Hollow-core slabs: varieties. manufacturing and installation features

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Hollow-core slabs: varieties. manufacturing and installation features
Hollow-core slabs: varieties. manufacturing and installation features

Building a house is a very serious business. Taking into account all the nuances will ensure the strength and reliability of the structure, its durability. For example, if you plan to build a building with several floors, it is better to use hollow core slabs for floors. Naturally, it is better to deal with this material as much as possible.

What is the product?

hollow core slabs

So, hollow core slabs are special panels made of reinforced concrete. They have a strictly specified thickness and dimensions. They can be used in both low-rise and high-rise buildings. It should be noted that today this material is in great demand. At the same time, it does not matter at all what exactly the structure will be built from: bricks, blocks, concrete.

Naturally, hollow core slabs have some advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss later. It is very important to buy material from reliable suppliers. The fact is that the stability and strength of the building, as well as your personal safety, depend on its quality.


hollow core slabs

So, hollow core slabs have the following advantages:

  • Relatively light weight. This providessavings on material transportation, as you can transport about 200 sq.m at a time. In addition, such panels do not weigh down the building.
  • Economical during production. It is necessary to spend less raw materials on such plates than on full-bodied ones.
  • Product cost.
  • Good thermal insulation due to voids. This feature allows you to save money on space heating.

Types of plates

hollow reinforced concrete slabs

Classify hollow reinforced concrete slabs as follows:

1. Products designed to be supported on two, three or four sides. They have a relatively small thickness (22 cm) and round voids (diameter 15.14 or 12.7 cm).

2. Hollow reinforced concrete slabs with round voids. The thickness of such products is 26 cm. At the same time, they can rely on two, three or four sides. The diameter of the voids is 16 or 18 cm.

3. Panels with voids in the form of a pear. They usually lean on two sides. The thickness of this product is about 26 cm.

If you need to know the dimensions according to GOST, hollow slabs mainly have the following dimensions: width - 1.8 m, length - from 1.6 to 12 m, height - 16-40 cm. From the presented indicators the cost of the panels also largely depends.

Features of material production

gost slabs hollow

The plate is made using only high-quality raw materials. For example, factories use only two types of concrete in their work: lightweight, but dense structural, as well as silicate(heavy). Please note that the quality of raw materials is determined by the state standard. Naturally, not only concrete is used in production, but also reinforcement. It can be casual or intense.

In order for the plates to work well in shear in all planes, they should be produced with grooves or recesses. They are usually placed on the side faces. If the panels will only be supported on 3 or 2 sides, then they must be stressed. The ends must be reinforced.

Mounting material

slabs hollow dimensions gost

So, hollow slabs (you already know their dimensions) must be correctly installed. It is impossible to do such an installation by hand, so you will need special equipment - a truck crane. Before starting the installation, it is imperative to check how smooth the walls are in the horizontal plane. If there is a problem with the level, then your stove will be skewed. This will lead to the fact that your rooms will have an uneven floor or cracks will quickly appear in the slab, which will only increase over time. At the same time, heating costs increase, condensation begins to collect in the room, and it is very difficult to make a fine finish on a damaged surface.

During construction, it is important to calculate the load that will be exerted on the hollow slabs. The dimensions of the product also depend on this. That is, the more pressure is applied to the panel, the thicker it should be.

It is especially important to consider these nuances if your house is built in an area whereseismic activity. During the purchase, pay attention to whether the stove is new. Used items should not be purchased.

Features of operation

In order to build a reliable home, you should use hollow slabs. Dimensions (GOST 9561-91 strictly regulates the dimensions and composition) depend on the total area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe structure, as well as the expected load of the roof (upper floors). Such panels are used for the construction of roofs, load-bearing structures, as well as partitions between floors.

The use of such products also has certain features. For example, if a slab is used to build an attic, it must be insulated. Incorrect transportation of the material may cause cracking or damage to the material. Therefore, during transport, wooden blocks must be laid between the panels. He will not let the plates touch each other.

If you need to strengthen the product, you can additionally use fittings. It is laid from the underside of the panel between the voids. If the panel was damaged slightly, then the defect can be repaired independently. It will not reduce the functionality of the product as a whole.

As you can see, the presented materials are in high demand and are used in the construction of almost any type of structure. Naturally, you only need to correctly select, calculate and install hollow core slabs.

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