Arrangement of shower cabins: design options, main elements, assembly and connection steps

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Arrangement of shower cabins: design options, main elements, assembly and connection steps
Arrangement of shower cabins: design options, main elements, assembly and connection steps

The arrangement of shower cabins, especially modern versions with maximum equipment, is quite complex and differs depending on the configuration and type of design. The latter may include a variety of functional additions, including lighting, radio, hydromassage. Let's take a closer look at the features of these plumbing fixtures.

Shower cabin with tray

General Description

Hydromassage and modern shower boxes are distinguished by their complex design and versatility. They are focused on the most comfortable acceptance of massage, water and steam procedures.

Among the most popular sizes are shower cabins 80x80, 120x120, 90x90 centimeters. By configuration, the devices in question are round, oval, rectangular, asymmetric, and also made in the author's design with various shapes and dimensions, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

Design features

The prefabricated shower enclosure includes a closed structure with three wall panels and a door.Plumbing "corners" are mounted in the corner of the room, they can have one or two doors (without a rear partition).

Monoblock analogues differ in overall dimensions, are easy to self-install, and have the widest model range.

Modern sanitary cabins are equipped with a variety of accessories. Among them:

  • hangers with shelves;
  • pens and mirrors;
  • showers in various configurations;
  • foot massagers;
  • remote controls that make it as easy as possible to control the functionality of the device.

The electronic "stuffing" of sanitary boxes includes main lighting and decorative lighting, fan, extractor hood, radio, telephony, liquid diffuser. Mechanical equipment includes diverter and mixer.

Shower Cabin Diagram

Pallet Models

Corner shower enclosures with a tray are a multifunctional sanitary fixture that is convenient to use and easy to install. Such modifications are best suited for small spaces, save usable space.

The main design elements include:

  • pallet;
  • fencing panels;
  • special fasteners and roller wheels;
  • siphon;
  • shower enclosures;
  • faucet with hoses;
  • plumbing fixture with watering can.

When buying the modification in question, special attention should be paid to the choice of the pallet. The material of its manufacturecan serve as an artificial stone, ceramics, reinforced plastic, acrylic. The pallet has a deep, medium or flat configuration, depending on the height of the fixture. The design of these sanitary cabins includes frame enclosing panels or special elements mounted directly on the pallet. Monobloc versions are simpler and easier to assemble, have excellent sealing performance, which is ensured by the use of silicone seals.

original shower cabin

Options without pallet

This shower stall design is a simpler but less reliable version. The objective advantages of such structures include:

  • low cost;
  • the ability to create any configuration and dimensions of the plumbing fixture;
  • easy care.

Among the disadvantages is an increased chance of stagnant water, which leads to the formation of puddles and unpleasant odors. In addition, if the device is not properly drained, the shower cabin without a tray causes liquid leakage with the risk of flooding the apartments located on the lower floors. The considered option is relevant for private houses and small bathrooms.

Modern shower cabin

Closed versions

The design of a closed-type shower cabin involves limiting the height of the fixture due to the presence of a semblance of a roof. To install such a model, you will need to correctly determine its location in the room, while the pallet is installed on a concrete "cushion" orspecial legs-stands.

As a rule, such versions are more expensive, equipped with modern functionality. Closed modifications often have electronic control with a regulator, the activation and deactivation of all options is done simply by pressing the buttons.

Open boxes

The design of this type of shower cabin is distinguished by the absence of any ceiling element. Open models are simpler in design, easy to assemble and mount. After installation, the floor tray is connected to the sewerage system, after which side panels made of glass or plastic are attached around the perimeter.

Among the main advantages of this modification:

  • compact size to save usable space;
  • fair price;
  • long operating period;
  • reliability and durability;
  • unpretentiousness in maintenance and care;
  • ease of self-arrangement.

Installation of sanitary corner

Installing a corner shower will not cause any problems if you first familiarize yourself with its device. Installation of a sanitary fixture is carried out in several steps:

  1. Prepare the place where the installation of the plumbing cabin is provided. The selected corner of the bathroom must be tiled.
  2. If the pallet version is purchased, it must be installed on the floor first.
  3. Connect a watering can or a special panel to the water supply, on which all functional elements are placed.
  4. At the last stageperform door fastening. They come in two types: hinged or sliding configuration, made of various waterproof materials.
Shower cabin installation

Assembly and installation of the shower cabin

After studying the device of the selected type of shower cabin, you can proceed with its independent installation. As a rule, all high-quality models from trusted manufacturers are equipped with instructions that indicate installation recommendations.

Among the basic assembly rules for most types of models, the following is noted:

  1. It is necessary to find a spacious place for the assembly process.
  2. First install the pallet.
  3. The base is adjusted using the building level.
  4. The side walls are fixed with special bolts included in the kit.
  5. The shower panel is mounted on the side walls with self-tapping screws.
  6. The resulting frame is placed on a pallet.
  7. The back parts are fixed to the walls of the room with silicone sealant.
  8. Starting the arrangement of the roof, which is mounted on self-tapping screws.
  9. At the final stage, they are installing shower doors.

Turkish or Finnish designs may include a steam generator or rain shower.

Connection Features

The steam generator is a special device that makes it possible to provide the optimum temperature in the plumbing unit. If it is above the norm, the generator simply turns off. On some modificationsactivation of the specified unit is provided in case of insufficient pressure of the supplied water.

Connecting a shower cabin in an apartment to electricity should be trusted to specialists with the appropriate knowledge and experience. It should be borne in mind that the most modern and equipped versions have special players and other electronic "bells and whistles". In this regard, you need to remember that during installation it may be necessary to arrange a separate wiring.

Working principle

Even those who know everything about the design of shower cabins will be useful to study how they function. For the correct operation of the sanitary box, it is necessary to provide a supply of hot and cold water. The liquid must flow through the mixer, which can be with one lever (valve) or two-valve (thermostatic). If you are not sure that you can handle the installation procedure of this node yourself, it is better to contact the professionals.

The best option for a shower stall faucet is considered by most experts to be a single-lever configuration. The design of the device includes an aerator, which allows you to significantly save the water used. Analogue with a pair of valves refers to the classic version, makes it possible to quickly adjust the temperature of the liquid, regardless of the pressure in the system.

Used water is discharged by means of a drain, which is mounted directly from the bottom of the pallet. Without fail, after connecting the structure to the sewer, it is necessary to check the reliability of the assembly. To do this, a sheet of paper is placed under the drain. If after the first bath it remainsdry, which means that all manipulations were carried out correctly.

Varieties of watering cans

Next, consider the design features and arrangement of shower heads. If the element has many holes that differ in shape and size, it can perform work in several feed modes, with different strengths and dispersion of the jet. Usually the positions are switched by means of a special rotary lever. Watering cans in modern design can have up to 20 channels, providing several operating modes. Some modifications are equipped with filter elements that purify water.

The watering can is attached to the plumbing hose. Its length varies from 1250 to 2000 millimeters. For a shower cabin of 80x80 centimeters, an indicator of 1600 mm is considered the best option. These elements are made from different materials, rubber modifications are reinforced with metal foil or nylon threads.

Shower cabin elements

Hydromassage jets

In the arrangement of shower cabins, a hydromassage option is sometimes found. The operation of this system is carried out through special nozzles. Their number ranges from two to eight pieces. There are several varieties of these devices, namely:

  1. Hydromassage versions that dispense fluid under high pressure.
  2. Air massage variations. These devices create an air stream that forms bubbles when it enters the water.
  3. Combined models that combine both features above.

Forfor uniform massage of the user's torso, nozzles are often placed over the entire area of ​​the sanitary box. In this case, the degree of intensity of the jet supply may differ at different levels. As a rule, in the area of ​​the neck and face the water supply is softer, and in the lower part of the body it is as strong and hard as possible.

Nuances of pallet operation

The base of most shower cabins is a tray. The specified structural part must have high strength and anti-slip characteristics. The last parameter is provided by the presence of a grid or a special corrugation at the bottom.

Users note that the enameled steel construction makes excessive noise during operation, while the enamel is prone to cracking. Among the disadvantages of the ceramic tray is a high degree of fragility, which requires care during use.

Compact shower


Due to their compact dimensions, economy, tightness, spaciousness and modern design, showers and hydromassage boxes have become a great alternative to traditional bathing devices. The device of this plumbing unit is not very complicated, which makes it possible to independently install multifunctional equipment without special knowledge and skills.

Of course, budget shower enclosures can hardly be called a full-fledged replacement for a large bathtub or a multi-system closed cabin. Nevertheless, they are very popular with users due to their reasonable cost,ease of installation and maintenance. I hope that the information provided was interesting and useful for you.

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