Shade-loving indoor plants: names, description

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Shade-loving indoor plants: names, description
Shade-loving indoor plants: names, description

Not all rooms in every apartment have good lighting. But I want them to be cozy and warm at home. The design can always be supplemented with shade-loving indoor plants. Their habitats in the wild are shady places, so indoors they quickly adapt and feel comfortable.

Shade-loving plants for home

Indoor representatives of the flora are different. Some require sun, while others grow well in shade. The latter are mostly exotic plants from the tropics. Here they grow in several tiers, so they adapt to life in the shade. They need very little. The main thing is that the air is always moist and warm. They make do with a small amount of light.

Shade-loving indoor plants

Shade-loving indoor plants grow well in a room where there is always twilight or no windows at all, for example, in a bathroom. It's always warm and humid here, which is just what you need. If such plantsput in places lit by the sun, then they need to be shaded, and the pots should be placed away from the windows. Blinds will help create shade in the room.

Estimating light intensity

Shade-loving houseplants (the photo is presented for viewing) are called that because they do not like a lot of light. But how to determine how much of it is in a room? Not only the side of the world from which the room is located is taken into account, but also barriers outside the window that delay the penetration of natural light. It is important to remember that in a room with windows facing north, there is always partial shade. Therefore, it is here that the placement of shade-loving indoor plants is considered optimal.

If the windows are in other directions, the sun's rays can be intense for hours on end. In the case of placing a shade-loving plant in such a room, you need to think about shading it for this time. As a last resort, put deep into the room.

Shade-loving indoor plants photo

Types of shade-loving plants

To make it easier to navigate, these representatives of the flora were conditionally divided into groups, among which:

  • Blooming.
  • Ampel.
  • Palm.
  • Decorative foliage.

Flowering plants

It may seem strange, but some plants that do not prefer bright lighting can also bloom beautifully. They are grown in rooms located in a northerly direction. They are the decoration of the corner parts of the room, where artificial light sources are installed. What shade-loving indoorplants bloom beautifully, read below in the article.


This shade-tolerant plant blooms beautifully, so it is often grown at home to complement the decor of rooms that lack sunlight, and in any season of the year. There is a huge variety of begonias, about two thousand. They grow in partial shade and do not require special care. These shade-loving houseplants grow well even on the north side.

Shade-loving indoor plants names


The popular name of the plant is “women's happiness”. The flower has beautiful pointed leaves, they resemble a sail. White flowers cover the entire plant, like a blanket, but eventually turn green and get lost among the foliage. Flowering can be extended if wilted inflorescences are cut regularly. Suitable for cultivation on the north side. All a flower needs is abundant watering and spraying of green mass.


This plant is not unpretentious, but it is worth growing at home because of the unusual flowers, the beauty of which justifies all the vagaries of anthurium. He is rightfully considered a favorite among all indoor inhabitants of the flora. Its flowers are white, pink, red, blue, green and even black. In summer, he does not refuse abundant watering, and in winter - from a cool room where there are never drafts.

The most shade-loving indoor plants

Ampel plants

The names of shade-loving indoor plants are different. To this variety of representatives of the florainclude those for the cultivation of which use hanging pots, planters, vases, baskets. The names of some of them are presented below:

Ivy is an ampelous plant, popular with many people due to its unpretentiousness. Categorically does not take out the direct rays of the sun and temperature changes. Doesn't like it when the light source is changed

Indoor plants are shade-loving and unpretentious
  • Peperomia - refers to perennial evergreens native to tropical forests. In the natural environment, the place of growth is tree trunks, at home - light partial shade.
  • Tradescantia - the birthplace of the plant is South and North America. This is a perennial herbaceous plant that prefers to grow in the shade. Absolutely unpretentious, the main thing is that there is enough moisture. It can often be seen in shady corners of institutions, offices.

Palms and large trees

To decorate spacious rooms that are never lit by the sun, large plants that prefer shade are suitable. They are placed on their own or surrounded by unpretentious flowers.

Monstera is a large tropical liana. Leaves with carved edges reach a length of 30 cm. They are green or variegated. Monstera grows up several meters, its aerial roots need support. Suitable for decorating public places and private houses that lack natural light.

Hamedorrhea is a slow growing palm that prefers shade. Appearanceplants are familiar to many, so it is popular with flower growers. In order for the leaves not to lose their beauty and be spreading, they need to be washed using a shower and not allowed to be exposed to direct sunlight.

What indoor plants are shade-loving

Rapis is an ornamental palm tree with slow growth. It is an interior decoration and an air orderly: it cleans it from unwanted and harmful impurities. The plant is a lover of diffused light, abundant watering, regular rubbing of the leaves. In the summer, he prefers to ventilate on the balcony. At this time, watering is carried out after three days, in winter - after 10.

Decorative leafy representatives of flora

These indoor shade-loving and unpretentious plants are suitable for decorating corners in the apartment. Beautiful leaves are valuable. The most unpretentious plants include:

  • Philodendron is a creeping vine. Its branches are covered with dark green leaves with a glossy surface. They are very beautiful at any time of the year. The presence of aerial roots gives the plant charm. Philodendron is one of the most shade-loving indoor plants, does not like dry air, drafts and temperature changes. For cultivation, a support is used, around which plants are placed in a large floor or hanging pot.
  • Aglaonema - this plant loves the shade, reaches a height of 70 cm. It has short, fleshy stems and oblong-shaped colored or green leaves. All varieties of this plant are adapted to life in the shade, but best of all - specimens withgreen leaves. If growing conditions are favorable, you can wait for an ear with small flowers.
Shade-loving indoor plants names

Japanese Fatsia is an evergreen shrub. The leathery leaves of a rich green color with a shiny surface and a palmate-lobed shape are of great attractiveness. This plant prefers partial shade, coolness, and will not refuse fresh air

Shade-loving indoor plants for the hallway

For this part of the room, preference is given to large or outdoor plants. They will give the interior of the hallway harmony. But if it is completely dark here, you need to rearrange pets from time to time to another place. This must be done at least once every seven days. The brightest representatives of plants for the hallway are:

Ficuses - these plants are species diverse, so the size of their leaves can be large and small. The color also differs: one ficus has a green color, the other has a variegated one. The most famous species is the rubber-bearing ficus. He quickly grows in height, so they are decorated with spacious apartments, winter gardens, office premises. The plant loves shade, a lot of moisture and spraying. Leaves need regular rubbing

Shade-loving indoor plants for the hallway

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