How to make hanging shelves for the kitchen with your own hands

How to make hanging shelves for the kitchen with your own hands
How to make hanging shelves for the kitchen with your own hands

Open hanging shelves in the kitchen are not just a beautiful accessory, but also a place to store a variety of kitchen utensils. Usually men do not understand why a woman needs so many shelves when any housewife knows that it is much faster and more convenient to cook delicious food if everything you need is at hand, in a conspicuous place.

hanging shelves for the kitchen

Classic Interior

Hinged shelves for the kitchen are used to store spoons, bowls, bowls, jars of cereals and spices. It should be noted that such a piece of furniture can be both purely decorative and practical. In the first variant, the shelves are usually located outside the cooking area. They look great on decorative vases, figurines, painted dishes or various cute handmade things.

Decorative hanging shelves for the kitchen, as a rule, are made of wood, as it most favorably emphasizes the coziness and comfort of the room. It cannot be said that they will play a decisive role in interior design.role, but they will certainly bring their own zest. For a classic style, wooden hanging shelves for the kitchen are perfect, the photo of which is presented below.

photo of hanging shelves

Modern cuisine

In the case of an interior in modern style, shelves with a lot of chrome parts will be more appropriate. They can be attached to walls, but more and more often you can see on sale metal hinged structures for railing, which are compact in size and easily mounted on an iron rail. A photo of hinged shelves of this type is presented below. They usually look like bars and are associated with cleanliness and order.

In modern interiors, backlit designs are often used, which can advantageously complement the main lighting. A hinged shelf with glass can become a bright accent in the interior of any kitchen.

hanging shelf with glass

Optimal dimensions of hinged structures

This type of interior can be radically different in width, height and depth. As for the last parameter, hinged kitchen shelves with a depth of 30-33 cm are considered the best option. The height and width will depend on the purpose of the hinged structures, as well as the size of the room. For a small family, a shelf of 40 x 60 cm may be quite sufficient, but for four or five people it is better to choose a more practical option.

In a spacious room, wide but low hanging shelves for the kitchen look much better. And for a small room, it is more appropriate to choose tall and narrow options. Also goodthe design of several identical small shelves will look.

Materials and tools for creating suspended wooden structures

In order to make kitchen shelves with your own hands, you need some tools and materials that can be easily found in almost any hardware store. You will need:

- sheets of chipboard (width - 30 cm);

- melamine edge;

- furniture corners;

- door handles;

- screws and screwdriver;

- spring brackets;

- wood glue;

- rods for hanging kitchen utensils;

- electric jigsaw;

- drills and drill;

- tape measure, pencil, ruler, measuring rail, clamp.

hanging kitchen shelves

Preparatory stage

Before you start manufacturing, you need to view the photo of the hanging shelves and choose the option you like best. Then you need to draw up a drawing and calculate the right amount of material for the future hinged structure. It is best to purchase factory blanks from laminated chipboard. But you can also buy a chipboard sheet and cut it according to the drawn up drawings.

An electric jigsaw is best suited for this job, which leaves almost no defects on the edges of the product. For a high-quality result, the ends of the parts can be milled using a manual machine. You should also use an electric saw with a carbide blade with a reverse inclination of the teeth to cut chipboard.

Shelf assembly

All saw cuts are covered with a melamine lining. To do this, the edge is applied to the end of the part and gently pressed moderately with a hot iron, the excess is cut off.

In order for the kitchen shelves to serve for a long time, their body must be completely assembled with screws. To do this, holes are drilled in each part with a depth equal to a third of the length of the screw. For the correct placement of the internal sections, it is better to use a measuring rod, which must be pulled to the bottom of the shelf with a clamp.

If the design has hinged doors, then you need to attach the supports of the spring brackets. They are first fixed on the partitions and side walls of the hinged shelf, and only then screwed directly to the doors. It should be borne in mind that the upper edge of the door should be 3-5 mm away from the upper edge of the shelf body, then nothing will prevent opening and closing.

hanging shelves for the kitchen photo

How to give an aesthetic look to homemade shelves

Depending on the general style of the interior of the kitchen, as well as the personal preferences of the owners of the house, you can choose different options. The simplest solution to the problem is painting. Hanging shelves for the kitchen are best painted with water-based acrylic paint, because it is non-toxic, virtually odorless, dries very quickly and has an incredibly wide palette of colors and shades.

Another option is to use a jigsaw to make an ornate pattern and varnish the shelf for woodwork. You can also cover it with self-adhesive paper of a suitable color. Here already, as they say, it is necessaryrely on your imagination and create a real masterpiece.

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