Plasma welding: technology, principle of operation and reviews. DIY plasma welding

Plasma welding: technology, principle of operation and reviews. DIY plasma welding
Plasma welding: technology, principle of operation and reviews. DIY plasma welding

Every year the pace of industrial development is increasing. This leads to the introduction of new technologies and methods for the manufacture of certain products. At the same time, innovations should not only be more effective than obsolete methods, but also not inferior in terms of economic feasibility and work safety. Let's talk about what plasma welding is. It appeared relatively recently, but is already very actively used in many industries.

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About plasma welding

This connection method is used for metal pipes, stainless steel and some other materials. The essence of the method lies in local melting when the plasma flow is directed to the desired area. Plasma, on the other hand, is an ionized gas stream that contains many charged particles that actively conductelectricity. When heated, gas ionization occurs, which is achieved by using a high-speed arc coming directly from the plasma torch. Naturally, with increasing gas temperature, the degree of ionization increases. The temperature amplitude of the arc is not less than 5 and not more than 30 thousand degrees Celsius. Of course, today plasma welding is used everywhere, but the equipment, in particular the plasma torch, is very expensive. In this way, you can join parts without cutting edges, which is very convenient.

Working principle

Plasma welding is possible only if it is possible to obtain a plasma arc from a conventional arc. This is usually achieved by compression and with the help of a system of forced supply of special gas into the arc. The plasma gas used is argon with a small amount of helium or hydrogen. It is extremely important to create a protective sheath around the electrode; for these purposes, the same argon is best suited. By the way, the electrodes are made of tungsten activated by thorium or yttrium. It should be noted that the walls of the plasma torch are very hot due to high pressure, so they need to be constantly cooled. From the foregoing, we can conclude that plasma welding is remarkable for its high temperature in combination with a small arc diameter. The last parameter allows you to increase the pressure on the metal several times. In addition, the process is maintained at a small current of 0.2-3.0 Amp.

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DIY plasma welding

At first, this type of welding is notwas used among home craftsmen, as it required high qualifications. Today the situation has not changed dramatically. However, there are welding machines that are suitable for domestic use. The technology in this case is quite simple. You will need to get a special welding machine, electrodes and filler wire.

Before starting work, the electrode is sharpened to obtain a conical shape with an angle of not more than 30 degrees. It is extremely important to correctly install the electrode. The main thing is to monitor the coincidence of the electrode axis with the axis of the gas-forming nozzles. The welding joint is processed in the same way as in argon welding. The edges are cleaned and degreased, only after that you can start working. By the way, pay attention to the absence of gaps of more than 1.5 mm. The tack areas need to be further cleaned and ensure that the tack points and weld are of similar quality.

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Continue work

Do-it-yourself plasma welding is performed at direct current, the value of which should not go beyond the recommended range. In addition, shielding gas is supplied 5-20 seconds before the start of welding, which is turned off approximately 10-15 seconds after the arc breaks. During operation, the plasma torch should be at a distance of no more than 1 cm from the product, and it is advisable not to break the arc until the end of the seam. When welding, do not allow the metal to overheat. Upon reaching a critical point, plasma welding is suspended. The metal is coolingcompressed air, and only after that work is resumed. Please note that the burner must move smoothly and evenly, as on an automatic device. In this case, you can count on a really high-quality and reliable seam.

Plasma welding "Gorynych": price and features

Multifunctional welding machine "Gorynych" is one of the most famous among domestic devices. We can say that this is a really high-quality product, thanks to which you can independently carry out welding work. It should be noted that the model range of "Gorynychi" differs in power. There are models for 8, 10 and 12 amps. The first option is perfect for domestic needs, the middle one has an excellent price / performance ratio, and the most powerful "Gorynych" is used only by professionals. So, a model for 8 Amperes will cost 29 thousand, for 10 A - 30 thousand, and for 12 A - 33,000 rubles. In principle, Gorynych plasma welding, the price of which is lower than that of foreign counterparts, is very popular in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other states.

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Plasma welding machine

If earlier it was very difficult to find a suitable model, today there are no problems with this. As a rule, a plasma welding machine can be found in any specialized store. You will be pleasantly surprised by the large selection of offered units. But they are all much more expensive than electric welding and inverters. The plasma device against the background of other options looks very profitable. In-firstly, the speed of the work performed is many times higher, and secondly, there is practically no waste left. Plasma welding requires electricity and compressed air, and in the presence of a special compressor, only a connection to the network. The burner nozzle and electrode are subject to periodic replacement. In addition, the plasma torch must be regularly refueled. For this, special cylinders are used. Interestingly, plasma cutting and welding are considered the safest. However, work should preferably be carried out outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

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About medium current welding

We already know a little about what plasma welding is. The price of equipment, as you can see, depends on its capacity. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that there are several types of welding. One of them is work on average current (50-150 Amperes). Such welding can be compared with argon welding, but it is considered somewhat more efficient, since the arc power is higher and the heating area is limited. This option, in comparison with the traditional arc, allows you to increase the depth of penetration of the metal being processed and improve the transfer of heat deep into the layers. In principle, this is due not only to the energy characteristic, but also to the high pressure on the weld pools. Medium current welding is performed using a filler wire. Today it is a very popular and effective solution. If you are going to work at home, this kind of plasma welding will suit you. The price of equipment will not differ, since thereadjustable.

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High current welding

In this case, the work proceeds under a current of over 150 Amperes. This is necessary to obtain a greater effect on the metal. In fact, welding at 150 A is similar to welding at the same temperature with a non-consumable electrode. A distinctive feature of this solution is that during the execution of work a through hole is formed in the bath, which guarantees complete penetration of the treated surface. But here it is extremely important to follow the technology, since with a careless attitude you can easily get burns. In addition, other important parameters must be observed: plasma torch cooling and storage conditions, periodic replacement of the burner nozzle, refueling, and much more. In principle, the instructions are written for a reason, and the requirements must be observed. Typically, a high current plasma welding and cutting machine is needed to join alloy and low carbon steels, copper, titanium, and other materials.

Reviews from professionals and beginners

So we discussed this topic with you. As you can see, plasma welding is quite interesting and effective. There have been numerous responses to this. Professional welders say that where argon welding cannot be used, only plasma is suitable. Beginners, however, note that this type of welding is good not only for its speed, but also for the high quality of the seam.

In addition, the performance of all work withfollowing the rules of operation is completely safe. If you are going to do welding at home, the Gorynych apparatus is suitable. This technique from a domestic manufacturer is considered to be of very high quality and at the same time has a very affordable cost. Of course, the price may seem exorbitant compared to welding inverters, but you have to pay for quality. By the way, plasma welding "Gorynych" allows you to carry out all installation work quite simply. But first you need to carefully read the instructions and prepare for the first use. Your first experience will seem very unusual, but over time you will see that the quality of the seam is at a professional level.

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