Tropical shower. Rack with rain shower. Shower mixers with rain shower

Tropical shower. Rack with rain shower. Shower mixers with rain shower
Tropical shower. Rack with rain shower. Shower mixers with rain shower

Tropical shower is a relatively new type of water treatments available at home. Most often, it is included in the overhead shower kit, which is installed in the ceiling or attached to it using a bracket.

How "tropical rain" works

The shower differs from the usual one in that the water in it enters through the grate. There it mixes with air and, flowing out in separate drops, pours from a great height. They dissipate on the fly and spill down, hitting the skin. Probably, you would get such pleasure, having got under a tropical rain. The shower can spray you with water of different temperatures, toning and improving blood circulation.

Experience Shower

The ceiling-mounted rain shower adorns a variety of spaces: luxury beauty salons, hotels, fitness clubs.

rain shower

High-quality rain shower is a set of procedures that affect various organs of human perception. It can create a 3D picture around you. No wonder it is called "the soulimpressions." Fluctuating water temperature, the impact of a jet of different pressure (four types of rain), color and sound accompaniment, aromatherapy - all this allows you to feel yourself in different climatic zones. Each mode has its own set of factors affecting various human organs. So, the “Caribbean storm” mode corresponds to a warm shower with thin jets, green and red lights, the smells of fruits, and the chirping of tropical birds.

This complex of sensations contributes to the release of the hormone of happiness - endorphin. Helps relieve stress, treat disorders of the nervous system and internal organs.

Tropical shower has gained popularity in this kind of establishments. Soon it began to be used at home for the purpose of recovery.

Tropical rain device

The shape of the watering can of the first rain shower was initially round, now it is undergoing various metamorphoses: it can be rectangular, square, or have an original shape. The length of the lattice reaches 80 cm. The larger its size, the more natural the feeling and the stronger the relaxing effect of this "shower".

Tropical rain. Shower

In addition to the pleasant sensations of summer drops, the tropical shower pleases the eye with multi-colored LED lights (a healing effect called "chromotherapy"). Color and intensity can be adjusted to suit your mood or personality.

Racks or rods are used for the hand shower. They are quite simple in form, but still differ in somefeatures. Typically, the kit includes a rain shower, a hose and a watering can. It can be fixed to the rack or slide on it.

Often there is a soap dish, hooks and shelves in the kit. Sometimes, in expensive models, two showers are combined with one rack. Water, flowing along the rod, rises to the upper shower.

rain shower stand

Rain shower stand is made of durable stainless materials. Watering cans are created using glass, acrylic of different colors, copper, stainless steel, chrome or matte.

Easier to install and maintain a wall mounted shower system. It is easier to replace when broken.

Rain shower mixers

Types of faucets:

  • mechanical;
  • electronic;
  • thermostatic.

Mechanical faucet regulates the flow and temperature of water using levers or valves. The two-handle has two taps.

Single-lever "remembers" the temperature of the previous use, allows you to adjust the flow and water temperature separately. Features a temperature limiter to prevent burns.

There are two types of faucets.

  • Ball. The metal ball regulates pressure and temperature by changing its position relative to the inlet. Disadvantage - not smooth adjustment.
  • Ceramic provide smooth adjustment. But they are more difficult to repair. To prevent ceramic surfaces from losing their tightness, it is necessary to install a filter in front of such a mixer.
shower mixers with rain shower

Thermostatic rain shower mixers have two control systems. One allows you to adjust the pressure of the jet using the handle, the other makes it possible to set the desired temperature on the scale. But how not to scald yourself by adjusting hot water on the go? To do this, the thermostat is equipped with a regulator that does not allow the temperature to rise above 38 ° C. It can be turned off if you prefer a hotter shower.

Electronic faucet "Rain shower" is equipped with an infrared sensor. It reacts to the appearance of a moving object, gives a command to the shut-off valve and turns on the water itself. Adjustment levers are not required. The water temperature is set in advance. It can be adjusted with a special screw. Some newer models can adjust the water temperature by moving your hand in the water.

Sensor working:

  • battery operated,
  • from 220 V network,
  • through adapter,
  • from battery.

Such mixers have different operating modes:

  • water pours for a predetermined time;
  • flow flows as long as the sensor "sees hands";
  • one of the two is configured.

There are faucets with two modes: normal and non-contact. Instead of levers or valves, they have buttons. And some models have a liquid crystal display that shows the pressure and water temperature.

These faucets come with LED lighting and music.

Rain shower mixer

She might beone color or it has an adjustment of color change depending on the water temperature or on the strength of the cold / hot jet. The first is associated in such a backlight with blue, the second with red. Disadvantages - dependence on electricity, fragility, high price.

Tropical rain showers

The consumer liked the novelty. Designers of shower cabins could not get past the original man-made shower. We connected it to a regular shower and hydromassage and got a modern three-in-one complex.

The rain shower looks great in the bathroom.

What you need to know when buying a shower?

  • A shower built into the ceiling looks better than one attached to a bracket.
  • Its nozzles must be made of durable plastic or metal so that it can be cleaned from the formed stone.
  • The large diameter of the shower head improves its quality, but the water consumption is greatly increased and amounts to 3-6 liters per minute.
  • When choosing the shape of a watering can, you need to consider the style of the room where it will be installed.
  • When choosing a shower model, you need to find out if it is compatible with a water heater that heats water.
  • The shower jet can be adjusted by choosing one of its intensity modes.
  • If the pressure of hot water in your apartment is not very strong, then you better get a shower with a smaller watering can.
  • Some shower systems have hydromassage jets on the side.
  • In order for the rain shower to last longer, you need to install a filter in front of the faucet. The water should not be tootough.
  • The higher the quality of the tropical shower, the more expensive it is.

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