Wooden summer shower in the country

Wooden summer shower in the country
Wooden summer shower in the country

The simplest summer shower in the country is a construction of four sticks driven into the ground, as well as a water tank attached to them. Such a temporary building can be fenced with slate. The container is filled with water - and the shower is ready. It only takes a couple of hours to build a structure like this.

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Building a shower in the country

If you decide to get a wooden summer shower, it is best to immediately build a capital structure, and then it will serve you for a couple of decades, bringing pleasure and benefit. You can arrange artificial water heating here, and not just use the heat from the sun. Then the shower will be usable from early spring to late autumn.


When you build a shower in the country, it is very important to take into account the main points that will subsequently affect the quality, convenience and durability of the building. First, you need to choose a suitable location. Given that the water container should be heated from the sun, the shower should be located in an unshaded area. Consider also the movement of the sun onthroughout the day.

The shower is lightweight and doesn't require a foundation, but it's better if you build some elevation. In this case, the water will drain faster from the pan. If the flow is poor, the liquid will stagnate, which will create a lot of trouble.

Determine how many people per day will use the shower. You may need good drainage. After all, there may be quite a lot of dirty water, and the earth will not be able to absorb it. So the simplest drainage system is still necessary. It is clear that this will add additional work to you, but in the future it will save you unnecessary inconvenience during operation.

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A 200 liter container is considered the best option for use. Such a weight is able to withstand the construction of a thin beam. In addition, this volume of water is enough for every member of the family to take a shower. Among other things, the capacity of the indicated size is not too difficult to find.

What to build from?

You can bring a summer wooden shower to your dacha already assembled. If it is, of course, small in size. But you can also build it yourself from wooden or metal parts. The walls can be made of the same materials, or the entire structure can be covered with a tarpaulin, an opaque film or glazed. It all depends on your capabilities. As a container for water, you can use a suitable thing that was lying around on your farm. If you don't have one, go to the store, you will definitely find everything you need there.

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If possible, be sure to automate the water supply to the summer shower in the country. To do this, a couple of meters of a watering hose will be enough. But don't forget about withdrawal. If this is not done, a large puddle of dirty water will appear in your summer cottage, which, naturally, will not contribute to sanitary and hygienic requirements.

As you can see, it is worth making quite a bit of effort, and a summer shower in the country will delight you with clean and cool water on a hot summer day. He will give a pleasant rest after hard work in the garden or in the garden.

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