Shower switch: types with descriptions, main faults, tips for choosing

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Shower switch: types with descriptions, main faults, tips for choosing
Shower switch: types with descriptions, main faults, tips for choosing

The bathroom faucet, designed for a bathtub or a shower cabin, is an important plumbing device that allows you to control the temperature and flow of water. Therefore, the failure of the shower switch, which changes the operating modes of the mixer, entails a lot of trouble. This moving element is the most vulnerable component of the device, for the repair of which you always have to seek help from specialists.

shower diverter for bath faucet

However, the shower switch device does not have a complex design, consisting of expensive fragments. If desired, any failed element can be ordered via the Internet for replacement with your own hands. The only obstacle is ignorance of plumbing terminology. Indeed, in order to make a purchase, you must specify the name of a particular component.


This type of shower switches for faucets is made in the form of a flange, when turned, the water flow is switched to a shower or gander. The main element of this switch is the spool, which is often included in the repair kit for the mixer. There must be a rubber gasket on the spool, with which a tight connection is achieved. Gaskets are available in a variety of designs, the most common being a cone, although it may be flat or annular.

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These switches are considered old-style devices that are practically not used today by modern manufacturers. The rotary handle of such a switch is located between the lambs of cold and hot water and has a more massive appearance, in contrast to the spool counterpart. The main element of this mechanism is a cork with a special slot. While turning the handle, the cork cut is alternately combined with one or another channel, switching the water flow. Sometimes spool switches are modeled after the classic style. In a similar situation, the massive handle of the bath/shower switch can also be applied to them.

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This is an invention of Russian manufacturers, which until recently was used exclusively on domestic models. The main problem with the faucet-shower switch is the lack of spare parts for repair. The cartridges themselves are made inthe form of various modifications that exclude interchangeability. Each cartridge model has an individual principle of operation, as well as a method of attachment. In this case, it is much easier to get a new faucet than to repair the old one.


Similar shower switches for bath faucets are otherwise called exhaust switches. They are mainly produced by Russian companies. The design of these mechanisms allows you to transfer the flow of water from the shower to the gander. This device is designed for a long service life. There are three main varieties of these switches.

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Shower switches of this group are used mainly in models of expensive cartridge mixers. They are equally suitable for both solid and swivel mixers with a massive look. Also, these switches can be presented as an independent block, which is attached separately to the mixer. Automatic switches got this name due to the special principle of operation. When switching to the shower function, this device holds its position as long as there is water flow. As soon as the water supply is cut off, the switch returns to its original position.


These shower switches are designed to perform the same functions as automatic ones. They even have a great external similarity with the latter. However, you can meet them only on budget samples. But the design of these switches has fundamentaldifferences. All actions to switch the flow of water from shower mode to spout are carried out manually.

bath faucet diverter


The idea of ​​creating pushbutton switches appeared a long time ago. Therefore, they were actively made for models of mixers of the last century. Today, the concept of the production of sanitary ware has received a new round of development. Models of Soviet-style push-button mechanisms are no longer produced, which is why it is difficult to find components for them.

Possible breakdowns

The use of faucets equipped with a shower diverter is common today. Such a mechanism can be found in almost every bathroom. This is a very convenient design that allows you to automatically redirect the flow of water without making unnecessary movements. In addition, it has its own mechanism, which has its own service life and is able to become unusable from time to time.

for bath mixer

The mechanism of this device has an independent structure and must be replaced (rarely repaired). But among other things, it should be borne in mind that untimely repair of the shower switch can lead to the replacement of the entire mixer. There are several reasons for the switch to break:

leakage of single lever device;

switch button sinking;

simultaneous flow of water to the spout and shower;

Depressurization at outlet;

leakage of the mechanism that distributes the flow of water

The problem of breakage of the switch mechanism can bequickly enough to install, provided that there is an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bits device. For this reason, it is better to disassemble such a device for the first time together with a person with experience. In the case of do-it-yourself repairs, it is worth remembering that the components of the device should be clamped without the use of force, just all the way. Otherwise, the fragile structure may fail.

Repair features

Repair of switches has fundamental differences for all varieties and models of this device without exception. To understand what this difference is, and to know how to disassemble the shower switch, it is worth understanding the intricacies of repairing existing types.

bath faucet shower diverter

Replacing the cartridge

In the case when the bath equipment consists of a mixer of a simple design of a single-lever type, the most common cause of failure is the cartridge located in the body of the device. After all, it is he who performs all the functions of distributing the flow of water. Only this closed element cannot be restored. In such a case, the current repair of the shower switch in the faucet will consist of replacing the broken element with a new one.

O-ring problem

The push-button model of the shower switch is of particular interest to consumers due to its design features. But these devices have a common weak point, leading to a typical breakdown. The sealing rings of such a mechanism are made of rubber. They lose elasticity and leak. You can correct this situationby two methods. First, you can replace the old rings with new ones. Secondly, soften the old rings in an aggressive environment. But experience shows that softened rings are just a temporary measure. After a certain period, the problem repeats again.

Spring failure

Without the spring, normal operation of the automatic switch is not possible. But this element cannot be repaired. How are shower switches repaired? If the reason for the failure of the device is the spring, then it should be replaced with a new one.

Weak spots of slide switch

The main problem with this type of switch is water leakage around the handle. There are three reasons to consider here. Firstly, it is the wear of the rubber rings that are built into the crank system at the pivot point. Secondly, the development on a sealing rubber ring installed on the axle box of the switch itself. Thirdly, it may be a loosening of the fixing screw on the crank, as well as on the axle box of the mixer.

Pushbutton switch

There are two reasons for the damage that leads to breakdowns of such a device. First of all, this is a breakdown that occurred in the structure of the return spring of the mechanism. In order to check this option, it is necessary to turn off the water supply tap. The spring, which is in a normal state, should return the button to its original position. In the second case, the cause of the breakdown may be the development on the valve rings. If this happens, you will have to remove the adapter and then replace it.

Plug switch

Because of whatcan it become unusable? The main breakdown of these mechanisms is the incomplete fit of the cork to the working surface. To repair the shower switch, you must completely disassemble the structure and remove the plug. If it has hardened, then the cork can be softened in gasoline or kerosene. And in the case when it is damaged, it can be treated with abrasive paste.


So, we have examined what types of shower switches are and whether they have breakdowns. As you can see, these mechanisms also have their faults. But with minimal experience, you can fix all the problems yourself. The main thing is to determine the exact cause.

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