in detail there. So, the zinc content on the metal surface should be at least 142.5 g per square meter. That is, the coating thickness in this case is 10 microns.

If you come across products with lower performance, it is better to pass by,because nothing good will come of such a purchase. The standard in which you can definitely be sure of high-quality corrosion protection can be called a value of 275 g/m2.

Protective coating

Another critical feature of metal roofing tiles is their protective coating. In principle, the decisive factor here is the cost. The more expensive the material, the better it is. In total, there are four main types of protective layer in this market.

Types of metal roofing (in descending order of cost and quality):

  • plastisol;
  • polyurethane;
  • matte polyester;
  • glossy polyester.

Let's analyze the features of specific varieties.


This type of polyurethane coating has been on the market for almost 20 years, and in all this time there have been no complaints about it. The characteristics of metal tiles coated with "Pural" can be called exceptional. Only one company is engaged in the production of such products - Ruukki, whose head office is located in Finland.

Naturally, the delivery of material from Europe will cost a tidy sum, so the brand organized local rental. The production facilities of the company with the corresponding quality control department are in the hands of the following enterprises:

  • Pural Ruukki.
  • Grand Line.
  • Granite HDX Arcelor.
  • Metal Profile.

Choosing Pural coverage, you can be sure that your roof will be protected to the maximum. Of course, it will cost a pretty penny, but exceptionalquality has never been cheap.


This is the perfect cover for mid-range and cold regions. It is good in almost everything. The plastisol alloy reliably protects the material, prolongs the service life of the metal tile and fades extremely slowly.

types of metal tile coatings and their characteristics

The only weak point of the plastisol coating is the extreme heat. The scorching sun's rays damage the structure of the roof, it bursts and looks shabby. So for the southern regions of the Krasnodar Territory and the Crimea, this option is not suitable.


This coating is considered less durable than the same polyurethane. In addition, during the installation of metal tiles on polyester, all sections must be treated with a special paint for metal. Working at a height is already uncomfortable, and such moments add even more discomfort.

characteristics of metal roofing tiles

One of the obvious advantages of polyester is a barely noticeable fading. The process occurs evenly and visually almost not felt. That is, there will be no individual faded spots on the roof. The manufacturer usually provides a 10-year warranty for such products.

For comparison. High-quality roofing products with a polyurethane coating (such as the same Purala) and good galvanization can easily last 50 years or more. The difference in cost between the first and second, of course, is quite significant.

Brands and trust

Let's look at several companies involved in the issuance ofmetal tiles and who can be trusted. Experts in this field strongly recommend not to buy roofing materials from fly-by-night companies.

Yes, the cost of metal tiles in this case is noticeably lower, but at the same time, the quality of the product also falls. Many unscrupulous sellers organize seasonal production and release frank trash that will crumble in a year or two. So it is better to pay attention to the following brands.


Here we have the best of the best. Almost all construction companies involved in the installation of roofs sing the praises of the products of this brand. It is impossible to find fault with the quality of Ruuki metal tiles. The manufacturer uses in its products only high-quality steel, the maximum possible thickness of galvanization, as well as the Pural proprietary coating.

how to choose a metal tile main characteristics

But exceptional quality comes at a price. In addition, the high price is due to the export state duty.

Metal Profile

The main production facilities of the company are located in Moscow. The brand produces metal tiles based on materials from Severstal. The average sheet thickness fluctuates around 0.45-0.47 mm. In the assortment of the company you can find products with more attractive performance.

characteristics of metal tile coatings

The thickness of galvanizing varies around 180 g/m2, which fully complies with the established GOST. And as already noted above, "Metal Profile" is engaged in the production of products withPural coating.


It is customary to process the entire roof of such a plan with epoxy resin. But this brand uses a polyester effect on the material in its production. This allows you to significantly increase the resistance of the metal tile to ultraviolet.

It is also worth noting that the brand uses an alloy of zinc and aluminum as an anti-corrosion coating. The application rate fluctuates around 265 g/m2. So the brand offers the best protection against rust in the roof, especially on the cuts.


This is a Finnish metal tile with a standard thickness of 50 microns, where 30 microns is polyurethane and 20 microns is a primer. Feedback from both specialists and consumers about the products of this company is mostly positive.

The brand's products are high-quality steel along with excellent galvanization, as well as time-tested technology for the production of metal tiles. The only negative that cannot be attributed to the technical part of the products is the measure of the cut. Products enter the market in stock measured lengths, which is very inconvenient for the average consumer. It is noticeably more expensive to transport such a format, as well as to cut it into a more familiar one.

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