Do-it-yourself swing gates with electric drive: step by step instructions with a photo

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Do-it-yourself swing gates with electric drive: step by step instructions with a photo
Do-it-yourself swing gates with electric drive: step by step instructions with a photo

Adding a gate to your home brings prestige and style. When they are closed, they are clearly visible outside and inside the object. Such devices can be made from a variety of materials and there is a style to suit any property. DIY electric swing gates can be operated manually or automated using a system of motors, security devices and access control equipment. Models can be combined as you wish.

With automation, the gate can be opened and closed remotely using a variety of devices depending on your system. No more getting out of the car in the rain to unlock and open the canvases, drive through them, and then get out of the car again to close such a structure.

Why do we need automation

Do-it-yourself electric swing gates provide a level of security that is not possible with manual designs. Even the simple fact that they remain closed rather than wide open can deterfrom thoughts infiltrate intruders. But their role as a provider of property protection comes with a few caveats.

Because automatic gates can be left closed when homeowners are inside or outside the home, entry through the gate is controlled. This means that access should only be granted to approved visitors, and unwanted visitors are not allowed. However, in normal operation, allowing access to a vehicle driven by an approved visitor also allows unwanted passengers access.

wooden models

If the gate moves slowly enough, the pedestrian waiting at the structure may also break through. And anyone dexterous enough to climb over a small canvas doesn't care if it's closed.

There are also situations where DIY power swing gates must open to allow access to ambulances. If the fire alarm is activated, the curtains should open to allow services to enter the yard. But if the burglar alarm goes off, whether the gate should open or stay closed is an interesting question. These are entire stand-alone systems and kits that are now widespread.

Video intercom access control systems allow you to see visitors before confirming entry by opening the gate. This enhanced level of security can even work anywhere in the world with mobile phones equipped with GSM systems.

Definitely, there are security advantages that automatic gates provide over manual models, but security is not the main advantage of such devices.

Choosing a suitable design

The first thing visitors will see is the entrance they will pass through to enter the property. If this entrance has a DIY electric swing gate, it will make a first impression.

Choosing the right designs can greatly enhance an object's appearance and even increase its value.

The huge variety of different designs and building materials available means there are plenty of options for all property types, styles and sizes.

Wooden gates are still very popular and have a great natural look that many love. It also works well with more traditional exterior styles.

Iron gates can be very imposing and are often seen on long railings. They go well with large objects and houses.

Both wood and iron gates can be painted to match existing color schemes, but the natural look of the wood is often maintained.

Iron gates will rust and wooden gates will rot and crack if not taken care of. In both cases, neglecting regular maintenance of these structures can result in properties looking worse, not better.

More modern options include aluminum gates that can be made instyles and finishes that mimic wood or iron.

Aluminum gates have become cheaper in recent years due to modern manufacturing techniques and improvements in surface coating systems. They are becoming more popular as they are lighter, more corrosion resistant and require much less maintenance than wood or iron options.

How automation works

Automation system for self-made electric swing gates, designed for remote opening and closing, consists of many components. Depending on the model, they may have a different design.

Electric drive model

Any model should always include motors that move the curtains, safety devices that are installed and configured to stop the movement of the curtains, and devices to control when structures open and close.

Automatic Transmitters

Transmitters, remote controls are all names for manual controllers used to open and close homemade electric swing gates

The number of buttons on the transmitter corresponds to the number of channels that the remote control has and the number of individual operations that the electronic module can control.

Access Control Systems

When answering the question of how to make automatic swing gates with your own hands, you should touch on the topic of security systems. The simplest access control system is a button located behind the fence. Another button in the housecontrols constructs when clicked.

At the direction of the remote control or access control systems, the shutter motor controls control the motors that open and close the curtains.

Electric motors or hydraulic systems are used for swing structures. Motors with these systems rotate the units at least 90 degrees on the hinged posts, and the motors push and pull single parts along rails routed through the drive inlet.

Design engine

Considering the question of how to make automatic swing gates with your own hands, it is worth talking about engines. They play a major role in the entire system. Both sliding and cantilever gates have a rack mounted along their inner surface. Gate motors use a gear mounted on the output shaft of the motor that engages with a post on the structure.

When the motors are running, the gear rotates, which opens or closes the gate depending on the direction of the motor.

Motor structure

Swing gates use motors mounted on static supports, poles or in the ground. They have a rail that connects them to the canvases. The motor moves the structure, which pushes or pulls the object in the desired direction.

Because the gate is actually a lever, less force is required to move it if the lever is mounted on the curtains further from the hinges. If the drive rail is attached to structures closer to the(hinges), more force is required to move.

Unlike motors with sliding structures, the principles of operation of the motor with swing gates are different. Below are the different types of motors for these blade models, how they work, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Hydraulic plunger devices

You can make automatic opening of swing gates with your own hands using this simple mechanism. Its installation is carried out quickly. The long, thin bodies and levers of the plunger motors provide a relatively inconspicuous installation of automation for the structure. The motor shell contains a hydraulic piston that is pushed out and retracted during operation.

The end of the motor housing is attached to the strut or bolt bar, and the end of the piston arm is attached to the beam. When the piston is fully retracted, the gate is open. The blades are closed by pushing the object out of the engine housing.

Hydraulic cylinders are a fairly effective method of gate automation, as the piston lever is attached to the leaves at a sufficient distance from the hinges. However, since the assembly is affected by tilting pressure on the actuator design, the installation must be carefully aligned.

If hydraulic cylinders leak, they lose power and should be inspected by a specialist every six months. All swing gate motors require regular lubrication of the mechanism attachment points.

Linear swing screw motor

You can also DIY automatic openingswing gates using a more common motor model. They have a lot of reps. Linear screw motors often look like a long, thin motor housing without a lever. However, the lever is located inside the device and is a threaded shaft. This can be seen from the wide gap in the shutter motor housing.

The gate attachment point has an internal thread and is attached to a threaded lever. The shutter motor turns the shaft, and since the mounting point is fixed on the shutter, it screws along the shaft and pushes the shutter, both open and closed.

Like pistons, linear screw motors require careful alignment during installation. They are also powerful mechanisms capable of automating large metal swing gates with electric gates. The load in this case can be up to 250 kg.

The fastest devices

There are fast versions of gate motors, and Somfy offers a range of high speed swing designs. However, there is a difference in the distance traveled by engines with different types of designs. The electric drive for swing gates Somfy is one of the leaders in terms of activation speed and leaf movement. Models fit different types of fences.

With a post gap of 4m, the sliding gate moves more than 3.141m, opening 90 degrees. Despite the differences in motion type (sliding and rotating) and motor, these designs run slightly faster because of this.

Do-it-yourself installation of electric canvases

Some manufacturers of kits forgate and motor automation companies advertise their equipment as self-assembly devices. This is to show that the systems can be installed relatively easily and that they do not require detailed configuration of the design controls.

However, this does not take into account the safety of metal swing gates with electric gates. An experienced structural installer must be aware of the precautions and requirements in order to install a fully functioning, reliable automated system.

Electrician is great for working with electricity. The gardener knows how to prepare the soil and build the foundation for the columns. And a security system installer can assemble an individual security system from individual components.

These are all the skills required to install a power swing gate with automatic opening, but none of the professionals described above deal with the specific security issues that an installer of such networks faces. Therefore, you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to solve several tasks at once, from earthworks to connecting the calibration of digital modules.


Power operated swing gates with automatic opening are usually low voltage battery operated systems and are safe and affordable options for most homes. The transformer often maintains the charge, but in some cases solar panels are used.

It is important for users to read the instructions forinstructions supplied with the gate opening system. They provide specific guides on what type of battery or solar panel is required for each installation.

In most cases, no electricians or professional welders are required during the installation process of a swing gate operator. With the right tools and instructions, a customer can install the kit themselves in just a few hours.

Things to consider before starting installation

Before starting installation, it is important to read the manual supplied with the manufacturer. Power wrought iron swing gates use a lot of force, so it's important for people to read the safety instructions for each specific model.

Control block

This helps to avoid any potential hazard during or after installation. The buyer must also ensure that the swing operator purchased is suitable for its size, weight and class.

Preparing for installation

Check that the swing, level and plumb of the gate are free on the hinges, not rusty or damaged. The canvases should open completely without touching the ground. If the gate weighs more than 100 kg, then for safety reasons they must have bearings. You can see photos of electric swing gates that were installed independently. As you can see, the system is almost invisible.

Compact dimensions

Required materials and tools

Installation of electric swing gates begins with preparationnecessary tools.

Gather all necessary materials before starting installation:

  1. Description of the drive model.
  2. A screwdriver to turn the opening screws.
  3. An electric drill is used to drill holes.
  4. Level for measuring a horizontal surface.
  5. The tape measure is used for measurements.
  6. Clamps to hold the assembly in place.
  7. Wrench for tightening bolts and nuts.
  8. Low voltage wire is required to supply power to the control box.
  9. Battery is used to provide power based on specific model.
  10. Open brackets to install bracket assembly.
  11. The gate mounting bracket is required to reinforce the gate.
  12. Electrical plug to start the motor.
  13. PVC conduit for protection and wiring.

If we take the Nice electric swing gate drive as an example, it contains all the necessary parts for a complete installation. When choosing a specific set, it is necessary to check its completeness.

Installing the opening mechanism

There are six basic steps to installing a power outward swing gate. Next, each step will be described in detail. The algorithm is generalized and used for almost every model of motors and drive systems.

Step one: Determine the opening position and install the support bracket

Do not install the gate opener outside where people can easily access it. It should be located next to the inner axialcanvas line. This helps minimize twisting of the structure when the opener is active.

Once the gate is in place, it's time to assemble the post bracket. This assembly creates space between the operator and the moving structure. First, attach the bracket to the front of the opener. Open the gate and pull out the opening lever completely. Level the bracket and use the C-clamps to secure the assembly in place. It should be noted that the connection of the swing gate electric drive is carried out strictly according to the scheme. This is necessary to evenly distribute the load.

Step two: Install the opening lever and locking plates

To make homemade automatic swing gates with your own hands, you need 2-3 people. It will be difficult for one to fix each element. Install the opening lever onto the bracket assembly. Make sure it's done on the same level. The striker plate helps to stabilize the gate when it is closed. Detach the opening lever and close the blades. Move the plates to the correct position and tighten their bolts securely, then open the gate again and install the lever.

Step three: Setting up the control box

In order to set up automatic opening of swing gates with your own hands, an electronic control unit may be required. However, not all models have it. Install the electronic module no more than 1 meter above the ground to protect it from the weather.

Driver connection

He should be close to the lineAC power transmission. Remove the lid from the box and insert the appropriate power cables using the correct color combinations.

Step Four: Connecting Power Cables and Transformer

After inserting the power cables into the control box and connecting the wires to the appropriate terminals, install a transformer or solar panel, depending on the model, so that the charge continues. Do not connect these devices at the same time, as this may damage the gate opening control unit. Refer to the user manual to determine which of these two types of energy carriers are suitable. You can connect automatic garage swing gates with your own hands according to this principle. It is important not to disturb the electrical circuits.

Step five: Install the battery

Most gate openers have their own batteries. Connect the battery to the appropriate wires on the terminal. Check if power is on. It is important to correctly connect all terminals to the appropriate places. The scheme for installing the swing gate electric drive should be attached to the instructions. It is important to correctly calculate the load on each module.

Step Six: Adjust Coulter Settings

Refer to the manual to set up your own automatic swing gate mechanism, transmitter, closing time, position limit and twist force. Adjust these settings depending on the weight and size of the structure.

Installation of this design is relatively easy if the user follows the correct instructions. For safety reasons, it is importantalways read the precautions given in the device manual as these are electrical systems and accidents can occur.

What makes electrical devices unsafe

By creating a custom gate automation system from individual components, the installer creates new equipment. It consists of a curtain automation system, the supporting structures themselves, poles, security systems and access control equipment.

This modular design is unique as it is the only one built in this location with this combination of components for a specific type of use. As a result, there is a unique set of potential security issues.

Mechanism safety

Generally, risks are grouped into different types of potential injuries, including bruises, cuts and even fractures.

Injuries can be caused by contact with moving gates or in combination with moving gates and other objects such as curtain posts, metal railings, motor brackets, walls or parked vehicles. The main thing is to correctly calculate the distances during installation.

Swing gates should ideally swing inward so they don't protrude onto sidewalks or even roads. This could create an emergency.

Sliding gates should not be installed on a slope as this may overload the motor. And a very wide opening can present problems with the size and weight of the gate. In these cases, folding rather than sliding or swing models can be considered.designs.

Testing the unit

Before installing and selecting a specific drive model, the following questions should be studied:

  1. Gate size and weight.
  2. How much force it takes to move the canvas.
  3. How often the mechanisms will work.
  4. Environmental factors such as wind exposure.

These factors will also influence the selection of suitable gate motors that will not be stressed in use.

Other important considerations include:

  1. Proximity (how gates open and close) for traffic and pedestrians, as well as vehicles and people passing through open structures.
  2. Change in ground level in the path of moving canvases.
  3. Drainage for underground systems.
  4. Potential points that could cause injury or damage.
  5. Manual start system for automatic gates.

Before installing the motors, the geometry of the system is checked to ensure smooth and unhindered movement of the device. Swing gates must move freely on their hinges. There should be no gaps or vice versa strong friction.

Gate security can include a combination of physical protection, photocells, striking edges, electric motors with obstacle detection, signs explaining the safe operation of the structure, and manual release systems.

All electrical structures must have a manual activation system. This allows the gate to be disconnected from the motors. Then they canbe moved manually in the event of a power failure, breakdown or emergency.

System Maintenance

The individual components that make up a gate automation system are varied and often complex. Electric motors or hydraulic actuators drive gears connected to brackets attached to your structures. Modern electronics are used in control panels, photocells, hinged awnings, safety edges, access control systems, and transmitters and receivers.

beautiful appearance

It doesn't matter what combination of swing gates, control panels, motor voltages, safety devices and access control is used. Maintenance is vital to keep automatic saw blades running smoothly and safely, and to reduce the chance of costly and lengthy breakdowns and breakdowns. The frequency of maintenance of any system may depend on the frequency of use.

Electric gates that open and close all day long are more prone to wear and tear than those that are opened once or twice a day. But structures that have not been used for several days may need additional maintenance to ensure that components move freely.

The location of the gate automation system can play a role in determining the scope of maintenance. If the canvases are close to the coast, strong winds and sand from the sea can shorten the intervalsservice.


Automation provides a convenient and stylish way to have a beautiful gate at the entrance to your home without the hassle of manually operating it. They make a great first impression on visitors and provide a safe environment for the family away from the dangers of local roads.

A huge variety of gate styles and colors provide accessibility that complements any home. Modern manufacturing techniques mean that corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum are available as wood or iron imitation canvases at prices comparable to the originals.

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